World Digital Asset Summit - "The Road to Mass Adoption" panel (part 2/2)

World Digital Asset Summit – "The Road to Mass Adoption" panel (part 2/2)

with that research and if you're focusing the mark in the u.s. versus internationally since one person so where'd you talk about warrior markets are focused appeared where you're focusing on your career primarily and that's a secondarily China openness to adoption from countries compared to the u.s. gotcha and you have a Cheeseman we don't but we spend enough time there was probably should but yeah like our initial partners are primarily Korean at the end part a and K Network and and Samsung's our early investor matter so increasing their focus is Korean to quote Winston Churchill America always does the right thing after it is exhausting all other options right and I was afraid to even come to San Francisco like when the when the border control asked me with his gun you know why you here I'm like Dean tech conference you know like I think coming back to your question about America I mean it's really sad the way the government is is really hindering and causing a lot of fun right and so that's why you know my how detailed projections are between one take one year to 18 months my thirst be quenched I was 2014 and after Babcock's the whole month went sideways for two and a half three years so I don't think things are gonna be led by America I think Singapore so Singapore's releasing some legislation q1 next year I think there's a lot of forward progress in in Japan – Japan decide to leave the whitelist so you can have new Tokyo quits in Japan so I think although the the leadership is going to really come from Asia or after current multiple in places like that where they actually have to move forward for their economies yeah I mean that's a pretty textbook case in general of brains around trans work go somewhere else where there's a more favorable environment you will but surprise the SEC didn't see that especially in the decentralized organizations and teams that are across the world it's very easy to just move or you have more Hospital environments exactly I think the the need for the use case is just wildly different bye-bye on me Frank if you talk about sort of the everyday D for stable currency which you own no one's gonna sort of you know take you or freeze your bank account or whatever it is it's not really a problem that most use will have in America right that's why you're never gonna use Bitcoin to really buy coffee and so the the problem so to speak or the opportunities for this technology in America really kind of boiled down to you bringing you assets online so to securitisation that goal that will framework right is that's very least it makes Wall Street cheaper faster easier so all of your talk manage the existing world securities and if you're talking about sort of new asset classes it was a very cheap capital market and probably love to get so I think it's watching it's just a technology yes there's many many variances in it then the way it's adopted as a barrier by geography what the challenges each economy has and then to you know when you're talking about sort of truly consumer mass adoption then you have to look to see where people have these everyday challenges it's probably just not us I personally think that we had method options which was good the training before so that was not enough so I think one type of mental obstacles Koreans like 7 or 8 out of 10 they were training like a dual Bitcoin so we haven't been we want the level of consumer penetration in for the actual application case that we're building right now would they want to see that and obviously there is verticals were everyone like kind of like ready to see that I think that happens in life logistics or contacts like there's verticals where everybody's like waiting like where is this blossom at the top show so I think we've been that because I think it's easier because people are like ready to receive that kind of solution circle up with those people they were playing with that field but then for Todd she's very best option I wanted to have her be more like let's say payment or like investing platform or something like that the people use it now Billy kind of in the field that that let's say that if there is any app that we open couple times a day and that was like blockchain kind of technologies app that we you have to open it at least couple times a day I really really want to see that so I'm like really any of you to make like you like execution is going to get harder they talk about it because a lot of ideas are become a little bit of obstacle when you want to scale it up because all these our music very ideas it was beautiful when we talk about it but when you actually want to ask securities get somebody become an obstacle for your traction so now so the question was was your focus market in the u.s. so people like cats in the u.s. they like cats they like cats in Korea no but generally when we look at mass adoption were looking at the consumer use case I think that several countries it has its own use case I think the barriers are just to get technology in their hands in the first place is really really hot so we think that the first wave of adoption will come from things that people can easily understand and things that people can easily adopt so we think entertainment is a great place to start because they're going from digital and digital it's easy for people to understand there are some actually news cases that make the experiences themselves more valuable than a centralized world or that we are almost running out of time and I want to be conscious of people's we've needed questions from the crowd does anyone have any questions that mainstream you know doc you've got eight experts here a little bit do you have one question which is what do you think where do you see the duction will happen next year name one industry or one field time to think about it yeah I mean honestly especially next year I don't think we're gonna see anything widespread I would think it's gonna be much more narrowly focused niches