When is the best time to buy Bitcoin?

When is the best time to buy Bitcoin?

good morning good evening good afternoon where ever you are this world thank you for watching my videos I really appreciate it today is gonna be a little short one I'm just gonna cover two topics two very short topics today one is one is should you buy Bitcoin and the other one is going to be about this video somebody asked me to review I watched a video and I found a mistake the person who is an investor and helps people invest has made when it comes to Bitcoin and blockchain technologies and I want to explain that mistake to you and help you understand why it's time to buy bit cause no matter what okay that's important to you I'm going to provide the timestamps in the bottom and yeah check that out and also the links for the videos that that I have here now moving on to the my other screen I want to talk about when is a good time to buy Bitcoin and my cat just opened up the door it was the Satoshi actually this is waffles until she's somewhere else but anyways yeah I want to point out here when is it time to buy Bitcoin well you can see here we're getting a little bit of a pennant flag happen you know what screw dad now is the time to buy Bitcoin right now I told people to buy to do a leverage short here if you wanted to a little tiny leverage short which was gonna stop you out at 1.5 percent losses yeah so you could have done like a 50x long just to gamble on the thing to go to 16,000 great and you just don't know what's gonna happen but who cares if you have if you are watching the video and this is where these people who have no coins forget all of this I'm just gonna I'm gonna just forget all this if it corns at 16,000 you gotta buy Bitcoin is at half the price if you're afraid to buy Bitcoin because you afraid that it's going to go down 50% you buy because that's how the market all works for you I understand that I understand a lot of people feel that way and that's why they don't get into the market and and you know what I hope I hope when you do buy if you buy today it does go down 50% cuz you know what I'm gonna be buying it and you should too and I'm not saying you have to put in like a huge amount of money here because I really see a massive massive future greater than what I could imagine right now and so you are able to imagine if you were to go back in time and get a you know best interests in the Internet in general and all the value would provide in general for example all the value provides for Amazon Netflix uber Google YouTube and get a percentage of that value as it goes as it increases has more and more slowly it gets used more and more by different these companies wouldn't you do that wouldn't you put a hundred bucks on and see what it goes that's where you are right now right right now with bitcoins you have the opportunity to buy a product that for a small amounts of money just like when I was telling people had a dollar and we were laughing at me and telling me I was crazy tell me go away you don't know what you're talking about right i we're at this at this this point in time right now for you if you have no point and so I suggest if you have this even a hundred dollars take the time to study figure it out put a hundred hours in it for drops quick you get it another opportunity to buy some more cheaper price and it's really you know what I don't think you're gonna you know what a lot of people throw a hundred dollars on a lottery ticket this is not a lottery ticket this is like I don't know I wouldn't call it a short thing because nothing's for 100% sure but basically what are the odds of us having a planet killing asteroid half of hitting those planet very low ray but it can't happen so that is the same odds of Bitcoin going to zero it's the odds are the same it can happen but it's very low so if you agree if you agree with that and I think you should great please write out learn how to buy bitcoins and get some even if you leave it on the exchange for the lob loss you learn how to use a wallet software and back it up and all that kind of stuff it's worth your time it's just worth your time anyways moving on to my next subject is someone asked me to review a video of from let's see I don't remember what the channel is called but it's called macro voices that's what so he he asked me to take a look at this chat this video and it's an interesting video you should definitely check it out the link in description is below the one thing he made a mistake on is by saying that bitcoin is like an airplane where the just like the Wright brother the Wright Flyer was was revolutionary and and it just opened the door for us to fly right we're not flying in right planes we're not all flying in the and the Wright Flyer planes and you're right but he's mistaken a physical object against a protocol physical invention against a protocol unmentioned let me give you an example of what happens with protocols in general tcp/ip not the best protocol invented horrible it was told it was never gonna scale it wasn't good nuf IP addresses for everybody in the world and you just had a lot of problems in general but today it's only this the thing that runs the whole internet right everybody has an IP address even its upgrade just dislike very stubborn right it doesn't want to upgrade it's still here with us right for like forty one forty years and bitcoin is like that it's a portable not Bitcoin is not like it's not as a protocol it is a protocol and so so what you're when you try to compare a protocol to a physical item it's not the same because what happens is you you have it as a base layer that's solid and works you know it works and you stick with it it's like it's like a process of doing things like the sembly line that was invented a hundred years ago it's just a protocol the method of doing something yeah we still use it today so you can't say well we'll just come up with a better method right just like that no we've built on top of that method for example the assembly line method still exists today even though nobody's on nobody people don't use it but robots do so we've improved on the idea of assembly line but we still use the assembly line the same with email email was not the only protocol remember AOL you got man you remember that well that was a protocol that was basically the AOL protocol standard of their email but where are they now gone so if you think all these other altcoins are going to make it probably not not saying for sure that if one does make it it'll probably just be only one that tries to take out bitcoin but it's very unlikely because here's a problem with that any protocol that you comes up with a good idea a really good idea that could supplant Bitcoin Bitcoin ash can use and that's what's happening right now for example the privacy is going to be coming to Bitcoin so I mean it's it's it's it's not going to go any weekend you can't invent something better when it exists right now a good system exists right now and it can move pretty improved upon right now in as it is right now so it's as a protocol right it's like saying well you know I built the Wright Flyer and imagine being able to put make it turn it into a jumbo jet and and and everybody else just everybody could only fly that one jumbo jet well that's not possible so but in protocols it is everybody can fly on the same jumbo jet and so that's the that's so that's the reason why bitcoin is probably very unlikely to get and go anywhere it's not impossible I'm not gonna say it's impossible right just like Peter says it's absolutely one of these little room like I have I mean come on I mean you can't be 100 percent right so so with that said I I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you if you're a know corner you've learned something today and you're gonna go out and buy some Bitcoin because I really think you gotta get some before this thing just takes off into the stratosphere thanks for watching it take it easy folks


