Top 5 Cryptocurrency Events Coming In 2019! (Cryptocurrency Predictions 2019)

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Events Coming In 2019! (Cryptocurrency Predictions 2019)

so 2018 is almost over this has been a long year in the crypto world but now we're looking ahead to 2019 and thinking about what we can expect in this upcoming year so after doing our research and pondering we came up with five events that we're looking forward to and we want to share that with you in this video so if you're curious about them then all you have to do is just keep on watching hi everyone I'm Kevin from Bitcoin for beginners here to bring you interesting and informative content with no frills nor fluff so while you're watching this video if you find it helpful at all then you can support us by smash that like button and clicking down below to subscribe as well and as this may be the last video you watch of mine before the turn of the year I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas Happy Holidays and also Happy New Year's let's get started okay so it's almost the end of the year 2018 was definitely the year of the bear went a lot longer than we hoped for and it's not the one we expected at the turn of the Year last year we thought things would still be great for quite a while but unfortunately that was not the case but that wasn't surprising based on how irrational and exuberant the market was in 2017 so we're all here stuck wondering will 2019 be any better we're not sure but there are certain large events that could shape the 2019 landscape for cryptocurrency so let's discuss them and we can be able to look out for them when they occur number one is the Bitcoin ETF decision there's one last remaining contender for a Bitcoin ETF by solid X and Bannock the decision has to come before February 27th 2019 by the SEC if you don't remember the etf news as affected the crypto markets throughout 2018 but they were all eventually denied so that the prices dropped after the price rallied in anticipation of news this one however has the best chance because it's formed by some reputable entities it has a strong custody and insurance solution which the SEC has asked for in the past and they're also going to be backed by real Bitcoin rather than dealing with derivatives like futures or whatnot but honestly quarter 1 of 2019 seems a little bit too early for the mark to be in amateur enough space for the SEC to approve it hester pierce one of the most probe bit coin and crypto commissioners on the sec she's one of five by the way tells us that we should just be patient and ATF could come tomorrow or come a few years from now she's trying to do her best into convincing her fellow commissioners to accept one but it's hard work and she's trying to do it as often as possible so far not yet successful number two is a theorems constantinople hard fork this is an upgrade that was supposed to happen and 2018 but was delayed because developers want to ensure a smooth release and as bug-free as possible these include several technical upgrades on the move towards casper which if you don't know is that theorems move towards proof of stake there also be an important block reward reduction for miners so that they won't receive as many ethers per block mined and this should also lower the rate of inflation and also potentially affect the sell-side pressure because there's less available for miners to sell to the market the goal of this is to improve at theorem scalability we all know how aetherium needs scalability big time after everything that went on late 2017 and early 2018 with like crypto kitties and just a large amount of usage around the world this has now been scheduled for January 2019 so that's coming very soon in the next couple of months I'm personally very excited to see what happens with this and could we potentially see a price rally because ether was definitely pummeled in 2018 so maybe 2019 with many technical improvements coming down the line may bring some better times number-three theme that we're looking out for in 2019 is crypto regulations and SEC has been ramping up their efforts to clean up the crypto world lately they've taken actions against companies individuals and more and we're just wondering to what extent will they continue and who will they target in 2019 so far they've done only a few high-profile examples to kind of set the tone but there are thousands of other entities that they can target with actions or look for settlements perhaps on the bright side though there are Pro crypto bills being introduced the US Congress by various supportive congressmen and they favor a light touch or elation considered tokens not to be securities but rather a new type of asset and also more beneficial ideas that will hopefully spur innovation for the United States we think that this can help the crypto world and encourage people standing on the sidelines to come back into the space if these are past number four is the launch of bats this was supposed to launch already in q4 but it's still pending CFTC approval which is the Commodity Futures Trading Commission another agency in the United States the new date is set for January 4th 2019 and the whole initiative if you don't know about backed is by ice which is the New York Stock Exchange's parent company and their goal is to create a full-scale infrastructure for Bitcoin adoption first product they're gonna have release is a physically delivered Bitcoin futures this is not like seeing me or CBOE in which they are not physically delivered but rather cash-settled they will also store their Bitcoin and their state-of-the-art digital warehouse to provide a lot of protection and security number five thing we're looking for is the end of the bear market potentially because everyone's wondering when will it just end right try traders and technical analysts say that it will end when the market is ready now I know that's super vague but even when the market bottoms in 2019 it doesn't mean the bull market will start immediately it may take some time going sideways to bottom out sufficiently before we see another rally some people think that it will be 2020 which is still another full year from now at the next having of bitcoins block reward but a string of good news can also turn around the general sentiment just think about it right if there's more regulatory clarity from a few of the countries that are tough on crypto right now if an ETF is approved if backed has been launched it made your tech improvements come into play these can all encourage everyone who's standing in the sidelines right now to flow back into the space and start us on our next rally so thanks everyone for watching what else are you guys looking forward to next year in the crypto world if you're still here if you don't think that crypto is dead I don't think it's dead I'm still here and we'll be keeping an eye out on this young and exciting space even though we're unsure of where it will go and how it will evolve please leave me a comment if you have any questions I'll definitely get back to you give me a thumbs up subscribe down below if you haven't already this is Kevin I hope you have amazing rest of your day and I'll see y'all next time


