Top 5 Apps To Make Money Online With Your Phone (PayPal Free Money)

Top 5 Apps To Make Money Online With Your Phone (PayPal Free Money)

you know what is going on YouTube fan
Chad Bennett here your make money online coach teaching you great ways to make
money every single day so that you can quit your nine-to-five so today I want
to talk about the five top apps that you can use and make money just from your
smartphone or a tablet start making money today I have done all the research
all of these are 100% legit I’ve tested them out I’ve read all the reviews you
are going to level I have in store for you today so make sure that you stick
with me through this entire video because at the end I’m gonna have a
little bit of bonus content as well of two new apps that I’ve learned about
that I didn’t know about but I went into the research and they are 100% legit and
I absolutely love these as well so potentially seven different applications
we’re gonna talk about today that you can use to start making money just with
your cell phone all right you guys real quickly here before we get too deep into
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the first thing that I want you to know is I’ve left a link down in the
description of this video to every single one of the apps that we will be
discussing today so if you want to download any of those make sure that you
check out those links down in the description of
video counting down from number five first up we have an application called
Swagbucks and I absolutely love this application I have it installed on my
very own smartphone I use it all the time whenever I have a little bit of
downtime I’m at a doctor’s appointment waiting in the waiting room or I’m
getting the car wash or something like that and I just have a little bit of
downtime I’ll bust out this application and what’s really cool about this is
there’s so many different ways within this one single application to start
generating money and that’s what I love about it the most one thing I want to
point out is that it’s very very well liked it’s been rated by thirty seven
thousand four hundred and thirty people roughly four stars here you guys if you
come through here and actually read some of the comments and stuff people are
raving about this application they absolutely love this so how does it work
basically what’s happening here is within this one single app you’re
getting paid for things that you’re doing every single day already
anyways online and I’m talking about things such as shopping online watching
entertaining videos searching the web answering surveys and then you can find
more great deals and so when you’re doing all these different things you’re
earning points that are called swag bucks that you can cash out for gift
cards such as Walmart gift cards PayPal gift cards amazon gift cards and the
list goes on if you actually check out their their gift card page there is a
huge list of different gift cards that you can cash out these points for so
like I said you guys are going to be shopping online answering surveys you
can get paid for watching videos you discover more offers you can get paid
for searching the web if you use Yahoo you can search through the Yahoo powered
search engine and get paid just for doing that you can get paid with this
application just for playing a game so you can come in here download different
games and stuff like that and get paid just for playing games absolutely blows
my mind you guys alright you guys moving on here and continuing the countdown at
spot number four here we have feature points and again another application
that I absolutely love it’s been rated by one hundred and eleven thousand
people here roughly rated almost five stars these guys have been around for
quite some time now since 2012 they’ve paid out over five million eight hundred
thousand dollars again available in the Apple App Store Google Play Store and
basically what’s happening on this application is it’s very similar to
Swagbucks in regards to there’s a couple different things that you can do on here
you’re going to be earning points and you can cash those out for gift cards so
let’s take a look at this you’re gonna be completing short surveys giving your
opinion such as like do you own a dog what kind of car do you drive so very
very simple stuff here you guys you can in cash back for places that you’re
shopping at every single day anyways we’re talking about stores such as Best
Buy forever21 Walmart Target Macy’s so again
tons of great stores and the list goes on you guys there’s literally hundreds
of different stores that they have it you can shop through this app and earn
points and get cash back another great thing too is you can be doing you can
download apps again play free games and download different apps try them out for
just a few minutes and earn points just for doing that I don’t know if you’re
not if you’re like me at all I’d love to download different applications and test
them out so that’s a great way to actually get paid for doing that and
then another way that you can actually earn with this app it’s just by sharing
this with your friends you down the list you download this you try it you like it
you share it with your friends with your affiliate link and then you can actually
start earning their points as well and then like I said you’re going to redeem
all the points that you have for gift cards and we’re talking about gift cards
such as PayPal that’s the Google Play Store Xbox coming in at spot number
three we have field agent again another app that I absolutely love this is very
simple to do this one’s a little bit different than the last two that we’ve
been talking about looking at it in the Google Play Store here it’s been rated
by five thousand three hundred and forty five people roughly four stars here
again so very another very well liked application checking it out on their
actual home page for agents looking at it from the top down it’s available in
the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store and just looking at at
the top here so simply use your phone or Android device together specific
information then get paid so what basically happens here is you sign up as
an agent for these guys and they give you a map and they have different jobs
that are local to where you’re at and you accept these jobs and you go out and
actually complete these tasks and some of these tasks are basically going and
doing price checks maybe going and taking pictures in the stores of
