Will Bitcoin Continue to Surge? FB's Coin will Boost BTC Price, Unstoppable Domains - Crypto News

Will Bitcoin Continue to Surge? FB's Coin will Boost BTC Price, Unstoppable Domains – Crypto News

hey everybody its Maddie here with altcoin buzz with you on this Monday hope you're having a nice one and that you've had a great weekend Bitcoin is performing very well as is the rest of the cryptocurrency market we'll take a look at the next key resistance point or one of the major ones at least that is $10,000 we'll take a look at that via crypto slate.com here on Bitcoin TRX calm Bitcoin USD bullish energy picks up again on Bitcoin s we're looking at Bitcoin price targeting the next key resistance level is five figures in play possibly we're not that far off and here on crypto potato calm the analysts who predicted bitcoins bottom and current price says $16,000 in October then we're gonna take a look at something exciting via the project review team's unstoppable domains well you know what that is all about with a quick rundown and a review of that particular initiative here on crypto globe.com here's why cryptocurrency experts aren't worried about Facebook's cryptocurrency Libre news BTC dot-com crypto CEO launch of Facebook Libre could boost Bitcoin past $10,000 I tend to agree I think it could be a catalyzing force in the space we'll also cover that same topic here on altcoin buzz dot IO let's begin on coin Gekko calm with a quick snapshot of the market as you can see at the time of this recording Bitcoin is sitting a little bit comfortably at nine thousand one hundred fifty eight dollars that's up 1.5 percent over the course of the last day so we've broken through that 8400 mark that we've talked about and we've stayed above it with authorities so here on crypto silicon we're talking about $10,000 as the next target according to Thomas Lee the CEO at fun strat global the bear market is over and investors could be about to FOMO in and take Bitcoin into a massive rally similar to what happened in the 2017 bear market he tweeted the following on the 16th of June taking a step back with Bitcoin at new 2019 highs don't those old highs look like a few FOMO days away crypto winter is over Max Keiser said that $28,000 is still in play and $100,000 the target first predicted in 2011 in place Jeremie a lair who we cover just the other day the CEO of circle points out that the market could be preparing for a massive bull rally that will be triggered by Facebook's launch of Libra and Bitcoin could hit $10,000 as soon as June 21st more analysis for you on Bitcoin er XCOM between price analysis Bitcoin USD bullish energy picks up yet again Bitcoin resumed its ascent as it moved back to the top of the ascending channel visible on its 4 hour time frame the price might be due for a pullback from here though offering Bulls a chance to join in at better prices applying the Fibonacci retracement tool on the latest swing low and high show that the 61.8% level lines up with the channel bottom around 80 to 50 a shallow pullback could already find support at the mid channel area of interest that coincides with the 38.2% fib or $8,700 for more information on the analytics relating to SMAS and RSIs check out the rest of this piece none of it is financial advice of course but if you're more technically minded you like analyzing the technical charts and looking at some of the metrics we'll link to this in the description below Bitcoin is calm Bitcoin price targets next key resistance level is 5 figures in play the weekend has been extremely bullish for Bitcoin price which has surged to a new 2019 and 13 month high those gains have held into Monday morning in Asia and analysts are now scouring the charts looking for the next move for Bitcoin as usual traders and analysts have been scouring the charts looking for the next levels of support and resistance it appears that a previous high from May last year and a crucial Fibonacci level will come into play as the next major resistance level to be overcome before Bitcoin can consider five figures trader Josh rager has been looking at the charge quote bitcoins strong weekly closed Bitcoin has been extremely bullish and foresee attest of the major resistance between nine thousand five and nine thousand six hundred dollars the 0.382 fib is a typical quote take profit area is at 9,500 $32 but last time everyone expected a major pullback in the 6k range it bursted right through to 7 dollars plus will the uptrend continue a big profit taking session from day traders is likely to send Bitcoin correcting back into the high 8,000 s however as pointed out above many also expected a massive correction back to 6 K which is yet to materialize looking at the next moves for Bitcoin analyst big Jonas added quote one more step up the mountain as Bitcoin hits right at the 38.2% fibonacci resistance making it the next target for the Bulls to close over and also makes maintaining the 23.6 fib support that much more important for overall continuation and here on crypto potato calm the analyst who predicted bitcoins bottom and current price is calling for $16,000 in October an anonymous analyst who has already successfully predicted that Bitcoin would reach $9,200 by july 2019 now believes that bitcoin will reach 16,000 dollars by october 2019 the analyst has nailed his prediction that bitcoin would reach 9200 by july after posting his analysis back in january of this