32 thoughts on “When is the best time to buy Bitcoin?”

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  • Thomas Van Krevelen says:

    I am excited for the privacy coming to bitcoin. That’s why I have held off of buying menero and zcash.

  • Stefan Starosta says:

    what do you think about this?
    facebook was not first social network site
    youtube was not first streaming service
    google was not first search engine

    at the moment bitcoin is first internet money of its kind. i am not sure if we can count something like paypal.

  • George Manning says:

    Never buy bitcoin people who buy will go to jail soon. If you are American you will go to jail that is what Trump say. Just because he tweets he has 2,000 bitcoin and you are going to jail because he says so is right!!!!! I have some bitcoin please visit me in jail!!!!!! OMG life is over for me!!!!!

  • PLEASE don't do the HAEJIN LEE intro. He is a dighusting immoral​ man. Produces 100's of forecasts out of his a** and takes no responsibility when they are absolutely wrong. And all to make money. He has NO conscience for all the many many people he has harmed. Avoid him like the plague, he is egotistical and delusional.

  • The bottom line of nearly everything you just said is that history has proven that first movers never last where technology is concerned. Bitcoin might, might, but what has made the difference in the past is utility/usability. Bitcoin has none, or very little today. Take a look at projects like Cardano if you haven't yet. Those guys are building something to last unlike AOL, Napster, Lycos, Yahoo… Bitcoin, Ethereum

  • Gregory Hinojosa says:

    I was skeptical around 2015. However after finding you a couple of months ago and doing some research. I started added more bitcoin slowly. Davinci your just tons of food for thought. I’m a believer for the future 👍🏼🤑

  • One small advice devinci if you want people to listen watch your videos trying making short videos and be quick people
    Don’t have time for this long videos please

  • I Meet up with a friend of mine he says wow bitcoin is up he has some and I have some but he goes on and on about it …I tell him stop right there why do I or you even care if it is up or down on this specific day at this specific time since we have owned it since 2013 lol.The comment of it being up or down is ok in passing but who cares you are either in or out I say!!lol!!

  • Imagine what it would be like if Bitcoin really took over? People like @davincij15 would have a lot more money. I can't but think that would be a much better world!

  • Davinci looks a bit like Nigerian scamer, thats why people findit hard to trust him…but hey,, they guy he knows what hes talking..

  • Nice video Davinci. I enjoy the commentary. Interesting point about alts and how bitcoin is here to stay because BTC can just adopt things like privacy etc. People knock litecoin for the “testnet” of Bitcoin but i think there is hidden value there. Who wouldnt want to be bitcoins testnet?

  • I buy every Friday, whether its up or down. Every week garanteed. And I will keep doing so untill we're at 100k

  • I agree Bitcoin could scale. It could add the innovations that other coins are creating. But will it do these things without more drama and value losing forks? Will it become the Studebaker of crypto, wallowing in its own success until it dies from an inability to scale and innovate and who's dying words were "but muh Lindy Effect bro"?

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