XRP Bull Run confounds Tone Vays! Vechain and Alts pumping after Binance re-opens

XRP Bull Run confounds Tone Vays! Vechain and Alts pumping after Binance re-opens

hello hello hello we are line again and been a very very good day for all altcoins aetherium is almost up to 250 xip is hanging around 45.7 although I think it's been around 45.7 for about an hour now so today's little pump for XRP might actually top out at this point stellar is up almost 20% so for those of you holding those of us actually holding stellar because I hold some – it's really good news for stellar det I think a lot of you hold that as well as I do is up 12% and not only that it more importantly for me it has gained 296 Satoshi I hope it continues to gain I hope it continues I hope you actually continues to game the the xrp pump can actually be traced completely to basically up it at this point um we'll actually see like if the volume continues to actually decrease or will it actually adjust its ratio and start to increase soon so that's a huge thing for like if it's that's a huge thing to see if it's an actual increase or just like a formal realistically it shouldn't retrace that much backward it should actually even if it does retrace it should still hold like 36 to 38 cents that's because like bitcoins improved by so much that would be like a large disappointment if it didn't hold 30 36 to 38 even if it does retrace assuming that Bitcoin doesn't just get destroyed which i don't think is going to happen not a hundred percent sure obviously about these things but I don't think I think any big corner trace it shouldn't go below 8,000 I mean not 8,000 6,000 there is some kind there isn't an article that says like Bitcoin will reach ninety four hundred before a forty percent retracement I don't know about this forty percent retracement thing yes Bitcoin has come up extremely extremely fast and fast come ups usually are accompanied by ginormous dumps but that that is true but it's not like we're at 20k or something so this particular article tonne Bayes is kind of uh perplexed at this gain as well Bitcoin is unstoppable since the last few weeks backed recent announcement about Bitcoin futures trading launch in the coming months July as spiced up the rally the current rally is slowly turning into a parabolic move although like before the last three or four days we've actually been stuck at around eighty eight thousand 8200 we have successfully predicted the last Bitcoin move from five to eight thousand not exactly sure they predicted it let's explore what is coming next Bitcoin came out from the bear market blah blah blah in August so back in 2015 Bitcoin came out of the bear market in August November when the price jump from two hundred to five hundred dollars it was the first time Bitcoin broke above the weekly fifty weekly ma and twenty one month moving average three major bullish indicators so this is back in 2015 as you can see it did rise a lot and then dumped back down and then continued rising so before we continue rising we might experience another dump in the next couple of months so obviously like we're not gonna dump all the way down to three thousand but we could dump back down to like fifty five hundred six thousand I think that's possible I'm not sure how likely it is obviously but I think it's actually possible but even if it dumps back down to fifty five hundred I don't think we should be bearish again I actually think we can assume that after it dumps like this it will go up so overall we've definitely broken out into more bullish market but there might be some serious Corrections on the way up yeah I'm really glad that BET's at gain satoshi value I really want VT to hit above I really wanted eet to actually hit above like a hundred Satoshi at least you yeah xrp is not going to hit $5,000 I don't know why you guys still continue to believe in the crazy prices after pretty much every single prediction has been wrong should you sell XRP you know like the thing is XRP tends to pump around like when Korea wakes up every morning because it is a Korean pump so usually after it pumps it generally retraces by like 5% or so and if you want to swing trade or day trade that's probably that it you should probably aim at that specific instance in time I'm not like but the thing is like each day's pump has been weaker than the last one like today's pump if if this is the top of today's pump but only a pump by like a penny up from yesterday's top and yesterday's top basically pump by like three cents above the day before which pump like ten cents so each day it looks like it's getting successfully weaker if today's pump ends right now so I think like even though it is still pumping every day like Korea's losing a bit of steam in terms of its pumps and um I think like if you look at the update chart it's only about 70 million above zbg now so if it actually sink if it starts to like you know it's if it starts to lose volume I think like the pump will actually the pumps will actually lose steam as well um the thing is like I don't know if it will retrace it seems like it would retrace or after a couple of days but there are other predictions there are actually other predictions later this month I can I can kind of see um I can actually kind of see this pattern I can kind of seen this pattern like fall in November's pattern where there's a bunch of crappy predictions in November obviously all of them were lies but Bitcoin did actually like XRP did actually like even during the even during the bear market back in November XRP actually held its price or came up because of those rumors and you can tell it was because of the rumors because right before November 19 that dropped like ten cents because that was essentially like the day of the big rumor and now there's predictions for 20th and 31st by the way those those dates aren't actually predictions they're well known dates that like we've known for months by the way those aren't bearable guide predictions alright like May 20th has been known to be the SEC decision date for like ever basically and the 31st has been known that the SEC is holding a forum on the 31st so those two dates might actually affect prices but those are bearable guide predictions those are things that the SEC has laid out for months in advance so don't listen to all all that nonsense because he basically just predicted two dates that were already known yeah so those I think I've definitely I heard like May first made but now recently it's like May 20th and May 31st but we've known that about we've known about that for like months in advance because that's just that's generally when the SEC has like laid out those events and we've known about that you know for like more like half a year now so look forward to those dates but they're not they're not like bearable guy predictions or anything he might be a bad trader but the thing is like we're talking about like a 10 cent game once isn't a great trainer but he does have insider information XRP if I had $2,100 in crypto I mean it's gonna be the same Kryptos that I say everyday it's still gonna be like the ET e th x RP B&B iota and probably some in Cardno because that has a lot of pump potential no well the thing is um look did Lloyd's the Deloitte's just as big as PwC 4v chain it's if we have like some kind of parabolic move yes B chain might get to those prices but it's gonna take a lot for B chain to get those prices much more than just an announcement of like PwC what's V chains price at the moment it's point 7 it's like almost point 8 cents I believe almost point a sense it's like point 7 9 yeah now it's 97 Satoshi I'm more interested in the Satoshi value I need this to go over a hundred I mean I actually bought at like 91 so I'm already up pretty much but I want it obviously I wanted to go up even more and I think it does have that potential the thing about be ichi is um it's basically pumping because by an ansari open and that was by Nance's on-ramp XRP we know XRP is pumping because the korean exchanges are pumping it the problem with a tree in exchanges is they tend to kind of like dump pretty hard as well oh they actually tend to like for the Korean exchanges they kind of tend to dump the gains like once they're done pumping it we saw this in November we even say I mean we saw this enough December 2017 too because once they actually stopped pumping it the Korean exchanges stopped pumping it like the whole damn thing crashed down extremely fast so that's something I'm going to be like very weary of and the movement and price is basically directly correlated to like update volumes whenever updates start spiking in volume essentially like XRP starts going off as well so I'm pretty sure it is like oh I'm pretty sure it is the Korean exchanges of pulling the price way way up but the thing is like they usually do this for like a couple of days or over the course of a few weeks and then they kind of like give up on it and it kind of goes into like freeze mode and slowly bleeds out again so I'm very weary of like know when I see a coin pump and it's because like one or two exchanges suddenly climb up the rankings then like that sets off like warning signals in my head because I've seen that many times before and it's usually like a pump followed by a large retrace but like I said like XRP shouldn't really retrace all that much I mean all that much because it's still way underperforming compared to like you know Bitcoin over the course of the year or a theory I'm over the course of the year remember that like aetherium was actually XRP and aetherium were actually pretty much tied in market cap since the baguette during the beginning of the year right and even with this current pump it's seven billion behind so it still got a ways to go in it and aetherium has actually underperformed Bitcoin this year so even with this latest pump it's far far away from where it actually should be if it actually kept up with you know the Bitcoin or aetherium market so it's XRP still has a long way to grow it's just that I don't know how hard these Korean exchanges can actually pump it or keep it up but I mean in 2017 like over the few weeks they kept it up until I 380 and then they stopped pumping and then the whole thing like crashed really hard so essentially keep your eyes on the Korean market let's talk about tone days yes XRP was actually a Bobby threw him for a little while this year that that's true that's true do you think BT will be top three or five and 20 20 top three or five is I think is like a bit of a stretch it's got so much ground to cover like I think like if we can get into the top ten if that would be great for ve T I'm in for ve T you can probably if you have like any amount of money you can probably get a couple hundred thousand of them have I heard of Kung Fu Hustle yeah the movie was pretty good why do I not talk about bch there's really not much I mean like bch has recovered a lot just because it dumps so much during the hash for and since bch actually won the hash war bch pretty much won the hash war so it recovered massively of price but in terms of bch developments there's really not much to talk about all that much I personally don't like I know BCH has actually accepted a lot of places but I personally don't see a purpose for random Bitcoin Forex you floo floo yeah I mean it looks smell some small coins are gonna some small coins are gonna pump up a huge amount some of the smaller coins are gonna pump up a huge amount because some of them when they catch a foam oh I mean like lower like low cap coins when they catch a massive foam oh they're going to massively pump much harder than high cap points you're not going to see like an increase like this from XRP or ETH based on Bitcoin movement right now but you might see it from small caps it takes very very little volume or very little money to actually pump one of these smaller coins up it takes a lot more money to pump one of the major coins up that's basically the reason why I mean you can just calculate what if it's like the ETA was number 10 it would be like two billion dollars in cat so two billion dollars in cap fifty billion coins it probably I think it'd be like it like four cents or something so the eet needs to be around four cents to actually crawl into the top ten and that's a huge improvement from where it is right now and that's like an immediate jump which isn't gonna happen but but you know like VT could actually go parabolic based on its partnerships and like what it actually the thing is like VT has some kind of announcement in June with PwC and if people see that as a major thing if people see that if people see Metis announcement in June as a major thing then it could go up quite a lot yeah it is up 50% percent this week but the thing is it still has like another like a hundred percent to go before it actually catches like BT sees performance for this year XRP well XRP go down to 40 cents it's actually pretty possible that it retraces path past 40 cents again it it honestly depends a lot on the Bitcoin market its Bitcoin like stabilizes where it is right now I think it's fairly possible that XRP actually crashes below 40 yet well it's not really a crash retraces below 40 again Bitcoin of course just move past 8200 we've actually seen we have seen this before obviously it's been slightly above 82 before but if it makes another jump I think the next resistance is pretty close to 10000 so there is a chance that the BTC BTC gets to 10,000 soon the thing about like breaking that 10,000 barrier if we actually don't have a massive retrace at 10k we don't have a massive retrace at 10k and it actually achieves or breaks that barrier that I think we'll see a lot of the alt coins come up a lot and I fear it might actually be one of those that comes up the most eventually of the reason I think aetherium