We will live forever in Minecraft...

We will live forever in Minecraft…

so rainbow installed these doors no you did I'm a raisin one-stop no I don't think anyone knows how to install doors properly this is a solid there now you can do this so zombies can't break your door down oh my god oh that's a smart idea well guys today I think we should go mining because we need materials oh and we should find some animals because I don't think chickens give us enough food they just give us eggs and we can't do anything with eggs but they're so cute Jack's up throw more chickens feedback I offered one spider I Wow he took so much okay I will keep the stakes if you're hungry people lunar here is breakfast we are traveling q breakfast thank you one steak let's go rainbow is cooking up some iron let's just make a pickaxe with this you I invent IRA and Rocco yes a lot of torches thank you thank you okay I offer you one of my most valuable goods okay no it's seeds I have seeds you can make wheat with that we make a bond we can we plant the seeds on the roof oh oh yeah we should do that first yeah it's very important that we farm first that's enough for you rainbow thank you but you were offering you offered for your sacrifice we got a hold this lens while we grow it needs on them it's just gonna be like yeah that room we need water though oh wait rainbow turn your three irons into a bucket nope I turned it into a sword no we need it all well I'm pretty sure we can grow something there you go my whole broke that's not funny that's not funny my hoe actually broke here's a hoe I'm thank you I'm provided with another hoe to hold the land oh yes girls put seeds everywhere careful leader can you stop stomping everywhere stomp we're litter stop with the little Consuelo in craps with a bunch of jerks what's happening nothing we're just planting we're planting we're safe a couple of seeds left and we are done there you go now we will wait actually this and not really but I'm just too lazy like one seven I've got nine too happy wait okay just yeah just plant it up here guys come on we're almost done wow it looks like we can see who brings the most loot in this hmm Chinese I start thinking that drakul brings nothing to the table yes I do look what I just build what you show me the pool again No we'll need the star both fun and functional now it is also a garbage disposal you throw your garbage in here and it just drifts into the ocean and prune oh that is bad you know that is pollution I'll not do that as a slide we're trying to be think'll friendly building a farm on our roof chuckles polluting the ocean I'm yeah Jaco one slide bad bad track oh I'm having productive also I feel like we really need to find more sheep so we can make more bed cuz it's already nighttime and we didn't go to the mines yet it's time to go I'm hungry again you just ate Rocco have for a bet I need more we have no food left no dragon there's no food left I'm hungry ah I'm concerned at how much food the crew eats we are definitely on the styrofoam do not revote there you think it's guys they stay in the health bar by 5 people telling there's a skeleton staring at us stop we are we're time for me to demonstrate the third use of the pool what is the third you throw it into the trash defense it will float down into the mouth we need your wholesome tame up wolf oh yeah that would be useful fair well we're not in a flock by them so you can cry more Drago just cry come on die Oh a zombie just went out of the mines this is already a good idea okay let's go I'm Eden mining oh there's some cool here it's mine it whoo we can make a loom why why though because why not go for why look when you guys do that I can make a simple doom lock what does it do yeah like banners and it's not that helpful so I'm just gonna remove it it's gonna bring this back house do you hear that yeah I don't like a sound you're going his daughter what is that noise that's creepy skeleton why is there Sudan falling out stealing by that snap what's down here guys we're going deeper in the mines we don't know why yourself smack it once shame on worse shame worst creeper fighters oh it's a dead end are you sure yes there's a noise no there's something this way you can hear it Oh skeleton wow yeah oh there's more Iren oars up okay there's one iron our guys what is happening up but it's just hitting Barry that's all I am no I am NOT hitting people Drago died on it no oh she's flooding now the by kicking can't breathe oh we're back to surface good wait we just ruined our house yes you did great oh wait we did oh I mean this is a secret way into the mines that's fine guys Mayday Mayday like why don't go back to the surface don't go back to service no no no no no no tonight it's very dangerous outside right now hey there's a creeper waiting outside the crew house right now it's the creeper our new neighbors chuckle what are you doing – zombie Oh where's the creeper I will leave them away no it's gonna wreck the let please destroy our terrains already ruined enough just drakul please oh now it's a two-level oh gosh Maundy level cool