20 thoughts on “Top 5 Cryptocurrency Events Coming In 2019! (Cryptocurrency Predictions 2019)”

  • Bitcoin for Beginners says:

    BFB Fam…. who'll still be around in 2019? Also if you like this video, please give us a LIKE! 🙂

  • I literally want bull market to happen in late 2020 so I could collect a lot of bitcoin before then. I'm very happy and enjoying this bear market.

  • What about internal governance moves? Like Messari.. maybe focus a bit on that next vid..
    Congrats on focusing on events and their possible effects and not just bullshit

  • Many of the things that you think are going to 'help' crypto have proven in other markets to 'hurt' them. Gold (precious metals) for example was hurt badly by futures and even by government involvement. and that manipulation has been at play right up to the current day by holding down the value far below what it should be. The same sort of scam-mery will probably occur in crypto when these futures, etc… don't have to actually buy the BTC for real, and can make up fake paper BTC contracts like was done with gold. That is a criminal form of manipulation, and it hurts the value of the things it touches rather than enhancing it. So what I am saying is to be careful what you wish for. We want mass adoption, but as usual… people tend to confuse mass adoption with government involvement & regulation, as if they are the same thing. They also confuse businesses that use government forced laws to control these spaces as if they are the same thing as mass adoption and freedom, when in reality they are not. The government wants us to 'think they are the same thing' so that they can get their octopus tenticles all over every financial instrument on Earth, but in reality, free market voluntary trade and non government involvement of any kind would serve us better as consumers, investors, and as users. We just don't realize this truth, because the propaganda machines of the world have made sure that we are constantly fed a false narrative about what would actually be 'best for us'. Here's a hint… Freedom. Voluntary human interactions= GOOD. Government, regulation (which is non-voluntary force and coercion)=BAD.

  • nope. the problem with ETH is not all about speed and proof of stake. Dapps are just worthless right now. XRP move on ETH is permanent. if the hardfork fails to solve the problem or generate excitment some say ETH can drop to 10 USD…. some of the king apps and erc 20 tokens are leaving ETH in 2019 like BNB so i don't like ETH for the medium term.

  • stephen rendall says:

    For sure im sticking around for 19. Even if we have another yr long bear market…. we know it will end and thats when the fun begins…

  • Adriano El Casinero says:

    Gonna be around for sure, we just had 2 extremely turbulent years. Because price was overextended to the upside in 2017, I expect the bear market have the price overextended to the downside (next year). BUT I think there is enough positive news to be expected so eventhough we might not reach all time high next year, I think we will bottom out and perhaps late next year see the first signs of recovery. Just my 2 satoshis though

  • It was an excellent year to learn from our mistakes and to learn more it is useful to know how the system works properly
    the focus on building best way for know To increase the momentum and develop more system to find solutions for blockchain

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