hi everyone my name is Sandeep in this
video I am going to tell you how to earn t-cash from merchants yes we can earn
t- cash from merchants but not directly as you see in thumbnail but he sells
items that in turn gives us t cash for filling helipad orders like this item
that gives us t- cash or manufactured at jewelry store that are pendant ring earrings
diadem feather earrings to refactor unlocks at level 53 so that all these items
will also unlocked at level fifty three so this trick only works after 53 so
players below level fifty three cannot use this trick now how to buy these five
items from merchants as you all know we don’t see these items in market boxes
from my experience I never saw these items in boxes I think playrix also know
about these tricks so that s why they won’t sell these items in market boxes
so in order to buy these items from merchants we have to hire merchants or
we can get him for free once in a month or before events they will give an offer
of free merchant services for three purchases after buying items from him he
will take a rest for one hour and you can buy all these items I mean one item
in a time a maximum three items per each item so if you’re considering we
can buy one two three maximum three minimum one item same four remaining
items to pendant earring feather earring – think of the here hearings or costly and the stadium is
also very costly even compared to others de diamond earrings are requested fund
on for 2d cash if they request for one tickets then just do the order and you
will get a better order next and these two items cost more than 5000 coins
remaining all items cost fearless feather rings cost you about 1,500 coins
and Don will ask you about one or two items for one take a seat if you request
for two for the rings then he will pay you to t cash same codes with pendant
but the cost of this pendant is more than these feather earrings it cost
about two thousand coins then Don will request she usually one but one Takeshi
so if he requests for two items then he will pay you to t cash rings cost about
2400 coins and Don will request for one drink or two rings at a time and
sometimes he even give you two tickets for each ring instead of one but usually
require he gives us only one t cash earrings and earrings will give you two
tickets for each order in certain cases he will also give you one t cash for
each order you can fill it because you can get two tickets for each or most of
the time you might get orders within goods along with these items if you see
them then delete that or and wait for the best one because Ingles are very
costly and merchants won’t sell them instead he will sell as odds with us we
can only make two ingots at a time it will waste one or worse in time these
are few dollars I just completed two days back and some of them are too I have a second channel and my second
channel name is fish capes I play all matchmaking games in that
channel right now I’m playing home scripts if you play home scripts please
subscribe to my second channel I will leave the link in description or you can
find in my related channels which video you want me to upload next how to
develop in zoo or in town or how to get coins or how to buy more boxes in market
or how to get mining tools or if you have any other ideas please comment



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