Utopia –  A Secure, Decentralized P2P Ecosystem For Data Protection

Utopia – A Secure, Decentralized P2P Ecosystem For Data Protection

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thank you so much for joining me you’re gonna look at utopia which is a p2p eco
system designed to protect your data but before that’s if this is your first time
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a new video goes up so like I was saying, today we’re looking at a
project called utopia and they’re building their own ecosystem which is
peer-to-peer based and it is designed to protect your data such as your emails
file sharing or photos etc so let’s dive straight into and have a look at utopia
so this is the utopia website and as you can see these guys are actively
encouraging people to join their project and we just take a look what they’re
actually all about the Utopia ecosystem is accumulation of multi-year effort by
a group of technology enthusiasts dedicated to freedom of self expression
and privacy call themselves the 1984 group pretty a pretty act name I will
leave it up yourselves to decipher that so what exactly is utopia utopia is a
secure decentralized ecosystem that utilizes a unique peer-to-peer network
architecture there is no central server involved meaning that there’s no single
point of failure your messages and files will never be stored on a third party
server each user participates in transmission of network data but only
the recipient can decipher the data advanced encryption ensures interception
proof communication channels to all utopia users so essentially it is a
peer-to-peer file transmission system when using utopia you can send personal
messages or participate in group chat send internal you mail send voice
messages share for five share files with your friends and make
financial transactions denominated in their own cryptocurrency called Krypton
are this in total privacy so why would you use utopia over other systems and
messengers it’s important to note that this is not a white paper these guys
have an actual product up and running as currently in the beta testing phase I
have managed to download it and I have managed to take a look around or looks
excellent to me I will show you screenshots of that just a second this
is a fully functioning software product that is ready to use like I’ve been
saying this makes utopia one of a kind decentralized ecosystem with no
alternative key privacy features of the Utopia system include true decentralized
peer to peer your point of failure interception proof advanced encryption
cannot be banned by internet censorship there is no third party software
involved all tools are available within the Utopia ecosystem just collect your
data such as chat messages emails or IP addresses local storage is encrypted by
256 bit AES protecting all your data history and settings so like I was
saying the ecosystem is run on their own cryptocurrency called Krypton and it is
as you would imagine an integral part of the ecosystem and as you would expect
with any privacy coin you get the following when it is cryptographic
secured cannot be manipulated by an organization or a government it is safe
for a merchants transactions in Krypton are final and cannot be reversed you
would imagine the merchants interface is already available freedom of payment
send and receive money anywhere in the world you control your money
there is no third party with authority to block your wallet of this
confidential your transactions cannot be viewed by others it’s cost-effective
because the transaction fees are at very very
and this is a nice little part of it which I have been utilized in this
morning there is a mining section to it meaning you can earn by simply using
utopia on your computer and I have had a routine this morning and no it has not
affected my computer’s performance screenshots of utopian is what it looks
like I will show you it on my computer in just a second and how it actually
works YouTube the Utopia beta program has enabled enthusiastic individuals to
participate in Utopia prior to its release in 2019 so as I was saying the
beta phase is now operational there is a reward system currently in place they
are actively seeking participants to get involved and they do say no matter what
your skill set is you will find an opportunity to contribute to the project
rewards are paid depending on the model that you have chosen and your efforts
the more time you choose to dedicate to the Utopia eco system the more you can
earn I like I said there was there and like I was saying there’s three ways to
earn as a beta tester as a contributor or as a promoter
important to note and a nice touch here you can withdraw earned rewards to
Bitcoin if weren’t already convinced by the importance of projects like utopia I
think now is a good time to view the message and their promotional video this
is a message from the 1984 group today you are more vulnerable than ever before
governments of all developed countries have full control over your activities
on the Internet they will stop at nothing hardware
patches on networking devices forced an illegal cooperation with IT
company’s surveillance and collection of private data all your weaknesses and
preferences are known your emails instant messages social networks phone
calls your movements and precise locations are all known everything is
recorded stored and analyzed so that large corporations can continue to earn
billions of dollars by monetizing your preferences and the ruling class can
remain capable of destroying anyone who does not seem trustworthy
there are gigabytes of dirt stored on there’s something juicy about every
secret exchanges with your lover hot photos and videos from private chat
rooms careless stations in personal messages none of us are Saints but now
all of your activities are being documented would you be happy if all
your secret searches suddenly became known to the public but the internet
seems so convenient and secure in the beginning didn’t it it’s time to cast
off your chains now you are able to regain your fight for freedom and
security on the web with utopia a decentralized p2p network built by real
crypto anarchists a decentralized network cannot be controlled which makes
it very powerful with utopia you get a secure message secure email and a
network for secure storage and transfer of files an encrypted message cannot be
intercepted where it cannot be traced back to its
destination both the sender and the recipient of the message remain
completely anonymous their identities fully protected freedom is not given it
has to be taken together we will restore our basic human rights so downloading and installing the
software is a pretty easy process it takes no more than a couple of minutes
but once you do download and get it all up by morning this is what the back end
looks like and there is the Utopia chat lobby here if you wanna get involved and
talk to the people behind the project you have your you wallet here your
profile and your dashboard now if you’re one of these people that values freedom
of Internet communication privacy and the ability to browse the web securely
this is the type projects you should be looking at and I highly recommend
heading over to utopia and checking them out you remember they are at the beta
testing stage remember they’re not asking you for cryptocurrency or they’re
not running an IC or they’re asking for your time to contribution to the project
servers look at utopia I hope you enjoyed this video I cannot stress
enough how important it is to protect your data I know a lot of people don’t
put that much significance on their data but I can’t stress enough how important
it is to protect it and protect your privacy data has become an enormous ly
expensive commodity and you shouldn’t just give it for free but having watched
documentary the great hack on difference I highly recommend you go and do so it
will open your eyes into what these corporations are actually doing what
your data remember it is your data not theirs it should be a fundamental right
for your data to be protected all right companies like utopia these
guys are working towards protecting your data and your privacy
therefore just for today’s video I hope you enjoy this and love know what you
think of this let me know in the comments section d know you liked the
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