Totally Reliable Delivery Service! We deliver surprise packages...?

Totally Reliable Delivery Service! We deliver surprise packages…?

I'm trying to walk funny with this drink for me Whitewood is life yes yes it is today we have a couple of new deliveries in the Queen way please do you see my new bottles I brought them with the money we drop lufia why are you always showing off your sandals you know you show off your you open-toed shoes not supposed to wear that to work but look at me open-toed but with class I saw those Shh you didn't see yeah last episodes just quiet all right we're just gonna open our mail and deliver hello neighbor guys who wants the oil can we says danger on it we bow dangerous deliver guys this is teamwork yes sir hold it up together just have to go to the bathroom don't shake just walk man guys the crabs grow really big in these parts right you look Wow wait hold up this most beautiful fabulous Jack I'm ma please see your sunglasses nobody says oh that's really creepy don't worry she just wanted to pull your shirt I'm pretending no gold he doesn't want to talk to you yeah okay we'll let you look at the crabs however they are in the ocean what that's how longs to me though no gold just let it go her fabulous skirt can go oh we have to tell Drago hold up Drago let me help you buddy no oh wow wow thanks fall all right rolling Kabu Wow ma'am I am so sorry we tried delivering it but these jerks over there they're no help I'm sorry crew ups out is not that bad okay she's aggressive Holly I'm falling down a cliff let me help you drag girl out he's dead wait ow you guys you need to seriously help track go up no take that fish it's not ours you know we're great to go back to the objective look at Rainbow we will deliver the bonus fish so they give us tip all right let me show you how a pro does it okay suspenders check Crocs check hands on hips sassy hey fish check sassy style check watch I can do this by myself yeah see okay good yah yah yah yah yah hey let go of my hair I'm just gonna waddle okay careful markers for hot oil hot oil Hey get get away from me don't get away let go I am delivering this by myself Oh Drago what let's go Oh sometimes you gotta let out a bean so you can do your goal there you go you can't fart near explosives help help me up help me up okay let's pick it up thank you oh yeah no you're welcome pull me out gave us no goals let go of me I don't wanna be stuck here we need to go to our next objective we gotta look at all funny we don't wait for just hang on we're late this looks really lame that granny is laughing okay come on I'm good at driving okay watch parking skills booyah all right crew ups I can't hold the extra weight Drago is holding my ponytail wait okay we're ready now hold it perfect beautiful hey we're going to the sky just hold on it was dragging me down where are we going okay next objective which is not in the water or going totally your fault Rako track away we going long day I need a break Wow Drago by the hidden bowl beside the lighthouse with your own boat and you get a trophy okay I saw a boat back here oh my gosh stay back the achievement is mine you don't like working here at crew ups you good you love working how much do you love it don't I got the bow all that was so yeah wait taco truck oh hold up I see it away come on I need to catch up got to catch up rainbow stay back walk away from me I need to go Jaakko you're not escaping we have to deliver mail stealth come on Drago no she hijacked the boat let go Drago let hey have to get the total fee go I don't know about oh okay oh there's another boat a better one no whoa team effort people [Laughter] save me rainbows drowning golden are doing something very epic if you're enjoying this video so far make sure we deserve that wait oh my god I am trying to push the boat closer for you so we could get to the lighthouse already epic money suck yeah we're agents are we going agents funny where are you are you is that the lighthouse I see it I see it that way come on let's go away it's right there we don't like funny stopping speed up man it's funny so I hurried Raghu to let her hit us I'm not hitting you I'm helping you I'm just what are you doing you should run it rate will come come can Drago catch rainbow go you want to ride with don't don't no don't you think it's a joke you had to run into people in their week well he's back on track hold on you just have to hold on okay whoa hey that my house is out of bounds right we went here for nothing there's a little pause a waste of time ooh crab oh there was this giant crab she was a lying next delivery the rocket is missing a key component for liftoff we must deliver this precious cargo put it in a bucket all right come on a piece of cargo just get in there you're fragile so you're fat Jack hurry up come on fragile you said you were holding the package Gold no please that's hey Wow look at your fragile stuff in here yeah of course there's fragile stuff I will hold it okay I am more careful I am more careful with the package ladies put it on my Doritos you broke it oh and the package was just soda pop just soda pop are you serious how's it important okay we're ready ready man let's go let's go choco tribe where is delivered to the docks nowhere the docks are I'm not lost this is hurting us more than the package we got this oh just hold it up it's good yeah the docks are turn out fully please let it go let it go careful Oh scary okay I got it yeah got it okay wait we're here come on oh it's heavy let's meet our key okay got it I got it I got it I got it I'm fast oh thank you you saved me hot you saved my life oh you know what that's no you have to put anything no more rolling wait I see you guys are doing this the hard way can I have your Rubik's Cube it's all your fault no we need the vehicle to go over the rocks I'll Drive I'm the best driver ever just put it in out okay go hold on you're being so lazy Jackie okay hold on no can you hold on a bar thank you break I'm breaking going we got it noticed a okay the cars stopped run just run with the package let's go it's gonna get damaged it's gonna get down it's fun holding right there no time to sleep men go come on yes yeah wait let go let go let go I'm letting go you let go [Laughter] careful careful yeah delivery steam slinging use the great to get to your advantage oh this is dangerous like pick it up where's a great ahh so heavy guys we need to put this on we're puttin that mini card what is that it's gasoline the gas tank be careful Yeah Yeah Yeah yes dangerous that's why I'm dragging on the floor Oh over here guys over here what you deliver it over here okay ready ouch see okay guys no one step on that grate do not touch it okay hold this we'll wait at the top okay maybe will help me out help me out rainbow help gold a little feet we're gonna step on the grain ok rainbow let's go just carry this up make us go up gold what's not up fish too much weight Wow gold your fire smoke no you don't get to use it you are bad clearly no have any idea how to use it let's got a light not to use this clearly I am alright smart look at this wow the moment of truth Drago thinks he can use the great carefully place a time alright hold button go up I said button hands ready just don't drop it oh that doesn't look safe dystrophic oldest trumpet can I hold your hands up look now we can use umbrella to drop down slowly does it work yeah I don't hold onto me everyone hold onto them brother well guys that is all for totally reliable delivery service if you did enjoy it make sure to smash the like button down below don't forget to subscribe if you're new add crew we'll see you all in the next one let's float out of here live what's this an epic I want to touch that and up there hold hands


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