Ultimate Investing In Cryptocurrency Guide In 2019

Ultimate Investing In Cryptocurrency Guide In 2019

what's up guys and welcome back to another video in this video I'm gonna be talking all about investing in cryptocurrency in 2019 now some of you watching my channel may have already been in cover of currency one two three five or even more plus years now that doesn't matter cryptocurrency is a completely ever-evolving market with many different things happening new regulation new procedures just new news everything is constantly changing and that's why for me it's one of the most interesting markets there is out there but in 2019 there are a few things that you need to know when you're investing in cryptocurrency and that's what I'm going to be going over in today's video investing in cryptocurrency 2019 now if you're new to cryptocurrency or new to investing you should really be understanding that investing is risky it has elements of risk to it now whether that risk is worth the reward or is worth not risking it at all that's something you need to decide and maybe you have to take a bit of a meeting with your financial adviser or get one or just do some of your own research on the subject matter whether it be crypto stocks whatever it may be first of all when it comes to investing 101 never invest more than you can afford to lose this is something that many many people say but it's something that many many people do not follow for whatever reason so if you want to invest ten thousand dollars for example make sure you can afford to lose that turns out ten thousand dollars and not be scraping to pay rent or pay your mortgage or anything like that that is pretty much investing one-on-one don't vests more than you're willing to lose another thing you have to understand especially with cryptocurrency is it's a very volatile market some days we may see price increases of 10 20 % or the days we may see price Falls of 20 30 % it really is a very risky asset class but in my opinion the reward is well worth the risk and that's something you in your own time will have to weigh up and it's something you should put a lot of research heart and soul into and really understand if it's something you want to be getting into now the first thing you want to do when you're investing in cryptocurrency is probably to go to a website like bass now coinbase I'm sure you've all heard of it even if you're new to cryptocurrency if you haven't it's just corn bass calm I believe there is a link below if you want to get I think free ten dollars something like that so check that out commish is basically the way you should start buying cryptocurrency whether you want to buy 10 pound 100 pound $100 $1000 anywhere over maybe a few thousand dollars I would recommend coin based Pro or use coin base but bank transfer your money to it that way the the fees are much much lower once you bought your first Bitcoin etherium like coin whatever it may be you really want to be holding it now what I say buy hold is basically holding on to it you don't want to sell it buy it trade it or anything like that not right now anyway then what you want to do is you just want to be getting yourself a hardware wallet now whether that be a tracer a ledger or just using something like Exodus because that's free and basically storing your your cryptocurrency as a setting in cryptocurrency not your keys not your coins so if you're holding your cryptocurrency on coinbase or on by Nance or on BitFenix or bit tracks you don't technically own those coins or tokens yes you can do what you want with them you can trade them you can withdraw you can deposit them but the second something happens to that exchange or that company they're gonna would stop withdrawals to stop Napolitan or maybe not stop to pauses but they're gonna stop withdrawals and you won't be able to get access to it so you really need to be saving your cryptocurrency somewhere safe like hardware wallets once you've done that really you need to be thinking about your goals of cryptocurrency are you going to be wanting to hold it for five years ten years a year six months you need to identify what your going to be doing with this cryptocurrency and the potential profits that you may have you need to have set you need to set precise targets for example if you're buying in a Bitcoin $5,000 or it's eight thousand or ten thousand dollars you need to have in your mind or even write on a bit of paper where you want to take profits where you want to exit or you want to call it a day maybe you have some debt you need to pay off maybe you have a chunk of your mortgage you still want to pay off have that in mind and write it down on a piece of paper just so it's there when thing when times get emotional for example when bitcoins rallying up twenty thirty thousand dollars wherever may go take a look back at that piece of paper and say okay I said here I want to cash out at 25k or I want to take 50% profits at 20k Bitcoin have that on a piece of paper it trust me it's gonna do a world of good to you when the time comes one thing that is huge in crypto currency is emotional trading and making emotional decisions now in 2019 it's not actually been too bad we haven't had too much of a price manipul but it's nothing compared to 2017 one thing if you were around in the market in 2017 let me know down below if you did anything emotional I didn't really do anything emotional I definitely wish I sold more at the top even though we don't know where the top is I wish I've sold more about 18 19,000 just took a little bit more profit so honestly that's one thing I wish but definitely let me know down in the comments if there's anything you learnt from the 2017 bull run so one thing you need to be doing as I've said is just have a set profit target in mind set set a target where you want to get out or you want to take profits indeed that's one thing that will be very very valuable also don't fall for any phishing attempts any scams any people trying to get access to your Bitcoin or cryptocurrency there's a massive massive mass of people out there pretending to be cryptocurrency youtubers or influencers like myself or crypto daily or coin boys or I have a non tech any of these guys these guys are not going to be messaging you including me saying can I have your Bitcoin to trade with you it's just never gonna happen never never never and if you want validation that this is not the right person simply go to that person's YouTube channel or Twitter handle and see their exact user name maybe check the description in the video and just see exactly what social media handles they are using and chances are you can easily identify that it's a fraud or a fake trying to steal your Bitcoin so this was really really present a year or two ago now it's kind of slowed down a little bit but I guarantee when the Bitcoin when Bitcoin and the market start picking up again these scammers are going to be out in full force again so something that you really have to keep in mind and really just just don't send your crypto anywhere to anybody unless it's in exchange for example a trustworthy exchange so when you get into cryptocurrency and you've been in a while you may want to start thinking about trading or doing something with your portfolio for me I recommend 60% Bitcoin 40% all coins I also have my long-term portfolio I have a 1 to 6 month portfolio and I also have a trading allocation with some Bitcoin that I trade with these are things that you can set up and kind of establish after you've been a while in cryptocurrency I got into cryptocurrency before it was $1,000 so I potentially may have more Bitcoin than someone who got into it six months ago for example because I could buy seven Bitcoin for their one Bitcoin so you really have to be thinking about how much you've got in and what percentage allocations you want to be having for example I don't really trade with more than about ten percent of my total portfolio value maybe even five percent and of that five to ten percent I don't trade with every single bit of it let's say I have one Bitcoin for example 10 percent of that will be 0.1 Bitcoin I wouldn't do every single trade with that 0.1 Bitcoin no because what happens if it's a bad trade if it's a loss of the market if that particular crypto corn or token crashes you're going to lose all your trading allocation I would split that up into maybe a half so maybe you could trade with 0.05 for each time or even less depending on your situation and depending on your scenario once you've got the allocation for trading then you might want to start learning some trading tech techniques and trading tactics now on my channel I've probably got over 50 different free trading videos that you can Locker so just click on my icon down below go to my channel and check out some of those trading videos also in the link down below in the description I've got my Bitcoin blueprint 2.0 I've got my trade calls where I tell you where to enter and where to exit a trade and I've also got my free training down below so check out the description down below have a look at that free training you're actually going to get a free e-book as well and there's also a 7 day free trial to my trade calls where I basically tell you where to enter where to exit with the profitable and where to set your stop-loss it's pretty beginner-friendly to be honest so you may want to start trading using those free resources down below once you start trading you may be successful then you may want to take your profits either out in Bitcoin or out into USD back into fiat currency and help pay some debts or save for retirement or something like that that is definitely an option you have so that's pretty much it for this video guys it's hard to sum up cryptocurrency and what you can do all in one video I definitely have a lot of videos on my channel about it and the links in the description with some premium education my trade calls and the free training videos definitely check that out that's pretty much it for this video guys let me know down in the comments below what your thoughts on this video are and I'll catch you in the next video


