Yubico - YubiKey 5 Nano - USB-A - Two Factor Authentication Security Key

Yubico – YubiKey 5 Nano – USB-A – Two Factor Authentication Security Key

yubico two-factor authentication security Yubikey the Yubikey five nano is the number one security key that works with more online services and applications than any other security key usernames and passwords are not enough to protect your accounts using a security key as a form of two-factor authentication is a simple and proven method for locking down your accounts and keeping them secure simple just insert into USB port and tap the gold contact durable fiberglass enforced bodies protect Yubikey from everyday life portable fit ubp on a keyring and carry without any worry compatible Yubikey 5 nano slips into any standard USB a port works Yubikey 5 series works with the most web services secure your login and protect your account with hundreds of services like Gmail Facebook Skype Outlook LastPass and more protect your online accounts from phishing and account takeovers a UB key makes it extremely difficult to gain access or steal your most important files pictures emails and financial information register easily with hundreds of services once registered each service will simply request you to insert and chap your Yubikey to gain access during logon simple convenient and secure use the same asymmetric cryptography and strong security used by individuals at nine of the top ten technology companies yubico pioneered the creation of the Fido u2f and Fido to authentication protocols along with Google and Microsoft using the URI key companies have seen zero successful phishing attempts the Yubikey 5 nano is Fido and Fido 2 certified it works with Google Chrome or any Fido compliant application on Windows Mac OS or Linux and with applications that provide Fido Fido – or OTP support and through Chrome Firefox or edge browsers hardware security key simpler faster and more secure than SMS or Authenticator battery free with no batteries or network connectivity required authenticate anywhere sleek designed to remain in computer ports so they're always accessible durable injection molded crush resistant and water resistant body asymmetric cryptography uses public and private key cryptography see the description for Amazon product link kindly liked this video and subscribe thanks for watching


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