what is up ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to the 10 cash house for another video here today today I've got some more excellent excellent news that I think a lot of you are really going to take some inspiration from this is something that's really a big deal and the experts are recognizing that ok it's something that John McAfee has commentated on it's something that I've brought up in the past but not really to as much of an extent that I really want to kind of cover it at I want to be a bit more thorough and maybe revisit this idea and really talk about how it affects things in general because it's a pretty big deal like I said a lot of people have kind of overlooked this lot people don't really realize how significant this is and the Bears are purposefully ignoring this because the Bitcoin Bears don't want you the common investors and myself included as a common investor to know what exactly is going on with the coin the Bears would never tell you this stuff so anyway guys with that being said if you like the video – go ahead drop it a like for mr. John McAfee and for myself do subscribe and do share let's go for 200 likes 5,000 views and let's go ahead and discuss this ok what exactly do I have to talk about well first things first I want to go ahead and say that Bitcoin transactions on the whole are higher than they really ever have been okay in 2018 transactions were down things were slowing down a bit 2018 was a bit of a winter but throughout 2019 so far transaction volumes are actually really quite high they're almost as high as they were in December and January of 2017 of course when the price saw its last significant peak so that's really good news for a couple of different reasons okay first and foremost it really shows us that there's still a lot of interest a lot of people are transacting in Bitcoin you know buying in selling out moving back and forth etc and that may not seem great on the surface because you might be thinking you know while people are selling that's not really a good thing and here's the thing we need to see buying and selling both interconnected in order for a market to be healthy think about it if people were only buying and weren't ever selling the market would stagnate things wouldn't go anywhere hey things would never really change and that's something that we need to recognize okay transaction volume overall is a very very good indicator for the overall health of a market or of an asset so bitcoins transaction volume nearing all-time highs is really a very good thing that shows us that we are making progress that shows us that we're going to continue to grow in the future now here's the thing you might be thinking how high is this transaction volume is this actually significant and just as sort of an example okay the transaction volume of Bitcoin lately has been higher than that of PayPal okay yes PayPal so a lot of people look at PayPal and say that's a huge economic entity they have a lot of power with transactions a lot of people use PayPal and that's true but guess what even more people are using Bitcoin even more people are using crypto and our transacting in it on a daily basis which is really incredibly exciting that shows us that like I've said many times before with a payments and otherwise this is a big deal this is something that is really going to change the world because PayPal other big companies you know they are starting to not be able to compete in terms of transaction volume and remember the coin and crypto currencies is a global phenomenon it's always going to be global phenomenon so when people look at the coin and go you know this isn't widespread this isn't going to gain popularity that is complete and utter yes that is completely not true because we can see here with these transaction volumes and with the recent adoption that we've experienced even in 2019 things are improving things are getting better despite what the Bears want you to think so going off of that and bringing in John McAfee's opinion McAfee actually recently retweeted an article saying that the coin is a no brainer buy and I would honestly agree with that wholeheartedly as of right now in my opinion it really is kind of a no-brainer quite simply put the coin right now is growing at an alarming rate and no it's price isn't necessarily what's growing we're seeing many underlying factors foreseeing infrastructure we're seeing developments in areas that people tend to not look at as closely for example like I said before the transaction volume a lot of people aren't scrutinizing over that because they don't care a lot of people only look at prices and we need to change that habit okay prices are not the only thing that we need to think about prices are something to consider you know but when it comes right down to it if you're interested in the long term like McAfee always says you know hold out and wait then the day to day price isn't really what you should worry about the day to day price is not all that significant so bear that in mind okay understand that really when we're thinking about this the transaction volume is a big deal and McAfee a very deeply entrenched crypto expert who is very much involved in the crypto space you know isn't really involved in too many conventional financial areas if McAfee is even retweeting this and is even saying that buying right now is a no-brainer you know partly due to the transaction volume being at an all-time high or very close to an all-time high that to me is really significant that to me is a big deal and we all need to recognize okay like I said that price is not the only thing to look at price is interesting yes price is good to look at occasionally you know to kind of understand as a litmus test where we stand in terms of asset value and market cap but it's not the only thing we should be paying attention to okay we need to refocus our attention when you look at different things we need to examine every single aspect of cryptocurrencies that we can and really take a more comprehensive eclectic approach that is going to be critical for the future of the coin in for the future of crypto because remember we are the Herald's so to speak of crypto currencies and bitcoins future all right if we believe that it can happen and it can take over financial systems it absolutely can it can have a huge and wide-reaching impact and it will in my opinion very soon so John McAfee is still bullish still as bullish as ever I think that honestly the twenty thousand dollar price point will be broken before all that long it's only a matter of time so hold on remain calm keep holding those coins everyone and just relax everything will be just fine and even everything will be better than fine things will be great before all that long just relax and hold on so anyway guys that is my opinion hope all if you learned something if you did do go ahead drop the video like subscribe and share from work give me your opinions in the comments section below as always they're greatly greatly appreciated I'll see all of you in the next video have a good with folks and audios


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    Take 2 shots – "Let's jump right in"

    I don't watch if the thumbnail is too "clickbaity"………like this one. I just keep the game going.

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