Transparent Glittered Acrylic Stiletto Nail Sculpt with Metallic Black and Gold

Transparent Glittered Acrylic Stiletto Nail Sculpt with Metallic Black and Gold

Hi everybody, I'm Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, we are going to do my pinky and we're gonna use glitter. Oh, yes! and some metallic and we're gonna finish, well, not quite finish – we're getting there – the whole look. So, I've already prepped this nail. Well, basically I've removed the nail. Yes! And I have cut myself while doing it. Yes, we're all human, and we all do it. I'm gonna fit a sculpting form, I'm gonna do a stiletto. Now, pinkies, wow, they are very small, aren't they? We can't always do a lot on them. But it doesn't mean we shouldn't neglect the pinky finger, it has feelings. So, we're gonna do a really sparkly finger. Not finger… Nail! Adam: Just gonna dip your whole finger in glitter Kirsty: It doesn't sound like a bad idea, doesn't it? So there's my sculpting form. Fits like a glove. I'm gonna prep with the dehydrator and the primer. Put two coats of primer on that itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny pinky finger. I'm going to use these four glitters. Shotgun Black Dust, Gold Super Fine Glitter, Chunky Glitter in Bronze, and then we've got Sandstone Mini Glitter. So, these are slightly different shades of gold. Wow! This is gonna get covered in glitter. I did say I was gonna do a gold finger. **movie plays** – "Do you expect me to talk?'' ''No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!"** Adam: Dum-Dum-Dum Shhhh!!!
Kirsty: That's terrible. You see how different they are. They're all pretty gold but they're all different in their own little way And I have Shotgun. Oh, there's another one I want to use. I swear I got it out, but when Adam moves things. Adam: You mean I tidy up?
Kirsty: Yes We will need clear acrylic. An acrylic brush of course. I've got high-speed in it because I want to work quickly. We're gonna go in to the gold and to get in to the different glitters. Then, I'm gonna apply it to the nail. I want it to be a little bit transparent, to see if the glitter is floating in the nail. So, do it quite thin. Look at those transparent areas. So, you don't want to add to this. You don't want to pick any more glitter and add it. You want to do it while you pick what your bead, so you're gonna pick up your bead. And go 1 2 3 4….straight on, move it around a little then you can mix it into the clear. I'm gonna encapsulate that with clear. I'm gonna let that set a little bit, then I will pinch. While that's setting i might put the lids on these glitters because I'm prone to knocking them over. Now, I'm gonna pinch. Just gotta take the form off now it's set. Gonna file this into shape. So, I'm gonna do my normal filing routine. So I've done my sidewalls, and then I'm gonna do the cuticle area. Now, gonna buff this. **Adam Laughs** See, I'm struggling with these long nails already. And then I'm gonna wipe over with pure acetone Make that nice and smooth. Oh my God! Look at the glitter already. That colour combination looks amazing, if I do say so myself. I'm going to top coat with mega gloss. You may think this is finished but it is not. So, I do like how you can slightly see through it. See what I mean? Adam: mm hmm!
Kirsty: I like that! right, cure that So, that's what we have at the minute. Well, love a bit of texture, so what we're gonna do? ** We're gonna use these black and the gold metallic. This gold is Going for Gold and the black is this one. And we're gonna have some fun on the nail just doing random, really random patches. I'm gonna marble into each other just like that. I'll clean this brush before I put it back in And we're gonna wait for that to dry. Then, this is my favourite party trick and this is a popular, popular technique. I've never done a glitter underneath before and I am excited. We're gonna just brush in different directions little patches. with the urban graffiti top coat. We gonna cure that. I'll bet you're thinking if you've not seen this before, well, I bet you are thinking, ''what the hell is she doing?' The girl is crazy!'' Then you'll need a lint-free pad. These are mouth blown wipes and acetone. I'm gonna wipe over. I think I'll just leave those little patches that you painted. Get rid of everything else. The acetone will wipe away everything else and that just adds even more texture and interest to the nail. I am in love! I'm gonna finish that with some cuticle oil. Four down, one to go! Keep watching! All the products we've used today are in the description box below. Don't forget check us out on Facebook and Instagram and my snapchat: KirstyNails. and I'll see you in the next video. Bye bye!


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