might actually come up the most is because like when you break that double-digit fallans barrier in terms of numbers that'll trigger that'll be like a big like I think that'll be like a moment for a lot of like the people that buy the smaller icos and a lot of those are on aetherium so I think a lot of those icos are gonna come up after 10k as well and that will double the effect aetherium so if you should actually appreciate faster than most coins you know after we break like a psychological barrier that you know we're really really in a bull market I think a lot of us already think we're in a bull market but like for the average trader they're still seeing like you know Bitcoin was at 20k before but now it's still a take it hasn't broken GG of thousands so on that note yeah on that note we're still not really out of this rut yet card on Oh moved a lot like two days ago also like card I know had that Korean pump as well cardano's pump was very very similar to XR PS but it made up and it's still up like 11% today so it's not like it's not like it hasn't moved you can see like up in here as well and bit thumb so it looks like Asia is Asia is a boosting a post card on oh and XRP um I haven't I haven't actually followed the exchange the exchange ratings for card although like I have an ex RP so I'm not really sure what up it was in terms of rankings like before this all started I know up it was I think like number nine or outside the top 10 with XR P so if moving up output moving up to number two is like a huge jumper up it and that means that's probably the exchange that's actually driving the price for XRP I mean it could also just because XR p was lagging behind so bad that eventually it had to come up in price yeah cardano's move likes 50% in seven days it's not like it hasn't moved at all xlm has moved a lot up today xlm has actually lost more than almost any other coin during this bear market so I'm since I hold a sum xlm I'm really hoping it comes up really hard especially I hope like a Jesse Laden make some kind of announcement soon because that's really what I'm waiting for for xlm like IBM making some kind of big announcement well I mean like oh I like pretty much all the altcoins are actually a baddie jeebies up insane today but pretty much all the elk horns are up today so it's been a green market for all coins today especially since like by Nance actually open so a lot of the coins that you weren't able to buy owned by Nance for a long time you're finally able to buy now I'm still not like I'm not so unless they get like a relisting in finance I'm still not I'm not I don't I'm not buying into by coin coins they get delisted on large exchanges those usually aren't good signs so until it like turns a corner somewhere I don't think I don't think I'm really going to look at bike coins for my investments xln was at 25 cents between before well yeah but every coin a lot of coins dropped a sense like you know last October November that was like a huge that was a huge drop for all crypto currencies so I wouldn't sour on Excel I'm just because of that I think XRP wouldn't get so much hate if there wasn't so much idiotic hype about it Hey look bitcoin SV still has exchanges it's just not listed on by Nance anymore it has other exchanges it's still listed on okay X and other places overall it's like a downwards it's a pretty bad downward spiral for sv but it's going to it's going to temporarily gain and lose just like all the other coins same thing with birds like overall I don't believe in verge but it'll probably gain and lose just like everything else lost all your RDD and eighty-eight of crypto Pia man that sucks so the crypto Pia situation I'm actually not sure exactly what's going on well yeah but BCH has already hit over 400 a couple times lately so I'm not really sure what's happening with that crypto pious stuff um so they're liquidating or they're actually liquidating there are some rumors that that by dance wants to buy them out there's also rumors that Justin's son wants to buy them out but I'm pretty sure that Justin son rumors were started by Justin son himself and I wouldn't take those seriously at all the bye Nance rumors I don't think are real either I don't really see why by Nance would actually be interested in acquiring crypto piya that makes no sense yeah I know crypto piya got hacked I know crypto P I got hacked but that the bite answer was that by Nance wants to acquire crypto Pia honestly make no sense to me so I don't really that rumor mill is I'm not really paying that much attention to but I know crypto Pia is they've hired Liquidators which means the company is in liquidation phase so what usually happens is they've frozen like all the accounts on crypto Pia and they're going to use those accounts to pay back creditors first probably and then whatever is left from the creditors and stakeholders in crypto Pia that's what the customers will get so I'm guessing the customers will see a significant loss in their assets at crypto Pia etn is an exchange-traded note extrange trinit notes are weird they're kind of like ETFs except you don't actually own the assets in the note they're kind of like a futures trading deal almost well yeah well yeah etn like the symbol is electro Neum but and each yen people when people talk about an e TM they're referring to your right now as an exchange exchange credit note yeah like as Bitcoin goes up in price as you give it like a little bit of a delay with everything else everything else honestly should eventually catch up to Bitcoin and the dominance should decrease so the whole thing about tone days saying that Bitcoin will be the only corn out there that's total I think that's total garbage and I think that's part of why he's actually surprised by this market because I don't think Bitcoin will be the only corn out there and I don't think most other people I think that either well pun DXM go up um I mean it should just like every other coin and it's actually gained like 8% on BTC throughout today so yeah it's going up I mean obviously it's lag behind Bitcoin but yeah do you think gold could be tokenized yeah go like precious metals will be tokenized precious metals will actually be tokenized they've already started doing that with like I think like one like I said I think I think most people were like I think most companies are using if you're IAM to do it well now – Karim itself but like the blockchain to do it and I think there's one company using like emails that's using like X RP or something I haven't heard much about it but precious metals can definitely be tokenized yeah the eg I think is a pretty good buy at this point look going up and down is actually pretty good because there's a lot of chance for profits if you're going up and down if you're just flat there's no chance for profits at all you how can I say take profits at 70 cents yeah but you know xrp blasted through $3 when Bitcoin was at like when Bitcoin was at 20,000 you have to keep that in perspective you XRP isn't going to blast through three dollars when bitcoins at eight like at $8,000 if Bitcoin was at $20,000 yeah the next RP might be will probably break three dollars but extra bitcoins at 8,000 right now it's not going to blast through three dollars at this point wait for funds on buying answers that well I mean finance is already – has been open for several hours now so if any pump that what happened should have already happened by now you know by Nantz has been open since early this morning the B&B has pumped a lot though and also um if you guys didn't watch my other video if you guys did not watch my other video Finance has a 50,000 B&B kind of like reward for high for traders that trade over one Bitcoin in the next couple of days so if you're planning to trade anyways go ahead and trade I actually don't have anywhere near one Bitcoin in finance because I don't really swing trade with that much so I'm not going to take part in that but if you're a large trader you might consider bringing some of your trades to buy Nance it was on the way – it was still 13 or 14 thousand but if Bitcoin didn't hit 20,000 XRP wouldn't have gone that high also like the the foam oh and the formal in December of 2017 was also completely caused by Korea so I think people are more weary about that now people have learned more about the market people have learned more than about the market so it might be harder for them to actually FOMO yes teller is pumping it's not like percent today look XRP generally lads behind like XRP and most of the other alts generally lag behind Bitcoin but it's performance hasn't really been that good I still think like you know I still think it should pump some more maybe they'll be like a secondary pump in a couple days I still think it should be higher than it is right now but like people are going crazy over like a 10 cent increase CNBC helped XRP formal against maybe maybe Brett well look I can't really take I can't I don't know whether or not to trust Brad's like statements he also said one major bank will be using it last year and that didn't happen like the timelines in create like insanely delayed at this point well don't you think things are different this year I mean sure there's more money going to be put in the market in two weeks no I actually don't you know like the money is gonna be diluted out if it gets put be put in the market there's a lot more altcoins for people to invest into then there was like back in 2017 especially in april of 2017 look the main increase of XRP the main increase in XRP percentage did wasn't actually December 2017 it was actually like March April 2017 and there weren't nearly as many all coins back then or at least not ones that people could get a hold of remember back then like buy nights didn't even exist a lot of the big exchanges didn't actually exist back in April 2017 and that's where the big percentage increase actually came in so now you just have more you have a lot more options that are much more readily available for people to invest if you just look at coin base it has a lot more coins you look at by a Nance it has a ton of coins you look at bit Trax it has a ton of coins so the money is gonna be diluted out it's not going to be concentrated in a couple of coins this time Tron's always had its problems that's why I don't look Tron's always had its problems I'm sure Tron will grow to like oh I'm sure Tron will probably appreciate to a really high price whether or not like that he's faking it or he's actually doing something because his marketing will get it to go to a really high price the question is does it crash or not after that I don't really think regulations have finally been formally look regulations on these things don't really come that fast on stuff like this they're probably going to take it's probably going to take a few years on something this big there's a lot of entrenched interests in this area and a lot of them don't really want the old ways to change you think if Furion is technically central look if he rhymes like look any proof any proof of work coin any proof of work coin can be hijacked with hash rate that's why if your name is changing to prove mistake if xrp hits point 7.8 yeah we can actually see a retrace 20.5 yes the voting is really good at Tron I will agree with that xrp sure there is no should be at XRP like for exit look for any crypto there's no should be ten or fifteen dollars it's forty three cents right now because it's worth forty three cents all the rest of that craft is really speculation house sent I don't see like I don't really know if the mining hash rate for and Furion is as centralizes Bitcoin it really depends like how centralized the mining pools are for those specific coins why did it look because New York is Newark New York works separately from look each you don't like for the United States each state is separate from the other states New York's regulations for getting a license is just harder than other states but every single state in the United States works differently like Wyoming you can use Bitcoin like Wyoming in Ohio you can pay taxes a Bitcoin in the other states you can't so state and federal level are completely different eventually like if enough states adopted the federal the feds will have to adopt it sooner or later I don't really know like I actually don't know what the best bit license actually entails I don't think it actually in tells you being able to it actually lets you actually trade crypto for money on banking banking has a lot more regulations than anything else the bitlicense basically just allows you to be in exchange in New York that's all it that's I think that's all it does actually there might be a lot of resistance at $0.10 488 hey William or there might actually there might be a lot of resistance at ten cents for a TA you'd have to actually check like the depth chart for that full potential is realized I think Bitcoin can reach like a quarter of a million dollars I don't think it's going to go to several million but I think it can reach like a quarter of a million dollars you I think III do think it can reach about a quarter of a million dollars um so Tim Draper's prediction I mean I don't think it's gonna reach it in like to eat like a year or two but I think out in the future yeah I can reach it I don't understand why people are so interested in matok right now like I feel like it's experienced a pump but overall I actually don't really see anything special specifically about Matic overall I don't really see anything special about Matic I mean it's I know it's been pumping a lot lately but outside of that I don't see anything like extremely special about I know people would be interested in just because it went up so much but it's I mean it's not like I would FOMO in on this right now it looks like the volume is actually coming down I