XinFin & MyEtherWallet Instructions

XinFin & MyEtherWallet Instructions

hey everybody crypto mentor 99 here it is still February the 14th and I'm going crazy for Zen fen this is nuts so anyhow I've been making some videos and I I guess you guys are calling me the informal spokesperson of Zen Finn and if you are with me in my house right now you could see that I'm blushing alright here's what I got going so I'm trying to help everybody cuz I like you I like my subscribers and I like Zen Finn so here you go there's been some questions many emails I'm getting on the my ether wallet instructions so for those of you that are new um this is not going to be a tutorial however some of you are going to the Zen Finn dot IO buying tokens and then you're like how come they're not showing up in my ether wallet crypto mint or 99 well I've got the link for you I've got the link that you could pass along to all your friends neighbors grandparents uncles aunts brothers sisters so in the link below it will show you how to set up and navigate through my ether wallet to add the tokens so you can receive them from Xin Finn and hopefully that will help I know when I first did it last year I had a you know navigate and I'm still not a computer guy but I'm learning so it's not that hard but you've got to just read the instructions they're very simple and I'm gonna put an email address below that if you need additional help you can contact them directly I appreciate everybody I'm so wound up I've got the other day I said I've got two or three interviews the works now I've got four or five so I'm all jazzed to snorting anyhow going to lunch with a friend today I was at the dentist this morning actually oral surgeon for my father-in-law so I'm kind of buzzing around today but I wanted to get this video in before lunch in the description below there's the link there's a email address for zinf' in and yeah it goes infant thanks for watching thanks for subscribing things for being part of my crypto family thanks infant bye bye


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