different items of where they’re at on the shelves and stuff like that and once
the actual task is completed you get paid what’s really cool about this one
is you get paid an actual cash that transfers straight to your bank account
field agent has been featured in the business insider USA Today money talks
news and the penny hoarders so again people absolutely love this application
it is very very reputable and they’re paying in cash you guys if you have any
more questions they have a great frequently asked questions section down
here on their page you can come through they break it down very simply wanted to
point out that they’re paying anywheres between 1 and 12 dollars for each job
completed and they tell you kind of exactly what type of tasks you can be
expected to actually complete some of the jobs
like I said our price checks and in-store display checks and then
consumer surveys the consumer survey ones can actually be done at home you
don’t have to go anywhere for those so that’s kind of neat as well I writer you
guys coming in at the number two spot is this application called dash and I’ve
talked about this a lot in the past so I’m not gonna hammer this home too much
but I absolutely love this application I have it installed on my smart phone it’s
paid me over and over again hundreds of dollars it’s available in the Apple App
Store the Google Play Store and it says right here that it’s the easiest money
you’ve ever made and I completely have to agree with that because you’re
literally doing nothing it’s an application that you pretty much install
on your phone you link your debit your credit cards to it and you just live
life as you normally would and whenever you pay with the cards that you have
linked this app if they’re affiliated with any of the businesses that are
within Dasch it automatically saves you cash back and these are you get cash
back all the way up to 10% you guys and another way that you can actually earn
with this application it’s just by sharing how much you enjoy this app with
your friends so if you share it a lot of times they’re paying five 10 even 15
dollars to refer this application to your friends and family and beyond you
guys so another great way to make some very very easy money I also wanted to
point out that has been rated by thirty-eight thousand four hundred and
fifty fifty three people rated almost five stars in the Google Play Store so
people absolutely love this application I know I do download this give it a try
and it literally happens completely on autopilot you guys there’s nothing
special that you have to do you’re not going in and actually accepting these
different office or anything you just set it up link your cards and start
getting cash back all right you guys coming in at spot number one here is
crypto tab browser and I absolutely love this application I have it installed on
all my devices including my desktop and my laptop and what’s really cool about
this is it’s basically your browser you guys so if you’re familiar with Google
Chrome Safari Firefox stuff like that crypto tab browser is the exact same
thing it’s lightweight and what happens is you you swap out the current browser
that you’re using so if you’re using Firefox you start using crypto tab
browser and make that your default browser and that browser is mining
Bitcoin in the background and what’s really cool is you can do this on
smartphones and tablets now and start mining Bitcoin and earning Bitcoin in
the background just for surfing the web like you normally would so I want to
check this out over in the Google Play Store as well and just show you how
popular it’s this is and how much people like this
it’s been rated by eighteen thousand nine hundred and seventy-six people
roughly five stars here you guys and if you’re worried about whether your phone
will slow down or something like that because of the algorithm running in the
background I want to show you that that does not happen I haven’t had it happen
to me they even talked about it right here on their web page what if my smart
phone will slow down rest assured crystal tats algorithm is perfectly
optimized for mobile devices Bitcoin mining will not affect your everyday
tasks all right you guys so that wraps up our top five applications to start
earning money on your smartphones or tablets now as promised we’re gonna jump
straight into the bonus content I’m going to provide you two more
applications that I just recently learned about but our 100% legit and you
can go ahead and start making more money with your smart phones and tablets so
the first one that we have up here you guys is called Google opinion rewards
and you know this one is legit because it was made by Google itself and
obviously Google is a very very large legitimate company so it’s been rated by
68,000 people roughly 4.7 stars here you guys and this is very very simple
basically what is happening here is you’re going to be answering quick
surveys and get paid up to a dollar for each completed survey via your PayPal
account and the surveys usually take less than 20 seconds so and last up we
have the application called a TaskRabbit and basically what this is is this a
convenient and affordable way to get things done around the home so people
have all kinds of different tasks that they need done around their home and if
you can go and help them with those tasks you can get paid for that and
that’s what this app does is it connects people that can do these tasks with the
actual tasks that need to be done that I’m talking about tasks such as mounting
an installation moving and packing furniture assembling cleaning general
handyman work and heavy lifting so if you can do any of those things you can
get signed up a TaskRabbit set your own price that your own schedule and start
making money in your local area so just a very quick example of exactly how this
works is TaskRabbit notifies you of potential jobs nearby via your cell
phone or your tablet as long as it’s connected to the internet you select one
that you want to complete you confirm the details with your client and then
you complete the work and you submit your invoice and you get paid so there
you have it youtube fan that is all i have for you today be the 1% of people
that actually download these applications and go out there and start
making some money and then last but not least you guys if you found any valuable
content in this video at all make sure that you smash that thumbs up
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