WE ARE GETTING SCAMMED | Free Crypto Airdrop

WE ARE GETTING SCAMMED | Free Crypto Airdrop

hello guys I’m doing this video today with a different objective I’m not going to speak about any ICO in particular but to speak about a problem that I see more and more on the blockchain sector when something new happens people have like great ideas but they also come with the bad old ones and just rename them and they look like they are fine but they are not this is a problem that I observe doing many reviews and that I see more and more on many I SEOs imagine that I own a hotel and that you are somebody that is looking for a stay in some hotel and you are going to internet you type like hotel and some place and then you find a page with some comments and some stars no like how many people have been on that auto and what they think about it and you find like a lot a lot a lot of comments that are positive a lot of stars like thousands of thousands of them and you see like just you think like okay this should be a good option like a lot of people like it why not go in there and then you go there you book room and you are right to the hotel and well you find that in fact it’s not like so good as it should be for those amount of comments imagine for an instant that I was this owner of this hotel and that I paid thousand of thousands of people to write some kind of oh this place is green eyes and put some stars on it do you think that is something like you legit something that make you think oh this hotel this owner of this hotel is somebody that is legit or you will feel more like oh this guy Caesar is a Scot no in fact that’s what I will think these guys is trying to scam people by creating fake appearance on the internet and this is something that looks really bad for any brand for any company and people are trying to hide those those activities passing through third companies or going to create lists without saying what’s the name of the brand or the author or the place that wants to buy those fake reviews or those take but suddenly we are right to the blockchain and we find that there are operations mass operations to buy people to buy actions from people and we give them so nice names like bounties or air grubs and suddenly it looks like it’s okay but I think it’s not ok you know when you arrive to a telegram group and you see 50000 people in that telegram group and in fact from those 50,000 people 40,000 people were there just to get free tokens in fact they are being paid to join a telegram group and why the owners of this project one people on their telegram just to trick investors that arrived there and will think like oh this project has a lot of hype but it hasn’t so it’s very important I think that we start to speak about those problems and we start to point and point them and point the people that are doing those projects and penalize them in some way should we penalize every Arab and every bounty that is around I think not but some of them Jess and the difference is that when you give a bounty for something you are paying for something and what is important is what is that something are you paying for doing some kind of translation of the white paper is legit because we are bringing some added value and this added value is contributing to better quality of the project you are paying a bounty to make tests on an application that is on alpha on a test net I think is good because you are bringing some added value but there is a thin line between marketing and trying to scam investors this is not a hotel room you are not going to expand hundred dollars or two hundred dollars for a night in a nice auto you are going to potentially spend thousands of thousands of dollars to buy something that is in fact a token from a company that give you no warranties at all when you sign a contract for participating in a crowd cell you are basically completely mute you have no protection at all so this is very important that we start to get conscience about this problem and that we make pressure to avoid this kind of behaviors I think the first thing that we should do is to stop participating on air drops that put us condition to join a telegram group to make a tweet to retreat to like a post on Facebook to follow a group on Facebook those are not ethical ways of may of bringing value to the project the way I’m penalizing it also beside that is that I’m giving a penalty on the score on the rating of products that are using that kind of things and I can detect it my algorithm is able to detect it automatically when a project is doing some kind of a group that gives like condition to join Italian group because in fact if you go to my my spreadsheet you see there is a column here that say chat members and there is a column here that say max T is index those values are updated automatically and in fact when there are too many Satnam members and very low das index it means that these people this company is buying users the T is is an index that I created myself is nowhere else and it means what is the interest that people have on this project and their real interest because know something when somebody is really interested in a project the first thing they do or they should do is to look into search information about that project and this leaves some footprints I’m looking for those footprints and I’m creating using a baseline value that is the same for everybody for every project and this value we can compare them with one with the other and we can compare them with chat members with a number of telegram users that are on the group so look at something when you see here that there are groups with for instance this one I don’t even see the name what there is 34,000 people and there is a TS index of 10 this one has most probably with 90% of chances those guys has been buying users and it’s very easy to verify just go to the Taliban group and on the search you put airdrop and you will scroll and you will see that people are asking when a drop when a drop when tokens from a drop this is like that okay search for another one here I don’t know this other one twenty five twenty eight thousand users seven t is index those 1 the same thing they are buying users ok so guys be very careful with those things if you are a new investor that arrived this sector and you think that because I don’t know nyan exchange exchange had no telephone group but I don’t know quark chain has a huge amount of telegram users and then you arrive to another group that has the same number of 2 gram users and you say oh that’s like quark chain and no it’s not it’s not because there are lot of users of this hype about the project and I think we should really start to make remarks to the guys that are buying users for those books yeah that’s all I want to say today guys so always do your own research and take your own responsibilities have a nice day and see you in the next video


11 thoughts on “WE ARE GETTING SCAMMED | Free Crypto Airdrop”

  • wolvesatnight says:

    ¡Muy cierto Sergio! I am so tired of new ICOs asking you to spread anything about them. One good sample of this is Open Platform. Always asking you to make more and more to complete all the task. I am in social media to have my opinions and share what I think is important not to spam my friends and followers with something that I still don't know it is legit or scam.

  • Telegram Booster says:

    Some very legit icos same as DAOstack & dfinity doing airdrop. its not like that all of them be scam!

  • Oh Hey Matty says:

    I dont think we should penalize for marketing techniques unless the ROI would be affected such as to much of token supply being given up. Would be subjective imo. Great video though thanks for echoing this sentiment been going on for months now.

  • Ivan Georgiev says:

    Sergio, you always bring quality content, but I disagree with you on this one. Its a marketing strategy and its effective. Every investor should do his DD, its easy to see if there was an airdrop/bounty. It helps promote the project and crypto in general. If a possible investor doesnt know about the existence of airdrops and how to look at telegram members count, then what the hell is he doing investing in ICOs to begin with?

  • Alexandrins 99 says:

    En français on dit quand c’est gratuit, c’est que c’est toi le produit… Very good vidéo Sergio but remembre: « celui qui dit la vérité sera exécuté »

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