This is the next level to watch as bitcoin falls below $5K

This is the next level to watch as bitcoin falls below $5K

Bitcoin getting a beat down today falling below 5,000 for the first time in more than a year down to another 300 bucks in the past hour after months of relatively quiet trading the cryptocurrency taking a turn for the worse now down 25% in just the past a week now down more than 62 percent on the year so can anything save the cryptocurrency is there more pain ahead Pete I my answer would be more pain ahead I think this was a place that people were using a speculation and now all the sudden speculation money is going other places and the problem for them is it might be in the cannabis space but obviously we're seeing that come back down as well so those are similar dollars in my opinion so because of that I don't think we're gonna see that money in Bitcoin that everybody is looking for I don't know where how much further it goes but I think it goes much further from here this is the first time Bitcoin has really seen a bear market in the broader asset classes I realize we've had pullback but I mean you can right we're talking about this all night all black month we're below the 200-day we've been below that a 200-day where are you gonna go after you're gonna go after places that no liquidity this doesn't trade it despite what anybody says it's the most liquid name out there there's no liquidity out there in this name and a market like this and it's gonna get worse yeah I would just say this the most frustrating thing about the price action over the last few months is that one of the big bull cases was there was this store of value and here we are we've had this you know very volatile equity market here in the US but we've also seen Asia equity markets and a lot of other risk assets very volatile in 2018 and it really hasn't stored a whole heck of a lot of value especially if you were pegging it to 6,000 for five months you know throughout the year well it just broke in a big way so that's a little disappointing I think for Bitcoin just last week fund strat Lord it's your end price target on Bitcoin Tom Lee to 15,000 from 25,000 drop in a month and a half you you you


37 thoughts on “This is the next level to watch as bitcoin falls below $5K”

  • Rusty Shackleford says:

    Up 400+% from Jan ‘17. Speculation is for those willing to take a loss… This is the loss! Smart investors will keep steadily HODLing btc!

  • Turtle Trading says:

    Bitcoin is a done deal. If you didn't get early and got out when the price was 11k+, you are too late.

  • Tony From Syracuse says:

    I have to admit I knew nothing about bitcoin but like alot of people when it started to rise I thought what the hell so I just opened a coinbase account and bought 1500 dollars of bitcoins. so of course with my luck it started tanking. but I thought if you bought bitcoins and it was rising the bitcoins I owned would be worth more …but…. thought even if it tanked…I wouldnt lose the 1500 dollars worth of bitcoins I bought. so imagine my surprise when I saw my account slowly decrease from 1500 downwards…and downwards. so I'm not really sure why I was wrong. I thought if I bought 1500 worth of bitcoins I would always at least have the 1500. I guess I was wrong?

  • Ethan Michell says:

    when the average people cower in fear the whales buy in — it goes against human psychology.
    XRP my friends. see who took the #2 spot from Eth. whho is strongest. which has utility.

  • I love it. Capitulation is coming and the hodlers of the last resort will reap the benefits in the next bull run in 3 years

  • Great, so these are the Crypto Mongols whom helped Bitcoin raising to 20k Dec. 2018, and they do not seems that pro. anymore
    And the Asian lady must be Charly Lee, Bobby Lee sister…
    you guys might face tribunals for helping manipulating prices, market and public opinion… time will tell

  • tribalypredisposed says:

    No inherent value and now speculators are finally realizing that making yet another crypto currency is just a matter of a bit of code splitting an existing one into two, or three, or fifty. This is just a speculative bubble, thankfully, because it is one wasting a huge amount of electricity when we need to be reducing our usage instead. The Tulip craze was more rational than this.

  • Whenever Melissa says "bitcoin" I'm always reminded of better days.

    Probably has nothing to do with bitcoin, apparently I'm ok with it.

  • 11/22 bottom around mid 3's is what my gut tells me.

    Moonshot to nwo cashless society from there.

    Tough to find out when everyone is Zionist sellout.

  • Whatever cnbc say do the opposite. Mainstream media is financed by the same whales that pump and dump on you. They got
    No clue.

  • Bitcoin, blockchain, and Tor are a government sponsored "pawn shop operation". Blockchain stores every detail of every transaction yet it was commonly used to pay for grey and black market goods, particularly via Tor. Remember how that Silk Road guy got life in prison and they took all his Bitcoin? Now it is "roll-up time"… law enforcement is pulling the plug and rounding up the ring leaders as the top holders are dumping it hoping to salvage something.

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