what is going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new video today we’ve got another killer video for you
guys full of information mainly we’re gonna be talking about the verge
partnership if you guys haven’t seen verge announce their partnership we’re
also gonna be talking about a potential trade with Tron as well as litecoin
pretty awesome news that I don’t see a lot of people talking about towards the
end of the video so before we get started guys do you guys want to answer
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let’s jump right into this for the to the news articles first things first
coin base actually recently bought a few or partnered with a few different
companies so they actually bought earn calm I believe yeah believe they bought
earn calm and now they’re going to boost Toshi dap by taking features from
recently acquired cipher browser which they also recently acquired so that’s
pretty awesome um i like to see coinbase finally making
some moves I think the earn calm could be big for
them I think it could turn into a fiver type deal aid decentralized Fiverr kind
of for freelancers but where you can complete certain tasks and get paid in
cryptocurrency for it so I thought that was a pretty cool announcement we talked
about in the Facebook group a little bit also adoption news marsh insurance firm
partners with IBM to apply blockchain for proof of insurance right now I don’t
want to cover these articles too much but I do want to just point out that we
are seeing some pretty cool news articles pretty solid news articles and
we are kind of moving away from a lot of fun I’m seeing I’m seeing a lot less fun
now than I did in the time when cryptocurrency was falling a few a few
weeks back so everything looking pretty cool right now I love to see new
applications for blockchain being used or you know different companies adopting
it absolutely love it big big fan now let’s move into the markets cuz this is
where we have a lot of stuff to cover right so if we we give it a refresh
we’re gonna see the market is actually holding pretty steady from where it was
yesterday 331 billion dollar market cap Bitcoin dominance still falling outs
41.7% and it’s falling because all coins are doing well that’s just a hunch
percent normal when everything’s bleeding Bitcoin dominance usually goes
back up but now we are seeing the likes of stellar up a ton today everything
basically everything is up a ton except for Virg Virg is not up that much we’re
gonna cover that in just a little bit but other than that everything is up
everything is looking pretty pretty good last week for most coins have been
fantastic we’ve seen some 60s and 70s of 80 percent increases and this is what a
lot of people are used to when it comes to cryptocurrency they want to make half
their money back in you know they do they want to make they want to make like
50 percent of their money in a week so this is the type of stuff that people as
no guys are going to attract more people into cryptocurrency which would then
continue to grow the overall you know just grow the Bo overall market cap and
so just pointing out a few Stellar’s up 51 percent nine percent today
iota is up 62 percent in the week cardano’s up 65 percent of the week
three of these coins I think I might be touching upon touching more on than some
in tomorrow’s video so make sure you guys stay tuned and you guys have
subscribe you guys have notification songs I’m going to be talking about at
least some of these in tomorrow’s video but let’s go right into some specific
coins why are we gonna talk about Toronto Ultron has a potential
short-term trade opportunity which I wanted to point out for you guys because
I don’t really do this and I think it might be helpful now don’t forget your
financial advisor this is not financial advice I’m not personally going through
with this trade but I do see that from some technical analysis I could tell
that Tron might be moving upwards into this range right here which would be
roughly the 600 a Satoshi mark might be an interesting buy for anyone I would
recommend going into some technical analysis on Tron and seeing if you can
make a decent trade in the next few days now that’s gonna be it for Tron verge
time verge time this is where so everyone’s been looking for what
they’ve been tweeting a lot so very poor hub now accepts verge that is right
pornhub porno pornhub is officially partnering with verge now I’m not gonna
open up I’m not going to open up the actual website to show you guys that
because it’s not allowed on YouTube but this is basically the big announcement
this was the game-changing announcement a lot of people have different opinions
on it one person who I thought had probably the funniest name on Twitter
his name is chill neither Lambo guy that’s pretty funny and he said verge
could announce a partnership with Jesus and it would still dump after the news
and to an extent he has a point they hyped they shield this partnership
so so so much that the run-up it had was supposed to be the run of that would
have occurred when people discovered the partnership so usually with partnerships
and stuff like that people just come out and say it and then the market and the
other coin price reacts and that’s all it is but these guys decided you guys
see I’ve refreshed it it’s already down another 0.5 point zero zero five but
that’s I’m not I’m not a fan of the way they went about that I think it’s a very
immature way of doing it now don’t get me wrong with the partnerships kind of
cool I think the partnership could be great for them a lot of people you know
didn’t like it maybe because it’s pornhub or whatever it may be but the
partnership itself is not bad and it’s a step it’s better than nothing now people
thought it was going to be Amazon that’s probably why there’s a sell-off guys it
was never going to be a Nizam the logic before the logic for verge partnering
with Amazon was that Amazon also had a big announcement mid April if that’s the
news we’re going by that’s pretty not very convincing information right but
first partnered with pornhub and I think it’s gonna be good for them but overall
the price has been shopping that’s because they shield it had they not
shield it when the partnership was announced version a probably increased
in price but you know I was talking about this before that when stuff like
this happens I would sell if you’re making the trade for profit
in like the short-term I would sell the day before the partnership and now it
did increase it like I’m a bit before at the partnership was announced on the
same day but to be safe I keep it on the chart and I sell before the partnership
is announced otherwise this is what happens right no I’m not sign it okay
well either way you guys got a glimpse of it what happens if we go to the
seven-day charts this is what happens right you guys can see verge if you take
a look at last month Birds been doing good it’s been like hyped up by this
partnership it’s been doing good it’s been increasing in price and then just
before the partnership was announced it had one big last moon shot and then BAM
because it was show so I don’t recommend companies going about you know hyping
their partnerships up for two three weeks in advance that’s not a good idea
it’s not a good method I’m not a good long-term way forward because stuff like