think all-time all-time high first dollar was like 93 cents or something if I yes like in terms of like volume increases of over the last X number of days x RP I mean it doesn't have the most volume like litecoin still has more volume than x RP over like the last 24 hours but it has like passed Bitcoin cash in EOS but I'm pretty sure this volume is pretty temporary it but the whole price thing is definitely driven by Korea so that's like that's why I'm weary on the whole XRP thing because up it jumps so many ranks into the exchange ranking and so did bit thumb and those are both XRP KRW things and legs that we've seen this before once in 27 end of 2017 and once a September of 2018 hoping it acts more like 2017 because I think that's what the environment is right now you no I I don't think engines better than beaching look engine and B chain are completely two different things V chain is focused on logistics and logistics and supply chain engines a gaming coin then they don't really compete with each other I mean the thing that's on be chain player might compete with engine but B chain itself does not complete compete with engine I mean beach new chain just signed a deal with like a Chinese hospital as well so they're gonna use B chain as well I'm pretty sure like all the World Bank white house and like there's stuff that's like way overblown the World Bank thing they mentioned XRP in a blog post and people people like went crazy over that but they also mentioned circle and Swift right in the same blog post so it wasn't exactly like it's not like one of those Eureka moments also with the IMF like the the stellar guys on that panel as well so people tend to over blow these things especially in the XRP army there there's problem there's definitely a partnership somewhere between polymath and Ripple for some NDA stuff but like there's also a partnership between polymath and Cardno now so we'll have to wait until like all this stuff actually plays out look if it's Bitcoin kind of stagnates I wouldn't be surprised we on if we ended the year under $1 for xrp Bitcoin goes back up to 20,000 I'll probably be like 350 again or something like that I think Germany just started Germany's in the middle of the night right now I think I pretty sure Germany's like in the middle of the night you yeah I mean I think we're in a bull run but even in a bull run there will be like large retraces even in a bull run there will be larger traces so I wouldn't expect everything to go up like just in a linear fashion you yeah if you hold on for more than a year it is long term capital gains taxes what do you mean what is query you mean not not exactly sure what you mean yeah it's like 1:00 a.m. in London which means it's probably like 3:00 a.m. in Berlin so it's not really Germany I mean X it's been around like 45 46 cents for some time now pumping between 45 and 46 like it basically less yesterday the maximum was like 40 4.4 so it's essentially gone up like 1.3 percent from yesterday's pop maximum a 1.3 cents from yesterday's pump maximum just still pretty nice I mean but you can basically predict the ball you can actually basically predict the heat predict the price of going up and down just by looking it up its volume basically what a tone they say he's just completely confused by this whole rally remember tone they said like Bitcoin would go down to like a thousand dollars remember so speaking at a block TV can set a consensus at twenty nineteen they stated that he was completely lost in the currency in the currency market scenario as he had no idea what was causing the stellar rise in prices he claimed that it's been a it's been an unprecedented run for Bitcoin and the rest of the market the same thing that happened at the end of the bear market run in 2015 but everything that is going on here is not right I thought that Bitcoin would rise from his four thousand mark to five thousand one hundred and then fall slowly but seeing it go up to eighty four hundred is just baffling um I'm pretty sure there was some foam or there's probably some kind of coordinated pump but honestly wasn't that bad because I think people were just riding on a wave of news as well according to vase the reasons for the bull market are very unclear since there is no new players entering the space while at the same there has been some institutional money trickling in but not actually all that much as people think while at the same time the money in the history is the same that it was that was pumped earlier and not a new stream of income he even feared that the market was about to correct and correct hard I think correct hard right now would be about six thousand dollars the the market right now is in a parabolic uptrend and the scary part is that there is no single catalyst but you have to look at like fidelity and a couple of other things this rise might actually lead to big things with added effects I have a feeling that something is definitely going on with tether because USD T was on a 30% discount no I've never seen tether at 70 cents which meant that BTC should have been at a 30% discount to which it obviously wasn't when the hell did he see us DT at a 37% discount the farthest I saw us DT fall was like 98 cents 97 cents lately tone days also pointed out another anomaly which was BT sees price being more on bitstamp than BitFenix I'm not exact see that's that is weird cuz BitFenix usually has the largest premium he even admitted that he would like to take two weeks off he should just take two weeks off because of the turmoil the market was in days was also in the news recently after he said BTC prices are likely to go higher since consolidation was witnessed at a high he backed this point by stating that absolutely nothing fundamentally changed in Bitcoin recently um so like his recent statement said like he thinks that Bitcoin can go to 9400 um he doesn't really talk about all coins that much because they thinks they're all trash which I obviously I disagree with but he thinks that Bitcoin can actually go to 9400 before it massively tree traces now we're having a kind of a hard time breaking out of like 8200 right now I mean I haven't checked the prize in the last like ten minutes oh that might have changed by now but I mean 8191 so we've been stuck in like right below 8200 for some time now so like all I think a lot of his resistances and rejections and points are actually really off but all analysts and predictions have been pretty off the last couple of days like well actually I like my last three weeks because it's all gone up faster than most of us have actually expected um so tone bass like I think like him trying to stick to his $1,000 Bitcoin thing that's definitely ultimately going to be wrong yes ve T is at a meeting yeah just crossed eight cents I mean I think the et should gain some more because finance is shut down for the entire time like that Bitcoin was climbing and now that it's actually not shut down anymore the major on-ramp is actually open I like to buy dad's opening finance opening should affect like bttv ET and other coins a lot more than the bigger coins the bigger coins have so many on ramps that finance shutting down should not have actually hurt them so much smaller coins without this that many on ramps should actually improve a lot more than the bigger coins I'm still waiting for that BTT spike I'm waiting for Justin Sun to actually announce something oh by the ways for that for the second for the second Tesla reward thing prize Justin's son actually did pay the guy in cash he didn't give him a Tesla but he did pay him in cash but I think like the Mountie got in cash was actually slightly less than a Tesla because I think the Tesla was like 33 grand and Justin's son like gave him like $28,000 in cash I think I'd rather get like the 28 K in cash though cuz I don't really want a Tesla so but he did pay the guy like 28 grand in cash for so he sent the first guy the Tesla the second guy he just paid $28,000 in cash so he did pay both the winners now hey man thanks navi navi chains gone up a lot new chains gone up a lot if BTC no right now I think if Bitcoin goes to about 20k I think XRP will be around like 350 again there's more on have you seen an extra piece performance lately even at 43 cents it's lagging so far behind Bitcoin right now in terms of performance so I don't think it'll be above 350 if Bitcoin goes to 20k USD CR uset USD see really want to sell my a da at a penny I know it's going to drop back down to six or seven cents you're I mean yes this Bitcoin goes down it definitely will go down to six or seven cents for me if ve T hits one point five cents so I don't break even for all I've lost I mean you must have bought B et a quite a while before I started talking about it if you bought it at one point five cents cell walls on by Nance with BTT there's always been like gigantic cell walls they're usually at least like a couple of a couple like a billion or two cell wall on by Nance without BTT so like right now we're trying to push we're trying to push eleven satoshi on BTT and there there's also like a 1.8 billion by wall and then at one point eight six billion cell wall so I think eventually we will break 11 and then we'll go up like I I needed to break 20 but the major cell walls are like 11 12 and 13 right now um but if Justin Sun makes another announcement then it could trigger everything else right now I think I mean Tron's gone a lot got gone up a lot more than BTT and I think Tron might actually be a better overall investment right now I would wait for trying to come down a bit but it could be a better overall investment now than bgg Oh Michael Arrington is pretty cool but he's been wrong before as well I mean the move could be real but the thing is like it's driven by Korea and usually if it's driven by Korea it does tend to come down a little bit after after some time after some time like it does tend to come down but an XRP surge has been overdue like technically it needs to surge to like 70 cents before it becomes even with Bitcoin performance I think like the latest 10 like 10 to 15 cents urge for XRP have made people for God have completely made people forgot that forget that despite this 15 cent surge we're still like way behind the rest of the market well I don't really compare um I don't really compare them in terms of like function but I compare their price because everything's tethered to Bitcoin so if you're going to if you're going to talk about price you're always going to talk about Satoshi value my thoughts on cosmos I feel that cosmos had a giant FOMO but I don't really see that much in cosmos XRP has increased by five thousand six hundred and fifty since 2015 to 2019 alright cool by me like you have to remember in 2015 a lot of the other coins didn't even exist Tron like literally a hundred ex basically in December 2017 and 2018 ex I mean like XRP had that initial rise from being like a really like little crap penny coin to essentially – essentially like one that actually had preeminence because XRP was one of the earlier cryptocurrencies and most of those have actually had huge improvements in their value if you actually look at historically you're looking at a really for XRP you're looking at a very um back in 2015 if you look at 2013 it was actually five cents in 2013 so it only increased if you're looking at 2013 it only increased about six times eight times from 2013 but if you take it at it's like lowest point then yes it did increase by like you know many many times right now so it's had its ups and downs because in 2013 in 2013 it actually did surge up to five cents and then it kind of like dumped to like less than a penny in 2016 2015-2016 and then it surged up to like 30 cents back in 2017 and then $3 obviously at the end of 2017 and then now it's back at 30 cents again so I don't think we'll have like those I don't know if well unless Bitcoin goes way up I don't think we'll have those giant dramatic pumps anymore for like the large cap coins cosmos is basically like a linking it's basically like a layer on top of blockchains that's supposed to link blockchains together seamlessly there's all theories about Satoshi Nakamoto I I mean I've already stayed in my opinion I think it's like probably Hal Finney and some kind of like some combination of health and Dorian Nakamoto and nick szabo but that's just my guess yeah man box box I hope I hope the Bucks gorge on Raptor me tonight yeah I I think I think all the all the alt coins but especially the smaller ones will definitely improve in price after Bitcoin if Bitcoin breaks the 10,000 barrier because I think that's a that's a pretty big like mental block omus go yeah I saw I do like Loomis go cuz part of it is because Oh Meis supports it and that's actually pretty big company up on D axis main thing is the payment gateway it's not actually the blockchain phone it's the payment gateway so they're kind of like in that money transfer remittance market as well like everyone else these days now cept oh she is not Craig right how did you how was it actually solved I don't think it's been solved did he actually produce any kind of did Satoshi that Craig right actually produce any kind of evidence or something I don't think he actually produced evidence yet No well no like all three like at least how Finley and Dorian Nakamoto they both worked on secret government projects and they literally lived down the street from each other you and plus like a and plus like Finny was the first one to actually get a transaction in Bitcoin so that really pumps up like that really tells me that he's probably one of the people that's involved with creating it David Schwartz wasn't like the person that got the first transaction from Bitcoin neither was arthur brit oh it was it's basically everything points to him and the guy that actually has the Satoshi named