YPTOspace – The global ecosystem around cryptocurrency

YPTOspace – The global ecosystem around cryptocurrency

Today, crypto currencies are used all over
the place and in several different applications. There are platforms only for trading, others
for Sports and Betting, others to manage trading bots and much more. All with crypto! Have you ever wondered how it would be if
you could do all that in the same platform? Now you can! YPTOspace is a complete ecosystem that provides
a rich set of tools that allows you to do all you need in a single environment. With TradeYPTO you will be able to buy and
sell your cryptocurrencies and FIAT currencies with the lowest fees in the market. With PayYPTO, pay with the crypto or Fiat of
your choice whatever the requested currency is, instantly and with zero fees. With CardYPTO you have the capability of using
Dollars or Euros pre-paid cards with the crypto and Fiat currencies of your wallets. We will also bring to you the opportunity
to have fun with BetYPTO. This is a casino and sports betting platform
that will work with BTC, allowing players of ANY country to play. YPTO team is also working hard in order to
get a license for our online bank. BankYPTO will allow you to have your personal
bank account integrated with all your wallets and allow you to send and receive multi currency
bank transfers. By the way, Want to build your own bot? You can do it with BotYPTO, with zero programming
knowledge. Build your bot and incorporate your logic
with a few clicks. Your capital is safe even when you sleep! But we don’t stop here: We will provide
you services like YPTOtv, YPTOchat, YPTOnews YPTOideas, YPTOshop and much more … Offering
a complete ecosystem from tools to communities making crypto usable and breaking the bridge
with fiat and traditional banking. All of this, integrated into your YPTOspace
account. Register now to have the opportunity to participate
in YPTOcoin ICO and be one of the first investors of this revolution. YPTOspace, a global ecosystem around cryptocurrency. Discover more on www.ypto.space


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