Visual SKUs' Amplify - Digital Asset Management Software Overview

Visual SKUs' Amplify – Digital Asset Management Software Overview

to be successful in e-commerce you need high quality product images but producing managing and distributing images is challenging product photography tasks like renaming files copying images between folders and tracking product numbers and spreadsheets are manual and error-prone accessing and sharing images and systems scattered throughout your organization is inefficient sending images to websites and customers each with unique image and metadata requirements is time-consuming and resource intensive how do you produce consistent product images fast manage digital assets a centralized system and automate image distribution with visual skews amplify a digital asset management software focused on product images product photography production management includes an online portal for defining workflows monitoring productivity and managing image views metadata capture and quality control software running at the studios streamlines photography and data capture eliminating repetitive tasks and increasing image quality consistency and productivity digital assets are managed in a single centralized system management sharing and searching is intuitive and fast website customer and marketplace profiles include file types resolution and dimensions naming conventions and delivery schedules these profiles automate the entire process of formatting and delivering images and metadata with amplify you will increase production image quality and sales while reducing costs time to market and product returns control of your product images with amplify


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