year the bottom was December 15th 2018 just look at the charts we are in the bull market we are currently in the last three months of accumulation stage after that we will slowly rise and rise then we will boom a screencap this so they called for $5,300 back in april 9200 by july 16,000 in october by february the call is for 29,000 56,000 in July of next year and 87,000 by November of next year this will be a 1.5 trillion dollar market cap the dominance of Bitcoin will only be 40 to 46 percent I suppose time will tell let us know you guys think about that prediction in the comments below in other news here on altcoin buzz dot IO via the project review team we're looking at unstoppable domains replace crypto addresses with human readable names so unstoppable domains is replacing your cryptocurrency address with human readable names whilst offering an avenue to tackle internet censorship that is always welcomed certain popular domains are going into a live auction on the 27th of June with demand rising every day and on stop domains will offer dot Z il domains with many impressive features so here's the use case of blockchain domain dot Z il the days of finding your wallet address and copying or pasting to receive payment is over because with unstoppable domains you will be able to send your domain example Satoshi dot Zil and be paid directly you can also look forward to multi currency support and the backing of a censorship resistance website secondary sale of domains it is easy to transfer a blockchain domain you can send it to someone just as you could a crypto currency an unstoppable domains we'll be launching a no fee listing service on July the 31st take a look here at the unstoppable domains project roadmap for more information about their initiative and where their efforts are leading if you want to get your dot Zil domain while there are fees and subscriptions that you may want to brush up on the initial cost of domains vary depending on the popularity and demand initially all domains had a life of two years and upon expiration we're going to be charged a renewal fee however unstoppable domains believes that this goes against their views on blockchain and have removed the fees this means that once you purchase a domain you are the owner moving forward you can get started today by signing up for unstoppable domains you can get your unstoppable domain by signing up number one you can browse domain names you can purchase your domain or take part in an auction and of course you guys can link to unstoppable domains not only on their website but on telegram Twitter github and LinkedIn let's now take a look at the website we're on unstoppable domains a.com blockchain domain names and you can pre-order dot Z il domains for ten bucks let's do a quick live demo here and highlight the search function let's say I wanted to establish a domain and let's call it just for the sake of courtesy and friendliness hello h-e-l-l-o if I were to look it up and check the availability of that domain you can see that hello dot Z il runs for $1000 so I can go ahead and add that to my shopping cart I can look at basically purchasing that domain if I want to look up the domain Matti M atti e that is the official spelling of Matti by the way for all you out there in the comments there are no D in Maddy but let's look up Maddy as a domain as you can see it is not available but it is available at auction in June so you have both options that are available to you depending on the domain you can either purchase or compete for them at auction at specified times don't forget for more information check out our article on unstoppable domains and you can read more about them and get more information at all of the following links we're running a little bit longer than expected in today's a video but if you guys want to learn more about Facebook's cryptocurrency project Libre global coin specifically we've been talking about them quite a bit lately check out these next couple of articles on crypto globe edcom here's why cryptocurrency experts aren't worried about Facebook's cryptocurrency Libre on news BTC calm crypto CEO launched a Facebook Libre could be the boost to get Bitcoin past ten thousand dollars and on altcoin buzz dot IO article by Alicia Facebook is reportedly launching Libre blockchain tests net next week it's coming up very very quickly but about rounds it up for the news everybody do be sure you're following us on all the regular social media channels and keep checking back in to our website Alton buzz dot IO for all the latest and most relevant updates go ahead like subscribe share and hit the bell to receive notifications if you enjoyed this video best of luck if you choose to invest on this Monday but most importantly here's wishing you a good start to your week members of the altcoin buzz army we hope to see you again soon in our next video take care


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    I believe we could be at $10k sooner than people think. Bitcoin has changed the way we traditionally look at the asset. These old estimates are based on an older pattern. The pattern is changing for Bitcoin so we can less predicts how things will go and I see this as a positive move. Also there is more news and positivity in the crypto space than there was last year. Interesting times for all of us. Great video as always. Thanks

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