and lived down the street from him basically it's not that hard to make the connection man so there's a guy called so crypto dad pins heartfelt open letter ahead of CFTC exit so J Christopher Giancarlo chairman of the CFTC he's preparing to step aside after five years on the job the regulator lovingly nicknamed crypto dad pit and pinned a heartfelt open letter to blockchain world to the blockchain world ahead of this exit from his agency so he's the CFTC guys definitely been really Pro crypto the CFTC regulates commodities and Futures has adopted more accommodating stance towards crypto than the more guarded SEC oh by the ways were only five days away from that etf decision having approved the launch of Bitcoin futures contracts at the Chicago Board of the CBOE and the CME Group in 2017 it opened the doors for institutional exposure to crypto currencies although CBOE has seized listing Bitcoin futures cm II is still there so he is he is resigning soon unfortunately and I hope the next guy is actually just as Pro crypto as he is so the SEC has continually denied Bitcoin ETF applications it's the signature stamp of disapproval Kim July when it ditched nine proposals in one fell swoop Pearce is the only dissenting opinion in there but the van eck one is coming up for a decision in five days I'm guessing in the next five days they'll announce that they're kicking the can down the road so that's about it right now so there are people in the industry that are pushing for it but there are a lot of entrenched interests that are actually still against cryptocurrency you need to get a second screen what if you stre what do you stream off a laptop I might actually buy one of those tablets that I can actually stream on but I basically if I'm out for a long time I usually bring my laptop everywhere you it's not it's not Schwartz it's not Schwartz or Britt oh man you got you need to give that fury up it's I think there's no evidence that's that points to David Schwartz or Arthur Britt oh they might actually might be the same person am I actually I mean III if I do buy a tablet it's gonna be one of this expensive ones though so that actually might be a while incoming I don't actually think I don't think the US military invented it either hey hey man event um no the ZRX earned from coinbase doesn't work for me for some reason the ZRX earn thing from coinbase odd does not work for me i don't know why it doesn't but the CRX thing does not work for me at all so that kind of sucks because I wanted the $10.00 II like the Oh x + zr x they don't work for me I've gotten the xlm and something and the bat I haven't gotten I can't get the CRX thing to work for me you should actually I I'm thinking about writing to their support about that because I really wanted to work look exhale yes I do believe like once the pump is finished and I don't really know like when the pump is gonna finish xlm we'll probably regress unless IBM makes another announcement um like a lot of my cousins were in crypto long before I was so they kind of like got me interested who's the number-one promoter of Bitcoin look I mean like look most of the but mostly look most of the evidence points to like the three people I mentioned I mean Satoshi actually like one of them is actually named Satoshi I mean I think like you're trying to push the our third bro David Schwartz cuz you're trying to prove some kind of connection with XRP but there's no connection there I know I didn't get my xlm from blockchain I got my xlm from coinbase I've never gotten my xlm from blockchain yet Oh Andrea oh and top Wallace but he's not the creator of Bitcoin either he's just a promoter that doesn't really mean anything good I mean I guess you'll you'll get different people regardless of like who you ask on who the number-one promoter of Bitcoin is could be Tim Draper it could even be John McAfee although that guy's like insane so yeah how much ve T can you buy with one Bitcoin um you can't you know you can just directly calculate that by its satoshi value that's not that hard to calculate it's 100 it's basically a hundred million divided by 101 so you can technically buy a little over a million V chains with well actually you can buy slightly less than a million V chains with one Bitcoin you can buy something like nine hundred ninety thousand V chains with one Bitcoin xlm price prediction um I I mean xlm is dependent on Bitcoin just like anything else damn almost 30 percent oh I'm glad I hold like a small bag of xlm I think you know in the next boron xlm probably can get to like maybe two dollars or something it'll surpass its all-time high from the last boron especially with since IBM's already made that announcement and we know that IBM is committed to them oh by the way Deloitte just confirmed confirmed another aetherium project well they didn't confirm it they teased at another etherium project at consensus so what's happening with Deloitte is they move some of their stuff from etherium to be chain and they're moving some of their clients from a theorem to be chain but they're still doing like 50 percent of their stuff on etherium so Deloitte still committed to aetherium but they're also committed to B chain as well they're working with both block chains it's just that B chain is more V chain is better for some of their specific clients whereas aetherium is kind of like more general so that's good for both Kryptos because they did confirm that we're still doing some kind of aetherium project he did confirm they were still doing something with aetherium yeah maybe I mean I I mean Bitcoin was never gonna get bad in the United States I don't think they I mean it'd be really hard to enforce first of all and I think there's too much support for Bitcoin of the United States for them to actually ban it xlm all-time-high is 14 no I it's definitely like I know it's around 93 cents I actually know it's around 93 cents it was not $14 maybe john mcafee outside box I don't really know if he has any real info I think he's like magic me for the most part things just trolling yeah but I mean it doesn't really matter the XR the extra patrol out is I don't think really matters all that much because for for any kind of pump right now because no one's using it yet like people actually have to have like a large amount of volume going through ex rapid for that to actually matter and you have a couple thousand dollars every day which isn't going to matter at all maybe if the book maybe of like the bull run happened in like three years then the ex rapid thing would actually have an effect but right now it doesn't have any kind of effect I'm sure McAfee has more money he just doesn't want to pay the government that's I think that's McAfee deal I'm sure he has more money he just doesn't want to pay the government all right like if he actually paid the government like tip wheats I mean if he actually he would have to pay the government like essentially thousands of dollars or not millions of dollars if he because I think that's how much he owes in taxes he frickin didn't file for like nine years man and you know he made it you know he made a crap well he made a crapload of money on crypto currencies so obviously he hope he owns the IRS like a lot of money that's why he's like hiding out man um Puerto Rico I don't think has to pay federal taxes they do actually have to pay other taxes I'm not exactly sure what they actually have to pay I mean I'm pretty sure Puerto Rico has their Loco taxes local taxes as well ya see the Commonwealth government has its own tax laws and Puerto Ricans are also required to pay some US federal taxes although most residents do not have to pay the federal personal income tax so Puerto Rico there's some taxes there but they don't have to pay the personal income tax you can't vote with you if you're in Puerto Rico though so but I don't think I think like I would trade my ability to vote if I didn't have to pay any taxes so up to people up to people the exchange that should not be named man Chico's like kind of off-the-wall oh by the way is for those of you who are interested the game has actually started the game started quietly against Yanis Raptors are ahead by three right now you I don't I mean yeah you can't vote for president if you if you're in Puerto Rico I think there's still a primary there though you just can't vote in the general IRS needs more cash just think how much revenue they'll get with a boron maybe yeah I mean I think a boron is definitely good for the IRS so they do get a lot more money well okay so with coinbase it takes like a week to add money to your account but you can actually buy and sell during that week you just can't get it off of coinbase Kryptos are non-taxable after six months in Luxembourg well hash graph vote for us I don't like hash craft honestly needs to come out to the public before I really explore a hadir a hash graph most money yeah I mean that's true most people do lose money like especially in a bear market so like the the IRS is actually like losing money off of crypto because people are taking the $3,000 deduction yeah just use corn-based Pro like coinbase pro fees aren't that big coin based Pro fees aren't that big Rinne in Luxembourg yeah you don't want to pay rent in Luxembourg you definitely do not want to pay rent in Luxembourg anybody want to go to all-you-can-eat riblets in and in two hours because I want to I don't know if I can find people to get food at me but whatever I'll just see ya B chain is definitely going up right now it's like it's definitely like it's it's it's one of the ones like that's leading the charge that eight three two two now a three to two now guys that's pretty good that's that's really good it's above a hundred and one so it hit my goal and it broke my goal from V Chaim but Bitcoin is also going up a two for two now a two for two now so if we break 8,500 I think we can shoot to ten K if we break 8,500 we can shoot to 10 K hey jorge vasquez I don't know about all it's unstoppable once big if Bitcoin retraces alts are not going to be unstoppable so I mean you have to I mean the mark like the market goes up and down so much ETH is flying I know the thing is like if you believe that the markets gonna be bull if hiriam is probably one of the better if not best investments you can actually make because like I said if you remember so many ICO coins on it and after you pass a certain price with Bitcoin probably 10,000 maybe higher all those other crappy icos are going to start pulling a hiriam up and that my friends is money that's more money than most of the other altcoins like that's direct that's basically direct pumping of price because all those ico is basically trade into aetherium you pull those up you pull aetherium up very very simple concept by Nantz coin is also at an all-time high twenty six point seven six it's weird that it reached an all-time-high after like Barnett's got hacked so I don't think the hack actually did anything to rid people's confidence of bye Nance Tron is also at 3.2 cents which is higher than I've seen Tron in a very very long time SV is up to $72 iota is at 43 cents it's been like iota has been pumping just as hard as XRP the last few days and it's actually pretty close impress to XRP tezo's has been pumping pretty hard cosmos is back up ba T is back up yes and of course V chain is soaring right now so I think everyone is pretty happy today yeah Vitor is I actually haven't checked the price of view tour because Vitor shouldn't be so expensive you tour should be pretty cheap I wouldn't mind if it got more expensive though honestly because I want to sell it for more but technically for the ecosystem they can't be expensive read your comment there's a lot of comments so it's hard for me to read any specific one I can't find it the references to Polly what references to polymath the thing about bearable guy is he gets all these like he gets all these riddles and then there's like a thousand interpretations of them and as long as one of them is somehow correct people want to give them credit for it it's like if you throw enough darts at a board eventually you'll hit one and also like the whole like the whole prediction like the whole prediction thing with May 20th and May 31st that's total no that's total bullcrap those are specific dates that we've known about for months now like May 20th is the etf decision date well and then he put May 31st the sec is holding like a forum those are things like everyone is known about for god knows how long i mean like for months now so there's no but Lydda t to those predictions cuz he's he's only predicting already known dates for May 20th and May 31st you how has triple in tinder look if you what I mean by that is like he he gives like he gives these riddles and then there's like a thousand interpretations of them as long as one interpretation is right people want to give him credit for him credit for that interpretation so they kind of ignore all the interpretations that are wrong so essentially you just throw a lot of darts at a board you're gonna hit one sooner or later how high can LTC go I think LDC can hit a 150 by August I still think that you it's not a prediction a prediction is a specific event at a specific time not like a thousand things can happen and as long as one of them happens I'm right that's not a prediction that's just basically throwing a bunch of darts and a board and hoping one of them sticks like you don't like look if you like if it's a multiple choice question and you guess like ten of the choices you don't really get credit for that if one of them is right you need like the real prediction is like a specific thing at a specific time not like something will happen at in this month in the future something happens in crypto everyday yeah but those like the thing about that it's like he doesn't deserve any credit for that