hey I got a bucket yeah if you ever make it to survive to get a bucket we're just we just might die in the night ouch we're running low on food I need food what are those two doing down there guys bring out food please there's no food down here oh my gosh ins of Steel I mean I think there's enough chicken for your food alright I'm sorry we must sacrifice some chili in my chicken okay two chickens that will make me live oh wait I kill me no some of the babies in there why would you kill the baby chickens I'm sorry we need to eat you there's a lot of mouths to feed oh great router firing wait all the way we'll harvested some iron please bring more coal out a bunch of coal in here chicken is good old what it's not what I'd be villager cool hat raise your arms bent no not drop anything I'm sorry we are busy cooking food no stop pull step away from the creeper the peepers gonna blow up Jocko why are you doing this okay are you going to contribute now I contribute a lot you just don't see it but soon okay please tell me how what's the secret he has nothing so that means you have no plan and sleep in guys look I was just going to show you guys how to make a campfire pit oh yeah so we can cook food and stop being so boring and using furnaces oh we don't even have food smart okay yeah that's true we are going to make a campfire so all of us can eat healthy there you go watch guys watch this magic should we put this in the house I think we should I don't even know bad idea what's up right I don't think so see cute Oh what oh we need a chimney that looks harmless we might die from smoke that's all we need to make it have fire hey careful is fire cold here cold I have it we've wheat you can get animals now yes let's go find cow no that's for making delicious bread no no no don't make bread no no no I'm so hungry we eat so much food I know it's because we need nutrition married around here ok you got to make another fence rainbow so we got can bring more animals we have no food like zero we have to find food down see cousins do you guys want to bring cows back to our little house yeah oh there's more sheep Oh donkey sling hay bales and hang and we we need a donkey ouch what the donkey just need a dog heated me off so can carry our stuff me donkey please be nice ok we're going to tame donkey oh my gosh the donkeys gonna kill me I really want to claim it wait I really want to tame the donkey though donkey just chill out just gonna push you Phoebe tailed it onto the joke the donkey knock knock who's there ye ye – I got you did I not a joke I'm sorry I'm not good at jokes guys leave a comment down below of your best joke ever so rainbow could read the comment section be like wow so fun I need some jokes in my life and for me too I will read it yes I got a donkey oh you got a best friend oh can you give me some wheat goal I'm bringing donkey back sure rain pool what are you doing with our food I'm bringing them home that's food I'm bringing lots of cows home right dog yeah yeah sorry my reader the donkey ate my wheat it's not following me no dice come on donkey come here no donkey stop eating please just go back home how do we oh no this is the wrong donkey whooping oh man I think that's my donkey go to have some more we know I don't have any more please I must bring donkey home down to me come on come homes this episode we bring donkey lunar you don't live with her donkey her best friend donkey I don't have any heat on me I'm pushing Garfield all the way back come on someone give me a week we also have to push dog I have wheat where are you I'm all the way where gold is am nor north right there I got donkey I'm pushing the donkey donkey stop hey you're gonna go back you to a nice bubble struggling I am struggling yet donkey it's a very nice house that you live in yeah I wish you it's very nice we're very friendly we've wheat we totally this document very great people yeah the donk come on donkey please have we aren't you we lately it's big donkey yeah oh I don't know doing Ron you make a saddle rainbow can watch donkey I'm coming back keep a night don't let donkey go missing donkey donkeys kind of stubborn sadly we have to find saddles or fish it up so donkey must live in a dirt cage for now or donkey will run away you stay here donkey should we should we trap donkeys friend to another friend um a donkey's friend is kind of a jerk so maybe not okay donkey you stay safe in here okay we're making you a cute shelter Hey window I can't my donkey is here we'll come back for you donkey don't worry how much animals are you putting in that chicken Bell the cows are coming home that's for sure you are close the fence when they come in oh my god excuse me what are you doing in here are you making a chimney no oh that's pretty cool oh of course it is it is a chimney so we won't suffocate from smoke oh I finished filling them up who you want to look at it the tourist attraction this is the lower particles we for children children adults I'm here in the figure pool good question question where are the children and adults yeah it's just where we're gonna go radar