this is inevitable and it was gonna happen like I talked about in several
videos this was going to happen right now one thing a lot of people aren’t
keeping in mind is that mine geek the owner of pornhub and browsers to accept
verge as means of payments a lot of people are saying pornhub but this but
my geek is the owner of pornhub and browsers they are except they are
supposedly going to accept verge means we might see verge also on browsers
meaning probably the two biggest sites for porn are going to accept version now
this is a good use of verge right this is a problem this is a good use of verge
and it’s it’s not bad whatsoever for the idea of privacy you know it’s gonna
allow people to get their pay for their stuff without having to put in their
name and information stuff like that that’s a great use of a prize like as
bad as how it’s a good use of a privacy coin so no no no no no disrespect no
disrespect to that point but don’t show your announcement before otherwise
things are gonna drop as soon as you announce them and that is exactly what
happened so hopefully those of you have been watching the videos have managed to
sell before that happen if you were in for the short term hopefully then
hopefully you guys didn’t lose any money on the trade but now litecoin I want to
cover a little bit about like coin like was that a hundred and thirty seven
dollars like when we went down to like a hundred and thirteen at one points is
early April and I remember in the video I was talking about picking up like corn
at that price because like coin it was extremely and is still undervalued no a
lot of all coins are devalued I agree but like coin definitely $113 you could
not go wrong in the short-term buying like when at that price and now it’s up
to 137 so if we do some math it’s up like what is that for 24 dollars per
like point not bad not bad your own 10 like coin and there is two hundred and
fifty dollars basically two hundred and forty dollars that you just made so not
a bad trade picking up some like corn like when is it one of the bigger all
coin so you know Frank fit however it being ranked fifth makes it a lot safer
it’s not gonna go up to hundred percent in a day but it will gradually increase
as the overall market continues to grow similar to Bitcoin it’s not going to
double overnight but but it definitely is one of the one of the all coins that
thing is going to be here five years down the line and they’ve actually had
some pretty cool partnerships if we check it out Courbet BTC will launch
like coin trading it’s awesome it’s one of the oldest korean exchanges and so
charlie lee tweeted that he still remembers asking corbett many years ago
and obviously that didn’t happen many years ago but now it’s happening so
congratulation it’s a light coin that is a good a good that’s that’s a very good
news for like one which i haven’t seen many people talk about yet now another
odd not another one which i think might be even bigger is yrx yrx said coming
soon there’s going to be another like coin
debit card now charlie learned from his previous experience that he is not going
to hype this he said I’m not hyping this because what happened last time was he
hiked the partnership and then the partnership failed right so he’s excited
to see many companies supporting like coin which
they are and again like I said like coin one of the coins I think going forward
very hard to go wrong with I think buying in the top ten right now you’re
pretty safe for the majority of them maybe one or two won’t be there in the
future but the top ten coins pretty solid buys right now
now technical analysis wise we talked about we talked yesterday about how
Bitcoin or cryptocurrency corrected I use bitcoins chart because you guys know
the market follows Bitcoin but the we had a little runt we had a run up here
now we weren’t gonna move straight sideways at this level we therefore
corrected back down to the support line we had at the seven thousand nine
hundred to eight thousand mark which is basically where bitcoins out right now
at eight thousand and eighty seven dollars I expect us to continue to trade
here pretty much unless something well you know and unless another piece of
good news comes out which in that case will propel us up into this resistance
and try and break the 8800 to $9,000 resistance which I hope to see
relatively soon I think it’s gonna happen sooner rather than later but for
now still taking a day by day nothing out of the ordinary
um kind of gonna be trading at this resistance at the support line which i
think is comfortable and now the only thing to look out for of course is a
break down below this and also uh which would be you know bad however you can
pick up more all coins think of it positively but also the break out
upwards which would lead us to the resistance now I cannot wait to break
this because guys when we break this we are clear for takeoff
to the twelve thousand dollar reign so I’m very very excited for that but guys
hopefully you enjoyed this video I know there was so much stuff going on we
talked about a potential Tron trade a short-term trade if you’re a long-term
trader don’t even worry about it if your long-term holder I mean don’t
even worry about it talk about a potential short-term trade we talked
about the verge partnership and what that means and if it’s good if it’s bad
my opinions on it and then lastly we talked about some like coin which has
some pretty cool news coming up and like coin being one of the coins I think
don’t get talked about enough because so many other coins get hyped and we see
virgin housing partnerships you know product partnerships so long before the
partnerships coins like litecoin don’t get the time a day however guys don’t
I’m not hating on verge like I said I think the partnership is a good thing I
think it’s a good use of it but it was inevitable for it to go down
after that’s pretty much all I’ll say in the previous videos it’s going to go
down it’s not gonna be Amazon there’s one thing I was pretty certain but it’s
going to go down because of the how much they hyped it up was pretty much another
guaranteed but guys hopefully you enjoyed this video if you guys did don’t
forget to leave a thumbs up on the video and also subscribe to channel if you
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thank you so much for watching I will see you guys tomorrow for another video



  • Patrick Corsino says:

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    **DISCLAIMER**: I am not a financial advisor nor am I giving financial advice. I am sharing my biased opinion based off speculation. You should not take my opinion as financial advice. You should always do your research before making any investment. You should also understand the risks of investing. This is all speculative based investing.

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    the other thing people are talking about with verge/tpay is the debit cards people can use loaded up with verge. really another nothing play, as people can already load stable currencies onto debit gift cards, without the hassle of buying crypto, loading it onto a card and then hoping it's value doesn't plummet before the value linked to the card can be used.
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