because he's not guessing he's not actually predicting anything that's how I mean I don't understand why people still believe in him also like his predictions on May 20th and 31st for anyone who's been paying attention those dates have been known for like half a year now III was thinking swing trading dogecoin average cost um you know the thing about if you're gonna swing trade any coin just just pay attention to the patterns it's been moving past for like the past couple of months and for swing trading you need a lot of patience you need to be able to wait until something retraces and for swing training I would I would highly suggest you just um swing trade in and out of Bitcoin and not in and out of USD yeah I'll pick your ex IP volume has been dropping for her like the last day so eventually I think it's either going to just I think the price is just going to maintain there or like decrease unless uh Pitre pumps again what happened 2-pack coin it got super hype like a year and a half ago and then like it didn't live up to the hype they ain't going to do another 10% tomorrow you know like I think there's a chance that Bitcoin actually might burst pass eighty five hundred tomorrow depending on how things go cuz it's actually looking pretty good right now because it's staying above eighty two hundred for like some time now if Bitcoin bursts past 8285 hundred tomorrow yes we can actually do another ten percent I do believe that but if it kind of fails the test then no I think one thing that this miss boron has shown us is that everything is still pretty much tethered to Bitcoin I don't think anyone can really deny that at this point like if this bull runs showing us anything is said everything's still attached a Bitcoin and since Bitcoin went up like 3,000 points everything else is just catching up now so for all those like delusions of like oh we've detached from Bitcoin maybe besides B and B because b and b kind of does whatever but all the other coins i think like the delusions of having decoupled are have basically been shot at this point because they all came up and achieve new yearly highs right after Bitcoin achieve its new yearly high so there might be there actually is probably a one-cent psychological resistance for vitae and I'm sure they're probably there probably is you're probably right about that man Buck's are down by 10 now it's no good look I have a swing trading stack I have a swing trading stack so that stack is the only stack I swing trade and I will swing trade between many coins like XR peak I actually sold that like 4613 Satoshi and then I bought into B chain at about 91 I actually bought into the chain around 91 Satoshi so overall on that particular swing I'm still I'm still down but I'm that's why I'm waiting for XRP to retrace before I buy back into XRP coin Tiger has hmm I mean there are gonna be some discrepancies in the price there are gonna be some discrepancies in the price XRP is it's forty six point one cents bitcoins also above forty two hundred eighty two hundred right now all I do is look at the Satoshi value it's five five seven nine right now so if I look at I'm actually paying more attention to the orange line than the green line in terms of I'm actually paying more attention to the orange line in the green line so it basically had a big like bump here a couple hours ago when Korea woke up and now it's kind of like leveled off so that was basically the pump for today this like orange thing right here and you can see like right here you can see like the the volumes just kind of like went up a little bit and now it actually just might be a beat racing there is the other that you can also look for the Japanese exchanges as well you can also look for the no it's not it's not coin tiger that has them it's actually not coin Tiger that has 47 cents it's bit bum that has 47 cents that's the other Korean exchange bit thumb has had a pretty big premium all the way through so it's it's definitely Korea that's actually pumping it up and both bits thumb and up it have actually gained a lot of volume since the pump actually started today so if they if they actually start to lose in volume in influence then the pump is probably over an X RP will probably either retrace or just move with the rest of the market right now it is moving with the rest of the market because bitcoins going off as well 82 64 80 – it's almost 8300 now so it's going up with the rest of the market right now oh the chain didn't really look V chain had a hundred to one split the chain had a hundred to one split in August so three dollars essentially just became three cents because you got a hundred times than the coins coin Tiger TRX pairing coin Tiger I think is a so Tia Tron pairing so if you actually if you look at the data for any coin and you realize that one exchange has suddenly shot up the rankings you can bet that that one exchange is probably what's driving it I have no idea why Tron is trading so much on coin Tiger or White's the etherium pair is going so high that's just weird so Tron is definitely being floated up by coin Tiger right now because this particular price is also decently higher than most of the other prices and it has a lot of volume that's pretty cool that's pretty insane I didn't realize that about Tron why I trade Satoshi instead of USD because it's much it's much better to trade Satoshi instead of USD during a boron because the overall since the overall direction of the market is going up even if you screw up and trade intensive Toshi like you're still gonna make money you just won't make as much whereas with USD during a bull run you're kind of out of luck if you trade into USD d GTX do I think it will recover after the huge drop D GTX is like your stereotypical pump-and-dump coin man they've already delayed that they've already delayed the launch of the platform twice twice now man they've already delayed the price launched the platform twice so to me if they don't launch it on the third time it's probably a scam if they do not make the third launch its most likely a scam so it's it's a pump-and-dump coin because they announce like the launch of the platform here it goes straight up and then dies they announce that launch the platform here it goes straight up and then they delay it again and it dies so if they keep like refusing to launch it it's there probably no platform there it's probably a scam but this looks like a your stereotypical pump-and-dump coin to me so I am NOT gonna buy a GTX I have no idea where it's gonna when it's going to pump or it's gonna dump you Claude the guy the guy from Bloomberg thoughts on end cash I don't like in cash anymore because India's because of India's stance on crypto currencies like I I was bullish on in cash until like India started like having all these restrictions on Kryptos so any kryptos in India like I personally just would not buy right now you d GTX they have a better development team but they've already delayed the launch of their exchange twice so that's why I don't really trust DG TX anymore if they had launched the second time good for that good for them but they can't like but if they delay a third time then I like I'm gonna think they're a scam because you can't delay forever your main product forever and just have a giant pump each time dude are XRP is not going to be in India if they just like first of all there's no liquidity in India for any cryptocurrency right now and to if that overall bad passes they're just gonna bag Kryptos all together from India they're now going to make an exception for any one crypto I don't even know if that's possible in the current framework India and China are a little different on crypto like the thing is like the Indian rupee you can actually trade that freely on the forex market I believe you can't trade the Chinese RMB on the forex market um India is not as restrictive with their not nearly as restrictive with their fiat currency as China what do you pay taxes on profits or what you dispose of you pay taxes on profits for trade basically any kind of trade or sell you have to pay a price you have to pay taxes on hopefully it does break 8500 tonight hopefully it does break 8500 tai because that would signal like a run-up to like I believe 10k it just broke 8300 just broke 8300 you so four hours ago I bought BTC and sold XRP yeah I would probably wait for a while I mean if BTC goes for a hyper pump it usually out pumps big coins and I would use that timeframe between like when BTC pumps and went out the rest of the all pumps to actually buy back in no we've known that American X Express uses external for a while now that wasn't announced like much earlier this year if not last year you don't pay taxes on holding until you sell but it's like it's like 20% on taxes you hold for over a year but I think HN can get to like five cents without a big bore on by the end of the year with a big bore on it can get up to like 25 to 40 and leave sense what if you don't pay taxes for like 200 look first of all if it's like $200 no one will probably find out but the thing is like if they find out then you can be fine really hard well XRP basically pumps around the time like each day it pumps around the time that XRP basically everyday pumps around the time that like Korea wakes up the pump is initiated by creating exchanges so it makes sense that they pump when Korea is up not really sure how that gifting taxes thing works you two to five years I mean like look for a long term I can see view chain getting to like three or four maybe like four to five bucks I don't really see the chain being above that and that's if everything goes that right a 55 million a billion dollar market cap is achievable I mean it's not like out of the question you is Robin Hood a scam should I use it it's not a scam but I I don't really use Robin Hood to buy my crypto I don't think you buy real kryptos yet with Robin Hood they don't have they don't exactly have wallets yet you technically like when you send kryptos to someone else you're not really selling it so I'm not really sure how that works like technically you shouldn't be taxed on it so I'm not sure what if you cash out and immediately purchase real estate taxes still need to be paid yes yes if you cash out and buy real estate taxes still need to be paid is this run beating the previous run we're not at 2017 levels yet No yeah I mean if Bitcoin keeps going up XRP will break 50 cents because it's going to go up along with Bitcoin like bitcoin is doing very very good right now very very good right now you you yeah by me like four xrp to have that run just like you know three $4 BTC likes needs to run to like 20,000 first and then maintain some what about high price for a few weeks but at that point all the alt coins are going to go up so it's not going to matter if you hold XR PA da ve T or whatever they're all going to pump up a lot 10 K this weekend could be possible if we can if we can push past 80 510 K this weekend could be possible thoughts about Apollo I'm sure Apollo will have a giant FOMO as well if we push really high but personally like long term I don't really believe in Apollo I don't think xrp you will get pet like in the long term I don't think XRP will really ever get past like $40 or so I see that as kind of the ceiling for XRP if things if everything goes right I see you like 40 bucks being like the ceiling for XRP it might not come close to that much honestly but I see that as kind of the ceiling you have to pay tax on crypto profit gained in the u.s. yes yes in most countries you do there are some Pacific Islands where you don't have to pay taxes I I think people are over playing for the fidelity I think people are over playing the fidelity launch fidelity is a Bitcoin OTC trading desk so fidelity is a Bitcoin over-the-counter trading desk I don't think it's going to affect cryptocurrency that much right after it launches there is not there is not an airdrop 4v che non by Nance there's an airdrop for Vitor on – but not for V chain Porto Rico has its own taxes but no most like federal income tax does not apply I personally want this run to last at least until the end of this year and we like I want a more slow increase for Bitcoin because that actually means that we can hold those increases if we have another run out front if we run up in the next month to 20k or 30k and drop out again there's gonna be like a 90 percent sell out as well like giant look parabolic increases are always accompanied by parabolic sound like parabolic dumps and I don't really want that yeah like if we hit 50 cents for V chain there'd be some a ton of profits yeah you cannot sustain this kind of a pump like this phasma pump I think there will be a correction a fairly hard one soon and then like we'll continue to go up again so it's gonna be like up up down down like eventually we're gonna go up but you're not going to continue to go a parabolic forever um I actually don't know what the data is I think they tend to drop on like the drops actually I think around like the 5th of every month um oh oh the the et thing it's not a snapshot the finance does an average of how much of each B chain you hold each month that's how you get the drop that's how you get the drop there's not like a snapshot day they just take the average ex XPO logistics is fun well the thing is like every transaction on the chain actually actually has to use vitor so it depends like this how much how big the demand actually is plus you also have other uses for it and speculation FOMO it's kind of like remittances you don't actually need that much money to transfer like billions of dollars each day a lot of its going to come from speculation with all the new adoption um I think if you're looking for a prices based on use case in the doc and you're still several years away in the terms of crypto I think most if not all