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  • 황금날개 황금날개 says:

    thank you for your amazing videos, it motivate me every time i am watching your videos. I have beeen following Bitcoin since the last 2years I want to be a millionaire, but Trading have been unsuccessful for me due to lack of knowledge, experience and ignorance, so I lost so much, did so many research and watch different YT videos until I came across a video posted by ALTCOIN giving accolades to Mr Adrian Markus from UK a guru in trading which have put so many through by his specially designed website and lessons It didnt take up to 5 days for me to earn 4btc with 1btc investment thanks to his strategy since then trading has been profitable and easier so if you would like to increase your portfolio and get back your lost or newbee just reach out to him via Email (([email protected] com)) or via whatapp+(44) 7588766572

  • Your videos are really insightful! 
    Qu: How do you calculate the fees incurred when trading with 3Commas and Binance?

  • Your a very very very wise man, I will be sussing out some of your other videos. Ive been learning and watching you tube, learning about crypto for over a year now and noone else makes it so easy. Its very good basic advice and tips, I'm very keen to look more into your other educational material.
    Bless ya heaps

  • George Istrate says:

    I have been into crypto since 09.17 and i’ve seen the bull run and then the bears came and i am still hodling.Leason learnt👍🏻 just DCA all the time,hopefuly will worth it
    Cheers mate

  • Been in the space since Aug '17. I didn't sell at the top either. Long time no see btw. Good to have you back mate.

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