Too Late to Buy Bitcoin? SEC Crypto IEO Crackdown & Death of Cryptopia

Too Late to Buy Bitcoin? SEC Crypto IEO Crackdown & Death of Cryptopia

as the crypto markets heat up in the rafts of good news continue to roll in the question comes up is it too late to buy a Bitcoin also the SEC is looking to crack down on IE OS and crypto Pia is officially dead goodbye crypto via now if you are new around here or you know someone who is kind of just getting in a crypto then please tell them to go over and check out crypto currency explained it is a free course designed for beginners but with practical tutorials and advice that even investors who have been around the block a few times can appreciate and find value in now the answer to the question is it too late to buy a Bitcoin it's not a short answer we're gonna break it down here for you at least on the surface level because you must understand a few things about Bitcoin to be able to answer that question Bitcoin is the best money in the world is 24/7 global permissionless censorship resistant money that is incredibly portable easily divisible and incredibly scarce there are only 21 million Bitcoin ever 17 point 7 million have already been mined and of those 17 point 7 million up to 4 million have been lost forever leaving only 3.3 million more to come there are 7 billion plus humans on the planet it is scarcity in digital form and is nearly superior to gold in every way now if you want to buy a Bitcoin you must realize that every day new investors are getting in now many of those investors have way more money than you do and I'm not talking about just random millionaires here but these are some of the biggest companies in the world that are getting the Bitcoin right now companies like fidelity are offering Bitcoin to their millions of big money customers and their institutional clients when you buy Bitcoin these are the people you are competing with to buy it and of course every Tom Dick and Harry with a hundred bucks and was also lied enough to get Bitcoin now by the way those big money players are also working hard to bring in a raft of paper instruments into the regulated stock markets there are already ragingly popular futures contracts with new variants coming soon and other instruments for the markets called ETFs now these will all require the institutions which are offering these products actually go out and buy up huge amounts of Bitcoin from the markets in order to have the required amounts of these assets to underwrite the paper products also we can factor in here that recent technical indicators are signalling that the bull market may indeed be here key indicators like hitting the Golden Cross and now maintaining strong momentum above the 200-day moving average as well as volume right now absolutely exploding will be seen as a signal for many investors that a bull market has been confirmed and it is now okay to re-enter the market right now we do have a very curious situation though as really the institutions are the ones who are pushing up the prices right now along with the course you know savvy traders and committed crypto enthusiasts who are reading the confirmations of this major trend reversal and the start of what is likely to be the next super cycle while the institutions will be a massive force overall we must remember that retail investors will really bring in a massive flood of money in the coming months and years and retail is starting to arrive there has been a slight delay but it is coming we will transition an uptick in Bitcoin searches and it is far from the all-time high in terms of interest that we saw back into 2017 bull run but it's the start of the rumbling of the retail crowd stampeding back in the major thing here is that Bitcoin is really really breaking away from the pack interest from retail into the altcoin markets has not yet picked up with any of the major altcoins but it will also for the first time in a long time claim base is a trending app on the App Store keep in mind that during the blood in the streets phase of the bear market that the mainstream had almost entirely forgotten about crypto but they're starting to take notice again so is it too late to buy Bitcoin hell no in so many ways we are still early to the crypto markets and we are just seeing things starting to heat up and what we are seeing now is likely just the first stage of what will gear up to be the next major cycle in the crypto markets if you missed the dead bottom that's okay many investors are just starting to buy back in at these levels as they have seen those confirmations that a new bull market is beginning and this is so different from the last bull market – especially in terms of what has been and is being built and it's just getting started guys so does that mean to go all-in right now I would say learn to dollar-cost average will some people like to jump in and out of their entire portfolio and try to time and swing the markets around not everyone can do that many people do disciplined buying over time which is a safer and less stressful way to do crypto every week when you get your paycheck put 50 bucks in or whatever your number might happen to be and buy some Bitcoin easy long-term value investors have done incredibly well with Bitcoin with those who are dollar cost averaging during the bear market almost all in profit now even if they were buying at the highs back in 2017 or an early 2018 whereas day traders shorting the market have been wrecked dollar cost averaging has the advantage of giving you exposure to the market across a range of prices which makes the trying to time it to get the cheapest price really not such a stressful thing as you get regular exposure to the price action remember there are still investors out there who are waiting to go all-in when Bitcoin drops to the thousand dollars they're still waiting understand that almost no one will perfectly buy the bottom and then sell the top and that most day traders get completely wrecked investing in low cap altcoins for example yeah it can make you really rich overnight you can also lose everything in a flash and if you want to get rich overnight maybe you just won't go buy a lottery ticket guys know if you want to make a life-changing