village Drac oh uh yes I fell off a cliff what you believe 41 yeah it was like three blocks hi Gary okay well I have an idea so food is taking forever to grow so I think we're gonna plant some seeds near the shoreline so we could at least have some bread before trying grief dracco spool no don't leave my pool why would you keep my cool because we need more wheat shoreline seeds islands will be full of gluten and bread for day my ho broke so it's because it's a wooden no we need a good idea which creeper behind you gold gold we need to really like this area the animals safe there's another hole near our hole this place is getting ridiculous we need to fix everything okay let's just fill it in very quickly before anything else pops up out of nowhere like a zombie oh I was just where are you skeleton where's all my stuff Oh zombies coming I can't shoot that I'm not pushing with my hands he's frozen I'm gonna beat you guys how dare you kill me I was walking on the shoreline quietly peacefully by myself any murder you murdered me qapla die okay skeletons are very strong yeah wait a minute okay I have half a heart I'm going home indeed we were looking for food but there's food right here where so much food are you cannot no I'm serious we're covered in food where it's right okay let me go back to the house hey get away from that's my let me show you you're like where's the food come on in come on in I literally have half a heart left look at this did she find food counted back this whole time we could have just been eating kelp doesn't matter dracco it's the easiest thing that we looted you got too excited decal step fires ow I think we need more fireplaces to cook food though waiting for us is very come on just cook why is it taking so long I'm starving here half my hominy is growling oh here it is here guys kelp nutritious oh it didn't do much it's better than that however it only heals half of food bar I don't have a home owner has a hoe and she didn't share asked me the food takes very long to cook I started harvesting the more kelp from the pool lunar a brave soul make sure to replant the calpro infinite fish we can go fishing too Wow hey you took my food funny are you really sorry yeah hey you know what I'm getting out of here no you don't wanna leave a lot of mobs no we clearly need to make more fire pits to cook Kel we're making a kelp beach line why don't you just use the furnace it's faster no the furnace you need resources this all you need is the material see we're just gonna chop some wood down and we're gonna make a bunch of fire pits stop hitting me no yeah you're being really dramatic maybe you shouldn't go outside track oh I'm trying to me oh snap you were shot by a skeleton on your nice sock you know I don't suck I swear I'm just trying to build something you guys are embarrassing us you're being a little bad at Minecraft we are minecraft pros I promised I will show you my genius invention just gonna chop more wood Drock oh stop getting shot man just like one seeds you pull instead I need seeds I do not have seats I need iron making the best thing ever just give me more food it's okay I have a plan girl makes fun of people girl dies this place is dangerous build a fence around XP okay I bring very raw Salmons one for me okay thank you for bringing a raw fish to our place but we are making a very beautiful four pieces you know what we're just gonna make five okay guys I'm making funnies kelp factory factory I mean yes it's better than nothing I'm starving it's a kelp farm we rely on beautiful kelp the side here yeah I just need to find out the land first hold up it's going to be amazing people from far and wide will come just for our Kelvin yes delicious kelp that is totally nutritious and barbeques better than hell work or catch up I'm sorry Nita sound and you're gonna stop showing me on stop showing me ugly okay I'm with some people I am building something very amazing out here and you are making me look like an embarrassment all right let's just harvest this kelp we're gonna not hit the ends because we want the kelp to keep growing so we're just gonna smack a bunch and then hopefully that is enough at the surface I'm gonna go harvest more fish no lunar you don't understand look at all this food Paul there's even a boat over there I don't want to go to the boat yet though I just want kelp I need help lunar where are you over in the kelp zone so I ran out of inventory space I'm full of kelp now so I need your help to pick it up on the build Wow looking funny on her Island over there Luna okay now we could cook a lot that's it guys this is the best way to eat forever no no please just fill this up it's raining crew will never starve again yes guys yeah that is all for episode 2 of Minecraft if you enjoyed it make sure to smash the like button down below and we could share some kelp with you don't forget to subscribe if you're new Wow get away men get away hi stop sure you just ruined help of my guys thank you so much for watching crew we'll see you on the next one bye bye


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