Top Cryptocurrency & STO Projects For 2019

Top Cryptocurrency & STO Projects For 2019

hi guys thanks for tuning in to another episode of Nuggets news well I'm pretty excited today to be able to share with you a special episode of the projects that I'm most looking forward to watching blossom throughout 2019 now last year we did our underrated coins video and I recently reviewed for you how those coins perform the 10 that you guys had selected from reddit is your favorite coins as well as my favorite 10 coins and three special mentions we went over how that performed and obviously that was one of the greatest bull markets in history and a $10,000 investment got you anywhere between a hundred thousand and three hundred thousand dollar profit if you had followed our channel last year now one thing that I have spoken about is that old coin cycles are going to be very different we're never gonna have that exact same bull market and I don't think that everything is gonna go up in the future so I want to talk about what projects I think are gonna perform well and the themes that we're gonna see play out but please check out the old coin cycles and the top ten recap video if you haven't already so the first thing I want to talk about is these index funds or index style tokens and I think that big money is going to flow into these sort of things that allocate money into the top 20 or Arbour have recently announced a new product called bit 10 and that puts money into ten projects in different weightings and I think that is a theme that's going to continue so those large-cap coins some people would call them mid-cap coins once we get to number 20 I still think that they're gonna benefit a lot if we get any sort of institutional or mature money coming into the space they can't put big allocations into coins with only a million or two million dollars market cut they're going to put money into these bigger projects to give them exposure to crypto blockchain if that's what they're after now the next thing I want to talk about is a few old favorites and I think old favorites are very much gonna come back into fashion this year one thing that I've always spoken about is seeking out projects that are a little bit boring on first appearance and they've been some of my favorites and some of our best investments that deed a hundredfold returns was projects that a lot of people said were boring now recently factoids came out of nowhere and factum had some good announcements the donkey making progress in launching a working product and so on and that was a project that we did fundamental analysis on very early on so here's a few others that I really like q Tom that's a bit of a hybrid between Bitcoin aetherium – which I think he's stated gained some real-world traction in a lot of countries and they've got a great community D credit is such an old favorite of mine with a fantastic community that are always working hard behind the scenes and it rarely gets noticed or hyped on social media flow is one that's rebuilding the internet itself from the ground up in a lot of ways and changing the way that we share data and privacy and I've done an interview with these guys in the channel as well I really love that project maker is rebuilding that entire central banking model in a in a decentralized fashion and I think they're gonna start to launch other pegged assets this year so they've already sort of hinted that maybe go but really the model that they're using allows you to pay anything so a lot of people are excited about Apple shares maybe trading is our seat 20 tokens and so on I think maker can do far more than that so much potential there now comodo is a chain that is paying itself to Bitcoin and I think Bitcoin and proof-of-work is going to become so important and we're gonna see more 51 percent attacks throughout this year so comodo smart contracts privacy piggybacking off Bitcoin great community I think that's project it's gonna perform well and Olga has been around for a few years now and just this week we saw unveiled pardon the pun a new project called vo which is building on top using augur 0x aetherium all these great components are coming together to build the front end and the the user-friendly version so we can create these hybrid marketplaces and so on now at least here's another one that's using very friendly coding languages I think they're gonna roll out a suite of products that's going to be used in the real world so there's 10 projects for you 9 sorry a little bit little bit boring and I think boring projects are gonna perform really well but the next thing I wanna talk about is more this secure touken space which everyone is very excited about so first up here we've got Raven Queen and they've already got some stos some trading happening back and forward on that blockchain so peer to peer blockchain handling that creation and transfer of all these different assets and I'm not sure if I'm gonna I haven't invested in all these just yet but these are the ten sto projects that I'm keeping a very close eye on because I think out of them there's going to be two or three that captured big market share and go really well the next one is polymath you're all familiar this one it's the one that gets spoken about the most so again I'm trying to look maybe further down the list if a lot of this is already priced in but just depends what the markets doing if Bitcoin encrypt all has a big pull back and you can get into something that's one of the main projects in the sto space at far lower prices then all the sudden that becomes a bit more attractive to me so again I'm waiting to see the direction of Bitcoin in the entire market is well before making up my mind now pref logic is one that a few people were at me very early on and I probably didn't look into it soon enough because they've got a fantastic sto wizard which is gonna make it very easy for people to roll out these STRs and compliant with its reggae red D that all gets programmed in with that token and the wizard that they're creating securitized is another one that's a bit of an all-rounder with compliance program ability you know we know these benefits of the sto space and so one that I'm keeping my eye on and I think some good projects are gonna come out of secure ties or saccharine C and that's why I'm keeping an eye on them not only for if these projects have their own token like raven and and some of these others but if the good projects launch and through these services so security is another one that's really interesting if you look down here they're building their own standards out and that's what I really think he's gonna dominate if they can get these standards like we see AR C 20 be so widely used we know 721 and non fungible and now we have all these other sto projects trying to set a standard and interoperability for these to be able to trade on all the different platform and so on now harbors one that's already out there in the real world tokenizing real estate and talking about fractional izing ownership I'm really watching that one closely and then we move on to the funds and a lot of the time these guys have their finger on the pulse on where to invest in individual projects you can keep an eye on what they're investing in what others are investing in and in the same vein of thought in a decentralized fashion and nygma and catalyst is one of the projects that I've done full fundamental analysis on if you want more details and I think this is so exciting what they're building enabling the flow of data in a private way people can create their own micro hedge funds others can see how they're performing and choose to invest in that fund copier and and so on so I think this one is doing some fantastic things these are the projects that I believe have been busy building during the 2018 bear market and again these projects that I believe have been busy for a number of years now that are gonna have their time in the Sun that haven't been overly hyped just yet so what do you guys think is that a good list of projects what projects are you most excited about do you think old projects are going to come back into fashion do you think the sto space is going to drive the next boom let me know in the comments below smash that like button subscribe if you haven't already share these videos around and thanks for tuning in guys choose