the I think most if not all the price increases are going to come from speculation at least for another cycle when the correction I think I mean I actually think like a correction down to 6,000 is pretty possible yeah it's 46 cents xrp now but that's because like Bitcoin just hit an all-time high as well not all-time high well like you know a yearly high as well I mean it's at 83 12 right now Nietzsche had actually dropped a bit unfortunately ninety-eight now hopefully it goes back up hopefully it goes back up where do you see Bitcoin Leia said I think I think there's strong support at 6000 now so I don't expect us to drop below that I think we can you know I hope we can pass 8,500 tonight if we don't get rejected again look eventually you're gonna have to sell for profit even if it's like more than a year you're not gonna you're probably not gonna hold on forever cuz you still need to like pay bills and actually buy so um yeah I mean it's if you hold for more than a year it's still 20% in these days saw this on trading of you now we could expect Bitcoin to drop to 6,800 some sidewalk and attempt to regain previous high colliding all the way to 50 to 54 I don't see 50 to 54 I don't know how I don't really know how strong the support at 6000 really is though look if you're trying to if you're trying to insulate for the correction probably probably USD see probably us obit stamps got a premium so I actually look at the market average yeah USD see over USD T if you can get out get all of it how long do I think the cycle will last I hope until the end of this year because like we are getting we are getting like it's a year until that happening so the cycle might not end until like the Bitcoin having a because us DC is actually backed us DT is not us DC has actually been audited us DT has never undergone a real audit Premium means like that exchange sells a certain coin for much higher than the other exchanges do it happens it happens see if well I mean shorts honestly like shorts gym shorts always come shorts always come when coins go up because people like people understand like real traders understand that nothing can golf forever so as as the price gets higher and higher people are gonna bet more and more against it why would you go all in on EOS NP excess air drop date on – I think it's actually I don't know I thought it was the 11th but that might be the Tron drop date I don't I don't exactly know specifically when these drop dates actually are I think it's in the middle of the month what religion are you because I don't know of any religion that is really anti-tax am I an XRP believer I mean of those likes crazy ass like 589 theories no they're stupid but do I think xrp will be successful in the future like get me maybe maybe get to like eventually in a couple of years get to like 20 bucks maybe yeah sure you I still have some ETH and LTC and I'm just kind of waiting to sell it off all right that's I mean look I think we're no I mean it might retrace hard but even after the retrace will continue to go up you liberal libertarianism is anti-tax sort of no taxation isn't theft man you have to pay for like certain services that your country is and plus you have actual you you have actually but you have representatives that represent you now the whole thing with the foundation in this country was no taxation without representation you have representation now most people just don't give a about representation unfortunately but that's their fault I'm whole I have xrp I have the et I have xlm and I have BTT right now I'm waiting to dump my B TT for something else I have some NPS excess as well as well as some Hollow you how far do you think det will go like I said I think be et can actually get to like you know five cents like without a major bull run but it can actually get to like it can actually get to 30 to 40 cents with a with a boron I see the two biggest game winners this week the xlm that blockchain gave me is worth nearly $100 now really oh they must have given you a lot then I actually got about 500 xlm so it's not quite it's like $75 right now do you think it's dangerous to even jump into this market right now yeah there's some risk definitely but over the long term I don't think it's that dangerous I bought 13k of XRP at 44 cents was that a good buy do you think long-term was yes short-term lies like short-term or is like you could actually like looking at cashing out like if it rises them it rises a little bit more well I mean if your ad gonna ask me at rappers or bucks for a game on like right now obviously the Raptors have a higher chance of winning but it's within five points I'm hoping the deer will win so the deer will ram over the Raptors and feast on Raptor flesh I feel like the unless Korea decides to reap unless Korea decides to reap umph xrp I feel like um I I feel like actually it didn't I feel like you there isn't yes there is a 50,000 B&B giveaway on on on by Nance you do have to trade over one BTC in value though but I don't Rajendra Sencha Li forces me to make trades that I don't want to trade no I don't think a deposit alone qualifies you have to actually trade like by itself you the big news today there wasn't like any like specific big news day that like ve T is pumping and all the altcoins are actually pumping ve T is pumping and all the altcoins are actually pumping um seesee is hard up for BTC what is happening to kitten is it not moving at all well kid is a very very small coin so Ken is like a very small coin so you actually might need like more of a more of a pump to and is actually moved up it's actually moved up to point three four percent against Bitcoin in the last 24 hours like these kind of coins might pump like might be very delayed pumps and it actually has moved up with Bitcoin now with aetherium though because the theory of his way over performing day stellar is pumping like crazy yes stellar is pumping like crazy you stellar is actually pumping like crazy you you digi crap is moving as well Oh experience points yeah I don't really I'm not really bullish on XP I'm definitely not bullish on XP I don't really know what it does honestly I'm not really sure what it does I'm not actually sure what experience points actually does so that is a bit of a problem when I actually don't know what it does I feel like it's just some crap coin that people had some hopes on you I hold I hold IBM to play xlm what time is it in yeah it's souls 14 hours ahead are you gonna take no I'm not gonna you know like if if me chain if the chain actually achieves like maybe 110 hundred 20 SATs which is debatable which could happen what I'm actually going to what I'm actually going to do is probably sell back into Bitcoin and then look for other coins that haven't quite pumped as much you Switzerland is all for using crypto um yeah maybe you yeah Switzerland is I mean Switzerland look Switzerland has always had Switzerland has actually always had I'm very let's just say like easy regulations which Switzerland regulations have always been easy very lacks when it comes to money Switzerland's regs have always been very easy when it comes to money so that I'm not actually surprised by I wonder what Chico is coming up with now that by Nance is up and running and not an exit scam Eenie yeah look he's gonna look he's going to come he's going to actually keep promoting his theory he's going to keep promoting his theory you up over a clipper coin look yeah I mean I understand look I understand like um I understand you're excited about these type of coins but most of these are just pump and dumps most of these are pump and dump coins like that's definitely a pump and uh that's problem that's most definitely a pump and dump like a sudden right up like that that is not something I would buy that is not something I would buy you can see like all the non fake traffic is at one exchange this is this means it's a this is basically transaction mining transaction money means incentivize trades coin super is a hundred it's a there's there's a volume at one exchange so that's definitely like a control pump and dump dude there's like look a lot of people will try to shill their own coins it's really kind of annoying but you know like I don't really pay too much attention to those type of things or try to make a big deal out of like any small move well portion is salary you know I invested a lot in the crypto last year but I really haven't invested like much of anything this year I'm just swing trading to see if I can improve my position there's only so much I'm willing to put it until I get speculative market I still believe in it which is why I haven't taken my money out but I actually like I don't want to put any more money in at this point yeah I mean look with this if the market comes back then all the scams are definitely gonna come back that is how it works as soon as there's more money in it and people and there's more noobs entering the market there's more noobs entering the market they're going to I mean all the scam stuffs going to come back Toronto still ed by eight at xrp going- on by dance look that just that actually just might mean Korea's given up on the pump basically that's all that means and it actually hasn't look if you look at CMC it actually hasn't dropped in terms of dollar value that much it doesn't quite follow a Bitcoin like but bitcoins only gain one or two percent right now so yeah you you look every used thing is retracing by a tiny bit yeah but it's not really even enough to call it a trace it's not even enough to call a retrace you you there was I think they eat wasn't the eBay thing just a rumor I don't think that was real right you you you you you you you you yes it does take you know like it depends on it actually depends on which altcoin it actually depends on which altcoin it actually depends on it depends on which all coin some all coins follow it directly some some altcoins some all coins actually follow it directly and some all coins actually take a while to take a while to wait you 600 XRP to go I think so I mean I don't know people are moving from I think more money is just basically coming into the market right now more more money's coming into the market right now you I thought eBay yes PayPal no I think the eBay things were rumors I don't think was ever confirmed for eBay I don't think eBay was ever confirmed I think eBay was mostly rumors or if not all rumors I I basically used coinbase Pro and by dance I use coinbase poem by Nance you you you you XRP East look it's not really pumping all that much against Bitcoin it's basically 45.7 45.7 you iBM is going to make stellar lumens boom that might be true because look Stella but stellar is completely dependent on IBM for booming and that actually sort of troubles me I don't like it when you're completely dependent on another company for your boom litecoin is pumping hard from by Nance I mean BT sees only come down like 20 bucks so I mean there could be small movements from these other coins but I don't see like a ginormous movement from any one coin in the last couple of minutes you know people get excited really excited about pumping but generally yeah I mean like right now if you look at it like certain tokens I would say like bi X is probably a pretty like stuff like bi X is probably a decent buy right now because it hasn't experienced that pump that most the other tokens have experienced over the last two weeks and it's actually come down so if you can buy like bi X token it might be like a good time to like buy something like this you don't have to buy it at bi X of course you would buy it at hoobie global at least I would buy it at hooby global xrb to $1.00 in about 10 hours no no no that's not gonna happen CMC is actually not that far behind like I you know I actually look at live coin watch as well and usually like whitewashes price live coin watches prices are actually like slightly lower than CMC is usually the volume is also different because CMC reports all volume in live coin watch does some kind of weird filter if you look at both CMC and live coin watch live coin watch is always like half a penny below CMC they actually report about the same info they have like slightly different statistics I don't like look sometimes like vert for Virg sometimes like coins pump a lot that's that's just how the thing goes I just how it goes like sometimes like a lot of like crap corns pump a lot hmm did you train in – did you train in – Fiat if you turn it into Fiat unless Bitcoin retraces you might be a little bit out of luck unless Bitcoin actually retraces you might be a little bit out of luck but if you're if you actually turn it into Bitcoin you might be okay soon you Dora coin where one yeah but like Thor coin was a super mikro coin like thorne coin was a microt coin at-at-at thor coins 30 cent price like the entire value of thor coin was like $300,000 stuff like that can pump extremely fast like coin that are already worth billions of dollars can't pump nearly as fast if you sold into Bitcoin I mean all you really have to do is I mean all you really have to do is watch um I mean all you have to do is really watch the Satoshi value right so what is like what's the Toshi value did you sell out at because it's 55:26 right now if you sold if you sold out like three hours ago you should be at maybe a 53:54 or something like that that's not very hard to move back it actually might move back tonight so 4343 wait how did you know what satoshi value did you sell out so sell out at like if you sold for BTC if you sold xrp for BTC there's a satoshi value you sold out at that's the only thing you really have to watch like all right I mean if you sell out a couple hours ago you were probably at like 5,400 Satoshi yeah look if you're gonna trade look if you have to keep track of that you have to keep track of that like if you can if