move and begin your investing journey and take a long-term view educate yourself about this asset class and get serious investment strategies sure you might get lucky and put a thousand dollars on the altcoin that you know goes the moon but you might not and if you want consistent results then you actually to have a consistent plan and strategy in place bitcoin is still severely undervalued compared to most major markets compared to the gold market it's a baby compared to larger money markets oh my gosh it's so tiny compared to the stocks Wow and this is the very real chance the Bitcoin goes into the hundreds of thousands of dollars or beyond so keep that in mind if you buy today but then there's a price correction tomorrow but LARC I have ten thousand dollars sitting here and I want to go all-in right now tell me what to do I'm not a financial adviser I am just the dude talking about cryptocurrencies on the internet you're responsible for your investment decisions but if that FOMO takes over and you have to run out and buy right now all $10,000 boom keep in mind that tomorrow the price could be ten or twenty percent lower this is cryptos notoriously volatile that can happen the price will not go straight up forever I bring this up not to say sit and wait for that because it will certainly happen it may not might go up for a while yet but to say that if it does don't despair the long term and for Bitcoin is incredibly bullish we will pass the all-time high again the question is when not if one thing I can definitely say though is before dumping your life savings into crypto please educate yourself and get a plan for your investment it's super essential take some time to learn at least the basics it is after all your money that you're throwing down the table and it will keep you disciplined in the downtrends and sober-minded in the times of crazy euphoria anyway that's my spiel on whether or not it is too late to get into Bitcoin which your answer doesn't really surprise anyone but there are also a couple of important news pieces that I did want to mention that come out today the SEC might start looking into us-based crypto exchanges that have carried out initial exchange offerings that could mean the bit tracks kou-kun okx who'll be and by Nantz could all be in spotlight here in spite of not offering these products to americans the mere fact that they allow American customers to trade crypto on their exchanges may be enough for the SEC to crack down on them the SEC is claiming that exchanges may be operating as unauthorized Securities Dealers under US securities laws if they take a fee before facilitating that token sale or are offering to bring buyers in for the issuers of the tokens which basically describes exactly what the ieo model is how do you feel about this guys SEC overreach or is it a good thing the SEC is cracking down on the exchanges and the ayios I'm kind of like let's not crack down on them but I'd love to know what you think about it now assuming that the SEC doesn't nuke the crypto markets by making exchanges cancel all ayios or some crazy thing like that 2019 seems to be gearing up for a mass influx of esti O's and ie O's while we see the number of IC O's dropping off substantially with SMS putting the number 4s TOS to double by the end of the here and the number of ayios to triple by the end of the year this is due to the fact that IES are generally much better for the company that's actually offering the tokens whereas I SEOs well if he centralized are full of all kinds of problems for consumers and for the companies and the final story today crypto Pia it's dead guys it's over goodbye crypto Pia now after the exchange act was after the exchange was hit by a big hack back in mid-january which was altered in loss of sixteen million dollars in aetherium and ERC 20 tokens it has been struggling to reopen and find any kind of relevance a matter made worse by the fact that the exchange was already becoming completely irrelevant at the time of the hack crypto Pia has now gone into liquidation and suspended trading operations with the company saying that they have been unable to reduce costs and to be profitable it was decided that liquidation was the best path forward for all stakeholders not the users guys well the liquidation takes place all trading in withdrawals has been suspended and the process may take months to resolve users still have their funds locked up in the exchange unable to withdraw them because crypto BIA controls the private keys when or if really indeed that ever becomes possible for users to withdraw remains to be seen what kind of obligations the exchange will have to stakeholders may impact the kind of obligations that they have to their users and the funds of the users that are stuck on the exchange I think there could be a very real chance here that all of the crypto may be sold its course not confirmed just a suspicion like so many of these businesses the owners of crypto Pia give zero dams about you and your money they will simply be looking for the best exit for themselves and for their equity investors and I'm sorry for anyone who's losing out on this it sucks damn crypto P yeah it's just another reminder to not store your crypto on exchanges or to use shady bottom tier exchanges like crypto P Oh anyway but I know sometimes they have exotic coins on there he can't find anywhere else but remember get in get out that's what centralized exchanges are all about guys cuz this kind of stuff happens and it keeps happening and it will keep happening for a long long time until we have some kind of moment in the industry where we all switch over to decentralized exchange is where we hold our the keys to our crypto hasn't happened on a biggest scale yet anyway just my two stories guys you'll let me know what you think about any of these stories or if it is too late to buy Bitcoin down below in the comment section as always I super appreciate guys coming out and taking the time out of your day to watch this video seriously you guys Rock so thank you so so much if you did enjoy the video we'll leave a thumbs up on it you know I subscribe the channel if you are new around here long live the blockchain and peace out till next time


