Why BitGold and Why Today - BitGold The Futures Currency !

Why BitGold and Why Today – BitGold The Futures Currency !

congratulations mr. and mrs. Parker on your retirement will be happy to cash out your retirement account today just a few details great now let me go get your money what made America great is the answer to our problems to get back to free markets free people and sound money our own history proves that this is the road to maximum prosperity Donald Trump says gold is better than cold hard cash well sadly we all know what's happening to the dollar the dollar is going down and it's not a pretty picture and it's not being sustained by proper policy and proper thinking this was an opportunity and maybe an opportunity to show people what's happening with the dollar so that we can do something about it mr. Trump is also ready to keep doing business and gold I never thought this would happen is the first time it's actually happened and maybe it's gonna set a trend a trend that would turn gold from just a safe haven investment and into a viable business alternative to the US dollar gold as currency could be making a comeback justice afternoon the Utah house took the first step passing a bill to recognize gold and silver there it is silver as legal tender this is something we have not seen in the USA in nearly 80 years Utah maybe just the first of 13 states moving forward with similar legislation it is the first gold vending machine and it's actually in a local mall News Channel Five's Liz Nunez explained got any spare change like maybe a few hundred dollars worth how about a gold bar from a vending machine I think it's great i could run trying to push her into let me buy one for somebody Milton and Florence Neider are the first people in the entire country to get their hands on the gold then what do you want me to give this to our give it to you the goal to go vending machines are already a hit in Europe but this one in the town center mall in Boca Raton is the only one in the US with in the promotion or like what's he unveiled it is a gold ATM machine but I never knew that they can make it employees p.m. in order can get it so conveniently I think the best gift they put it away and it will mature later on right now the machine only takes cash but they're working on making it credit card friendly as well the company hopes to have at least 30 of these gold vending machines up around the US by next year the 1971 the US and Nixon convinced the entire world to replace gold and silver with paper money this stuff cash is trap bibimbap when dola is now wet left here in my village the people are taking in good fun from the river if you need cooking or you have to work if you need the melamine you have to exchange you for gold if you need soap you have to change you God everything is God God knows knows mob when God there's a little bit more that's it now don't spend it all in one place invest in something real you


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