you can buy in more XRP than you sold out at then with the same amount of money then you're up like if you're gonna trade between BTC and XRP you need to keep track of the satoshi value no I mean but I mean but the numbers basically right here though if you trade in and out the numbers in here it's also in your trading history it's also in your trading history on whichever exchange you're trading on hey man thanks T lock eyes for you thanks to the donation yeah so if your look if you're really selling that much 600 isn't that much to make up there's probably a good there's probably a good chance you'll get it tonight because if Nick if Bitcoin pumps faster than xrp you're it eventually catch up and I think XRP might act unless XR Peary pumps again today unless XR Peary pumps again today like if today's pump is actually over then it was a pretty crappy pump and there's a good chance I mean all it did I mean in terms of satoshi value it just pump from 5300 to basically right now it's like 5500 so you're only about like four percent down so there's a good chance that might actually retrace that there's actually a good chance it might actually retrace that tonight you honestly like look if you're if you're gonna trade crypto currencies especially with Bitcoin you need to learn how to distinguish Satoshi level that's the main coin you're gonna be trading into a lot of the coins you can't even cash out directly from that coin to fiat like if you're gonna trade beat me chain you can't actually you can't actually I don't know of any way I actually don't know of any way you're gonna trade me chain fiat right now um xrp honestly tends to pump like once per day at least it has for like the last two days the first days pump was actually ten cents but the let the yesterday's pump was like three or four cents and today's pump was like a cent or two so it's getting weaker and weaker with each pump you bitcoin hits a hundred thousand know like even if bitcoin hits a hundred thousand I doubt XRP would hit hit a hundred dollars I mean I think it'll hit like 20 dollars maybe I don't think 20 25 bucks but I don't they it'll hit a hundred dollars also I don't quite think BTC is gonna make it up to a hundred thousand even if the ETF passes I mean I think it might push it up to like fifty thousand there's only five days left until the ETF thing so keep an eye out for that yeah the whole the satoshi nakamoto website on bill was a like total fail the Satoshi Nakamoto website is total fail me chain into the Year price I've already said like you know without a big Bitcoin pump probably like five cents with a big with a huge Bitcoin popping and get to like 25 to 40 if Vijay if Bitcoin honestly hits like 100k I can CV chain add a couple of dollars I say May 21st like predicting about predicting around May Toni it isn't really that hard right now because you know there's going to be a decision or they're gonna kick the ETF down the road so if the ETF gets accepted we get an explosion in price if the ETF gets rejected or kicked down the road we might see a retrace that's not that hard to guess um each Satoshi level you places a 5% difference I trade I trade making I tried making a limit order no not really I mean you're in the thousands of stores Satoshi's 4x RP so I don't quite understand that you can basically you can literally set it like 1 or 2 satoshis of below what you bought it at a clipper coin up 420 but the thing is look you can't go chase those kind of coins you literate you cannot go chase those kind of coins it's way too dangerous to chase those kind of coins is bat as good I think that is a pretty good bet it bet as well that actually has adoption right now so I think bad is actually not a bad bet at all three look if 320 KB chain is what you could afford as long as you have a decently diversified portfolio then that's a good bag as Japan actually ruled it as not I think Japan's probably going to going towards that but Vijay is not the same as Tron viii chain hasn't had all the troubles that Tron has I mean they're they're totally different projects you can't just say like every Chinese projects gonna be a failure man that I mean you don't really have much evidence for that at all look look if you're gonna trade if you're gonna trade smaller if you're gonna have day trade like smaller altcoins like you you basically have to forget about USD you just try to improve your Bitcoin position and then like it'll be dependent on if Bitcoin goes up and down as long as you believe Bitcoin is going up in the future don't worry about that as much you no they don't the chain has confirmed all their partnerships you still haven't come to that realization michael york tron-like at Toronto's BS partnerships a lot of the time the chain has actually confirmed all their partnerships like their partners have actually confirmed all their partnerships yeah I mean they trick look if you're trading but if you're if you're trading in the Bitcoin it's not as bad as if you're trading into like other coins because Bitcoin will pop to during a pump you might make you might not make as much money but you'll still make money I don't know anything about EXO I mean look if we can rip past like 8,500 then I mean we have like a ton of potential if you can rip past 8,500 you you but all your your trading history is at your trading hit all yep if you trade in Satoshi then you basically convert your other coin into Satoshi into bitcoins and then you just use bitcoins price to as a marker if you're interested in you have like a certain Bitcoin price you have a certain Bitcoin price and when you trade the Satoshi value for Bitcoin price then you can calculate like how much you want in loss it's a little more complicated it is a little more complicated but it should all be in your there's software to do that and it should all be in your transaction history yes teller is going to be competition for XRP stellar is definitely gonna be competition like competition in the ways that like not like neither one of them are going to take over the entire market it's competition in the ways that neither one of them's going to take over the entire market but but like it just means like they're gonna take like some kind of bit they might like you know intrude on XR P's business or something but you know like one coin was never gonna take over the entire remittance industry or like the whole money transfer industry now xrp will not be $8 this week I don't think the unconcern do you think the unconfirmed transactions are hurting bitcoins rise no I don't think the unconfirmed transactions are hurting bitcoins rise then uphold to spend BTC trading I don't know if uphold suspended it so okay so for Bitcoin like the transactions like the the speed of the network is has been somewhat plastic aided by a Segway and lightning so about 40% of all Bitcoin transactions are actually going through Segway so it's not as congested as the last bull run what do you think I I still think BET's going to go up from here I think bu T is actually going to go out from here you yeah I honestly think BET's going to go up from here sure if it hits 589 but it's not gonna I'll get one of those sticky tattoo thingies but it's not gonna hit 589 so it doesn't really matter ETH is going insane I wonder if we hit that I wonder if we hit that point for aetherium I wonder if we hit that point for aetherium we're like the eye cos are starting to come up too because if those things come up then aetherium just going to skyrocket harder than almost any other coin because it does have that kind of effect you what do I think of casino coin I don't really know how that's gonna play with regulators I know casino coins to deploy it on XR p on the XR p ledger i guess it could be successful as long as they get casinos and regulators to go along with it the et a buck-50 by the end of 2020 you'd have to be pretty optimistic to think VT is gonna go to a buck 50 by the end of 2020 I suppose ve T could pull an X out of P and we could all get rich but you know like I think the chances that are not as probable was what what people want them to be I do really wish that DET was at a buck-50 though because that would be super freaking awesome I is t I don't really know that much about I mean like I've looked at I OST several times within the last few days I personally don't see like anything like extremely special about it I have fib lolz I don't really follow the fib levels that much but they could be as a pretty pretty useful metric look I mean by is my like you should hold as much of eet as long as it doesn't it doesn't like interfere with your quality of life and you have a pretty pretty diversified portfolio there's not like one number for everyone seventy billion isn't like a like a fantasy market cap like you know twenty trillion or something like that but I mean seven billion can be just seventy billion can be achieved it's kind of challenging right now but yeah but the ET and iota are both are both really good for ROI right now now a $450 ETH isn't really that hard um eth despite all its games it's made it's still down against BTC over like the over the course of the year so I think it can actually gain much more than its gain now like I said once all the ICO is start popping off eth is going to go straight up the zoo rocks partnership is not a such is not such a big deal for ve T I know that zoo ox guy made made a pretty big deal about it but that's not a very big deal that's just another payment gateway I don't know if anyone's gonna use ve T with Samsung and Apple pay I don't think that many people are even using any cryptocurrency with Samsung and Apple pay so I don't think the zoo ox partnership is at least for right now I don't think it's a big deal you sold 1362 at 5620 so you're about like 300 you're about 6% down in terms of satoshi value so you have to have the patience to actually like wait until that until it falls below 50 to 60 if your e/m is going to take like to truly scale and get it out it's probably going to take like the better part of the year and it will actually have competition but I mean like there's a lot of there's a lot of enterprise stuff already on it theorem so it's got the lead I mean crumpit point okay yeah i oh crap alright let me get back to I wish that just I honestly wish that just opened an alive I honestly wish that just opening like another window I thought it would five to nine one look you can't like freak out about a couple of percent man like you have to look if you're gonna swing trade you have you can't be that kind of person that like gets all nervous and like trigger-happy you're not gonna be successful in swing trading if you just do that you need to be able to wait for a good you need to be able to wait for a good time to buy and sell you didn't sell at a very bad time I mean like you sold at UM you sold pretty high at 52 but it might take a limit it might take like a you know a couple of days maybe even a few weeks to get back below 52 considering that if all that bearable guy is for stuff is false which I'm guessing it's probably not true Ainge has been awake for a while it's like almost 11 o'clock over in Korea when you talk about Asia it's all about Japan and Korea the rest of Asia it doesn't really matter because China there's not much trading there because it's kind of banned and the rest of the countries don't have enough money you five dollars and 89 cents is is realistic for XRP I mean if we have a really good boron you could get five dollars in 89 cents at the end of the year you know the thing about like garbage coins like sv they actually tend to pump a lot during like a like a like a boron because people just like throw some money at it hoping to cash out later the USA has been look the USA has been broke for a long time that's not as much of a problem as people think it is you Chinese 5g tech come on man that's to national security give it and that needs to be a break yeah trading is all about confidence and patience that is correct that is correct yeah yes I do think we'll hit a trillion market cap by the end of 2019 I do think so oh the tariff situation is all saber-rattling that's not going to end well for either country that's not going to end well for either country yeah the national debt crisis is real but it's been real for like 20 years look for the debt stuff they can always just kick the can down the road like they make a big deal out of it it scares people but they they know in their back of their head they can always just kick the can down the road they know that World War three isn't going to start I mean looked a little politicians the guys would have power they don't want a change in the world order they don't want to set off some kind of collapse or war because that means they will lose their position yeah I mean I have been saying that also will have bigger market gains and bitcoins for for a while but the thing is like we're still not at that point yet because yes a Bitcoin has had like over the last week some also out gain Bitcoin but the problem is like over the course of this year Bitcoin is severely out gained most if not all the alts and I'm still waiting for that break-even point b:g has always kind of bit bearable guys always been there that actually might be the subject of like one of my another video or like tonight's our or our late night stream because that's always a kind of a fun thing to do I guess for like at least thirty minutes and until I lose patience with it I guess XRP pumping it's still 46.1 cents it's been around this price forever it's been around 46.1 forever it's not really pumping and the volume is continued to go down I mean Bitcoin has gained about two three hundred points as of right now up it actually has lost volume as well so there's no actual there's no actual like price pumping you how much xrp here would you