that's an adoption but as far as seeing anything widespread I think it'll probably take more time I can't think of any specific vertical I think gaming is potentially one of the first ones for the Dobson's if you have like a fortnight seventy-five million these item on non fungible tokens something like that I could do it with the caveat obviously that you're watching I handled 75 million it may use adjacent service right now but but it seems like it really obvious example I'm comfortable focusing on pavement officials those local carrier airlines that they were very lack of whatever those other airline service so we're providing solutions for that to do the payment purchase or whatever the Wi-Fi whatever so we're focusing for payment specifically for the airline industry to sign the contract with that Center airline that was the start I think now that we've gone to that 85 percent retracement or more of Bitcoin I think it winds likely to drop even further down to probably some more than thousands and if that's a case and I think the biggest adoptions during 2019 it's going to be the oldie but goodie Bitcoin that's a good one I don't think we're gonna start seeing mass adoption until we start building better products that serve people essentially things that are just for ourselves so we huge amount of new talent to come into it industry to build great experiences that are way better than what we have today we're going to see any adoption the good news is people are coming so I think we'll see we'll be in two or three years so expressing interesting things any matter doctor next year I know I think that you've got some some interesting teams that are coming into the space right now that are gonna start building but I when when we look at these so if you want in the u.s. like the most popular that today is thanks guys yeah it's a multi-level marketing ski and it's so dangerous for the industry because all these people are gonna come in there's gonna be the first time they ever experience the world of decentralization they're gonna get ripped off or like FOMO early whatever like these are the things that we're coming up with and you don't resonate with anybody else in the world and if people happen to come in they're just going to lose all their money we need to do way better and protecting you people can come into our industry it can give them delightful experiences you know to second that I think if people can get it to get exposure krypton without having to buy it and I actually think that's really critical the more that people have to go buy this stuff it means that you know there's the potential to lose money if people are always more unhappy when they lose money than when they make money which means that that's seriously that's why insurance works for all risk-averse beings and so if that's a case then you know if you require everyone to buy into this your expected consumer happiness is negative and that's pretty bad for adoption it's a production we actually the most excited about one of the most traditionally the though their electric utilities and power transmission and distribution and we are engaging with a number of utilities companies in Europe on a wide range of his cases from smart charging of collected vehicles to transacted energy framework to be to be energy trading to management of energy consumption of large industrial assets I was surprised when I started working on that how perceptive they are in terms of trying to innovate their current businesses yeah that is very surprising given that such industries is digitally backwards or slow-moving but that sounds I think that let you imagine it that way so I mean contrary to some of the panelists I'm really optimistic about next year actually I think in a depressed market is when you get the real team's building real tech able to shift things without being inundated with some very active community input which sometimes is not helpful so what we're really excited about to certain example in Tokyo Sony PlayStation's Sony Playstation only is 9% of the day 91 percent of the time they sit idle but they have very powerful chip that chip can be used for computer similarly HTC we've had several meetings and they say these were able to get Edward's work by q1 they'll ship embedded in their new phones pearline and so when you Dan turned on for example or any of these kitties any of these projects could potentially embed the income-earning so to what Lily said if we are able to generate income so in 12 months time for the next WDAS I'll stand by my promise which is will ship magnet and with our first pilot with the telephone cell with us 180 million potential users as soon as some people start earning a hundred two hundred dollars we think that income generation opportunities or what's going to be viral so I'm actually quite foolish to say that I think particularly if decentralized approach can mitigate or reduce crisis versus a centralized competitor so AWS is currently over sixty eight times the cost of their energy and think it just pays us to set up an AWS where they need to rent out a warehouse for the air conditioning by all the computers all you need to do is switch on your laptop and leave it running at that time so those types of examples where you're you're you're disrupting bad oligopolistic centralized services and people can earn money and and it it's going to be the same as any other like download an app run it so I'm gonna Chapelle if you're interested come see me and I think that there are going to be services like that which will actually rise to the floor in the next 12 months let's give a round up on this for a great day thank you everyone interesting topic to me personally as well last but not the least we have a CEO and co-founder of Thunder for Thunder for our summer cocoon has high throughput and protection


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  • Watch it all, and I strongly suggest that Wes should talk more in layman terms and closer to the mic nx time. thanks for the video update, good job Theta Team.

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