White Separatist Learns He’s Black, Home Vandalized by His Followers

White Separatist Learns He’s Black, Home Vandalized by His Followers

a couple of months ago I interviewed
white separatist a white supremacist Craig Cobb he’s the guy who wants to
start this whites-only community in North Dakota South Dakota I forget
which one it is so last week or the week before it turned
out that after a DNA test he’s 14 percent sub-saharan African is
basically a black guy Lewis that they’re the real by the definition of those who were slave owners he has I he has a drop a black blood and
therefore would be considered black as absurd as as you me and most have our audience know that all
love this race stuff is but putting that aside for a
second so now a white supremacist has gotten his house
vandalized because it turns out that he’s black it completely unbelievable
there was ross story brought this up authorities have revealed that neo-nazi
and Canadian hate crime fugitive Greg Dobbs arrest over the weekend stemmed from an incident involving a
former follower of his who put back in black in graffiti on his house its amazing you couldn’t
possibly write something better then a white separatist being the target I’ve anti-black racism from one of his
own followers because it turns out he’s a black guy
yeah and I who does that that follow are also
might have some are summer the same pointed him are you know
this whole story just makes me think a even though it’s kinda the opposite be
I shall share skit where he is now a blind I black man who is our anti-black I have you ever seen at I have and he
doesn’t realize his black grey right and he’s going to you are you a
KKK meetings or whatever and everyone is thinking know what is this guy doing then he finds out he’s black and dances
white YUM the it’s kind it is kind of a similar
thing where and but of course Greg Dobbs I think just taking too well you know it’s the XOR it’s just a
it’s its fuzzy math fuzzy numbers or something we have I know people are you mailing
saying are we gonna have him back on to talk about this he has ignored multiple requests for a
follow-up interview we haven’t even heard back from him at all I don’t know if he’s kinda just not
doing press in C found out he’s a black guy or just kind of going into I’m trying to
figure out what’s next for him imagine it became a a racial a race relations advocate now
when he finds out that he’s actually black it’s amazing


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