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  • Good afternoon mate
    Great video as usual
    Just wondering have you changed your mind about synthetix network token (SNX) being a great project
    Havent heard you talk about it in a while

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  • Newbie question if we want to invest in stos does that mean we buy for example the polymath token ? And anything they sell on behalf of anyone who wants to digitalise their assets we will benefit, or do we have to wait till they advertise assets or projects first ?

  • carson denouden says:

    Personally I think I’m 2019 kin will bring cryptocurrency to the general public with partners already like tappatalk, Swelly, perfect 365 already intergrating it into there apps and with a second developer program launching yesterday which will include another 100 apps integrating kin. Kin is fairly misunderstood everyone looks at kin and says why would I invest it has 10 trillion coins available with 750 billion in circulation, but the truth is there is method behind the madness they aim for a value of 1-10c so you don’t end up making in app purchases with 0.0002 of a coin. And with major exchanges coming in next few weeks and it being shortlisted as a coin to be listed on Coinbase. I think big things will happen for kin in 2019

  • This is a whole new level that I have to get my head around. Another reason to join your group, too much information to get my head around even as a full time investor. Is Genesis Vision and STO as they allow me to follow investors and choose which can invest for me.

  • Hey mate, just wondering if you’ve ever looked into Holochain. Do you think there’s any value there for a good investment, or just hype?

  • Thanks for this. I think you mentioned in this video you’d done a FA video of Flo in the past. I couldn’t find it. Do you have a link?

  • Badbadnotgood Goodgodnotbad says:

    Ever notice just how many mason like branding symbols these coins have. If anything it's definitely legitimises the thought that this is where the future is moving

  • If China finally regulates the crypto sphere, Chinese projects look the most promising. They are very undervalued in my view.

  • Do you expect Securitize and Securency to issue their equity coins this year? I don't see that on the horizon but both are solid projects like Polymath.

  • Crazy prayingmantis says:

    Everyone seems to think that Bitcoin is guaranteed to get back to its ATH and beyond again yet there's nothing to say it has to.
    Bitcoin could settle in and fluctuate somewhere between $50 and $5k, nobody knows.
    It could turn out to be totally useless and be worth nothing,

  • Power ledger are releasing a security token called AGE, allowing retail investors access to renewable assets. Could be interesting.

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