21 thoughts on “Too Late to Buy Bitcoin? SEC Crypto IEO Crackdown & Death of Cryptopia”

  • Good words mate.!
    I waited and bought in over Dec 18-Feb 19. Added Matic and Lition when they launched. So my position is set but if I was new to crypto I would still be buying now for sure.
    Have a good one.

  • Angel Rodriguez says:

    I told my girlfriend I'm going all in! She had this amazing glow on her. Then I turned around and logged into Binance. Stay #SAFU!!!

  • Ken Jacobsen says:

    Great cast as usual Lark.
    BTC is a good long term hold for sure, but, DGB for the every day is gaining traction; 32% gain today…glad I sold some of my XRP bankster coin and loaded up before the climb.

  • Hi Lark No the SEC should have no jurisdiction outside the US of A with any crypto matter, Including Assange!!

  • Lots of FOMA again. I do not buy more at the moment but stick with what I have incl. Alt coins. The tide lifts all boats…

  • Scott Stankis says:

    This thing is like a big Volcano getting ready to blow. This bull markets gonna make the other ones look like a joke anybody thinks it's too late is nuts get in or get out!

  • I will tell you all why it is not too late. I had the opportunity get BTC at $1.10 USD per BTC back in early 2010 and I didn't until I FOMO in 2017 and been cost averaging ever since. So if it wasn't too late to buy it at 18,000% pump, then why would it be for this 60% pump? Right????

  • I've liked BTW – but bitcoin isn't superior to gold if you want to use it in electronics for circuitry- Gold does have practical use over bit coin – have to give it one pro there

  • Lark, wondering if you have you ever heard of BitBay ($BAY)? The project has created what is called a Dynamic Peg which will allow stakeholders to vote to inflate or deflate the circulating supply in order to stabilize/control the price as an alternative to traditional stablecoins. They are testing this Dynamic Peg out on a demo exchange now and it is planned to go live on some exchanges later this year. Being able to democratically control the supply to correlate with demand is genius in my opinion and could be a huge game changer in the stablecoin space. It's super under the radar because of it's low market cap at the moment, but it's a solid project that has been around since 2014. Any thoughts on the project?

  • Gerard Salto says:

    The potential still huge although, parabolic moves don't necessarily end well.BTW Crypto Lark has been chosen top 10 Youtubers by Swissborg Community, watch it here:

  • Crypto Minded says:

    Maybe the pump is because the SEC is looking into the exchanges and they need the tokens they are suppose to have in the first place?????

  • TheAllYouCan Watch Channel says:

    Should I keep my money in it or should I sell soon? I'm getting worried there might be a crash.

  • Great video Lark ! People will be saying is it too late when it hits 10k, 20k, 50k,ect….it's too late when you procrastinate !

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