have to be a million well right now it's 44 cents so you need like 2.3 million XRP or something like that I don't think they are dejected with XRP because everytime XRP has one of these pumps it's usually Korea that starts it maybe they'll move on to another coin maybe they'll move on to another coin I don't know I don't know all right the chains back at 101 Satoshi I want it to break like 120 130 remember it hit like a high of 150 before the conference if it hits 150 again I'm probably selling some of the stack see like what actually I don't really know what people actually constitute as like pumping hard or something that's kind of weird how was that ckj interview anyways how was the ckj interview anyways realistic target for ve T in the short term I would say my realistic target for ve T in the short term like I would short-term was I just wanted the et to break up any short-term why's I want to be et to break up any if I sell DJ like I'm actually trying to swap in between V chain and XRP maybe like I oh well I'm not really I don't really have a firm grasp on its actual a movement rate but like I'm actually looking at B TT as well because that can have a major pump at any point along the line it's 46.3 man it's it's 46 points are 46.4 but I mean it still hasn't matched the ratios from earlier today though I mean this is like one third of a penny movement it might be 48 cents at like oneexchange but that doesn't really like that's just one of the exchanges that's basically has a huge premium over the others like things you want to keep a track up is like how much volume it actually has thinks things you want to keep a track of is like how much volume it actually has overall and like what the Korean exchange volume is yeah I bit thumb always has like a penny or two premium over the other exchanges finance is so by Nantz 'it seems let me actually I'm on Finance right now XRP USD tea XRP BTC so forty seven point seven cents it's actually much higher on finance than other places you know I wonder what the market is on us DT because that's kind of weird XR PUSD tea 47.5 what about coinbase coinbase is usually higher than by nancy even so some of the exchanges have definitely have like more inflated prices yeah it's around 40 it's actually at like forty seven point something oncology tax and coinbase as well so there might be another secondary pump somewhere in there actually 47.2 so all of a sudden it pumped another penny you you Bitcoin did just reach a new new high today at 8300 so that's now so it would make sense that XRP goes up some hey Cory Daniels a Bitcoin unconfirmed actions there are 55,000 unconfirmed transactions for Bitcoin right now I mean I always I mean us TC and us DT they're basically like dollar values they're basically dollar values u.s. DC and USD T you check xlm yeah it's uh it's it's it's up like 30% today for xlm exile ended up like 30% today you you hey man hey thanks Jules 66 really appreciate it for you SDC is more guaranteed than USD T that much is true USD C is more guaranteed than USD T us TC is actually backed us DT is not actually backed or at least not 100% back USD see has gone through audits and it's actually a hundred percent backed us DT has is at most 74 percent backed you a year old stable you know they're actually starting to create stable coins based on other currencies I mean there's always a chance that doesn't retrace and this is like a big bore on after all for the entire market there's always that there was always a chance man by dances at fifteen point four cents finances at fifteen point four cents now for a xlm that's that's insane let's go to live coin watch so like all the coins are basically pumping right now hope it actually can sustain the chains going up as well Oh versus Bitcoin it's up definitely just keep buying ads open you yeah I mean yes it could be that the whales are actually just making it look like a bore on but there's gonna be some foam Oh either way into the system there's going to be some formal either way into the system there's going to be a lot of foam we'll either way into the system right now look well pax tu look pax true USD and USD see I think they've all been audited so they're all pretty safe there's not like there's no best stable coin because all stable coins are worth you guessed it a dollar so there's not going to be too much difference between those two between the stable coins there's not going to be that much difference between the stable coins you 5729 or forty seven point four cents let's go for ve t trade Isley I'm not gonna trade but it's still it's so 101 but let's actually look at the resistances let's look at the resistances it's definitely has it definitely has several green candles and it's definitely pushing a hundred and two you can see the resistance at 101 is now six million and then the resistance at 102 is 1 million so it's definitely pushing upward and I think we'll get to have 103 soon there's a big resistance at 106 and another big one at 109 so hopefully we can push past all of those we can push past all of those today that's what I'm hoping anyways I've already like 10% up on the B chain from where I bought at so I'm cool but I would like to gain even more I would definitely like to gain even more I don't know where you guys are at you're buying points region hey man thanks for the donation sir cap sir captain sticks sir captain sticks 1:02 there's a massive residual 102 isn't a big resistance that the big resistance is 106 that's going to be a big resistance cuz there's 10 million there there's 12 million at 109 so 106 is a big one 1 million isn't a huge resistance because you already have a buoy 4 to 6 million at 101 so there's a massive like there's a lot of support at 101 like we don't really have trouble until 1:06 and we might actually get a rejection at 1:06 unfortunately no Excel it like 2k like what coins are you looking at I would say a lot of coins if you have 2k like I mean I'm gonna say the same coins like every time like you know like there's V chain there's iota there's x RP there's aetherium there's also things there's other things that like b and b is also very good and i would like and i would put some money for stuff like speculative stuff like buy box coin or bi x coin or like hollow as well a little bit of speculative money in those because those can go up so so much you I actually don't have a giant sack of V V chain it's I mean it's diverse but look I don't have like I don't have like millions of dollars in crypto I mean this is my swing trading account I have like 40 1k in here but I'm going to convert the BT T into V et as soon as B TT like actually gets a pump but I but most of my money is not here in finance I mean I have someone coinbase as well as well as like other plays as well as like other places I kind of like spread my I actually kind of spread my money out at a lot of places so of one point it's like one place fails I don't really lose all that much I hear bitcoin is up because of tether there are rumors of that there are indeed rumors of that I'm not I don't know if I believe them or not I don't know if I believe them or not oh the I have like 20 I'd like maybe 20 dollars total in the faucets right now so that's actually not a huge amount of money I have like probably like six dollars here I don't exactly know how much the doge is worth probably not very much you and then quant apply and then point apply definitely I have Rolle faucet point apply I definitely have some money in here as well I think like 14 12 bucks in here 12 bucks in here so I have like $20 altogether the faucets not that much money man like I don't really count the faucets as much because I don't really depend on these I have cashed out like a couple of hundred from them altogether but generally it's like a small amount of the total I own we will look at that 33 coins not the minimum amount cool cool man Bucks are down by 10 uth is just not having it yeah each age is going insane right now look look look I think ETH out of all the coins has the best chance to actually surpass Bitcoin if something else overtakes Bitcoin and I have a wide open on Finance yeah so it's the two it's when the 50 AMA passes the 200 AMA so if that's I actually don't know if it's passed like what is the 280 ma 4v chain no no 40 41 k no 40 1 K that's 41 kV chain actually only about 30 1 K is my swing trade only about 31 kV change my swing trade then the other 10 K is actually permanent there was about 31 K and that's the swing trade it's not 41k dollars it's 41 k coins man you guys are like making two big video guys there's only $600 in this entire account there's no way I'm gonna swing like there's only 600 30 bucks on this account there's no way I'm gonna swing trade 41k man that's insane I'm actually only trade swing trading about 31 K on the 31 kV chain coins I don't swing trade all that much I'm not gonna put like everything in a swing trade that's too risky you no I didn't start with 6k like I I have more than one I also have more money than 600 I've never put that much money into my dance I think of I think though most I've ever put into by dances like 2000 or something like that two or three thousand or something like that then I withdrew saw and then I withdrew some later on so we're at forty six forty six point eight cents on buying ads with BTC on on XRP yeah you I mean I did lose like the majority of the stuff I put back in under in late 2017 like end of December 2017 because we're down by so much there's no getting out of that almost everyone is 40 percent retracement next week I mean I guess that is possible um there is like a resistance in the upper nine thousands and definitely at ten thousand so if it gets rejected we might go tumbling down but that means we have to get to ten thousand first Oh tone base he he's as completely confused why at BTC actually went up he says like the fundamentals for Bitcoin hasn't changed he still thinks like everything else is trash yeah you why doesn't finance because there's a lot of regulations that actually come with accepting cash there's a lot of regulations that come with accepting cash and they can skirt around those as long as they don't accept cash I think I think toned Bay's might have backed off is one thousand BTC prediction I'll see now we're between for ve T now we're between 102 and 103 so we've leveled up one but now there's a ten thousand ten million resistance at 103 on now back to 102 so we're trying to bridge the gap between 102 and 103 now but there is a there are large resistances up ahead so there's a lot of things we actually need to break through I think V T is gonna have I think ve T is actually going to have I think actually I mean I think BT has some kind of announcement in June I just don't know what it is it's gonna take a while for us to bust through 103 and 104 there's a lot of resistances up ahead there are new people in the market we still haven't gathered it we still haven't gotten all the old people back either we still haven't gotten all the old people back either unfortunately I'm actually like I'm actually a little bit concerned because we're losing a lot of we're still losing volume overall for XRP and eventually if we lose volume then the price will drop let me actually look at the volume chart that's actually I'm I'm more interested in that chart than the price chart you can see like a bit of an upswing here but overall like volumize starting at about five five o'clock in the morning Korean time starting about 5 a.m. Korean time um there was a pump as you can see like the volume right here slowly increased it's evening out but if we continue going downward because we've been going downward since yesterday we continue going downward at some point the price is going to start to dump hopefully that doesn't happen though nope Deloitte already had their meaty announcement PwC I think is going to have there soon you I hope it I hope it does break through the resistance soon it's already eating the way it's eating a weight about a million at the resistance but there's the support at 1:02 doesn't really seem all that sturdy either is there's only two hundred thousand coins on the support it's having trouble pushing past pushing 103 but by Nantz opening definitely pumped like ve t by about 15% stellar just passed tethered well yeah I mean that's cool but tether doesn't really move in market caps so stellar needs to pass other things to be impressive it's got a long way to go before it catches buy an ounce coin but fourteen point eight cents man that's pretty good that's pretty good I mean I'm well diversified enough where I'm not really that afraid but you know some other people might not be doing pretty well doing pretty well the et point yeah but there's like a big resistance at 103 so it might have trouble pushing past that unless bitcoins price like keeps increasing you more about hollow chain in hollow box I don't see the thing about hollow chain in hollow box is that they kind of delayed it for a long time like there is no news on either one there's no news on hollow chain and there's no news on hollow box yet it's a post like the hollow thing is supposed to actually come out hochi the hollow stuff was actually supposed to come out in queue one event originally but now it's q3 what did Kate did KPMG announced they're going for iota I know like Deloitte and PwC are with V chain the KPMG announced for iota they just they just partner with a luxury fashion brand I know that but outside of that there's a pretty good resistance at 102 now so it might take us a while to eat back at this 4v chain hey guys it's it's been a long time I actually got to get something to eat so I will be I'm gonna sign off now and I'll be back later on for a late night stream tonight so I will see you guys all later


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