The 1 Bitcoin Show- Strong positive hands outlast all! Elite! Psychology and negativity in crypto

The 1 Bitcoin Show- Strong positive hands outlast all! Elite! Psychology and negativity in crypto

Hello everyone this here is adam meister
the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
November the 14th 2018 one Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin strong hand bitcoin
is the next Bitcoin and that’s all you need to know I could end the show right
now but I’m not gonna end the show right now so I have said many times they’re
gonna be days when it goes down by a thousand they’re gonna be days then it
goes up by a thousand never be days when it goes down by 600 not by 600 so we had
one of those days but you got a value your wealth in Bitcoin but if we had one
of these days that we went down by a lot just imagine the days when it goes up by
a lot and you’ll know that you still had this same amount of Bigpoint because you
had a strong hand on those days when it went down by a lot and you’ll be that
much happier on the days that it goes up by a lot so I guess the big news of the
day was that old Polonius the top the top markets in terms of volume of
Bitcoin trading were sv with 5,000 170 Bitcoin ABC with 4814 and B CH with 3097
Bitcoin and ripple uh there was a 1675 Bitcoin so no and you know that’s just
one exchange but in terms of Bitcoin trading those are the four highest
coins and two of them aren’t even coins yet so I don’t think it’s a coincidence
that you know there’s been all this be cash wildness and then we had what we
had today in terms of the Fiat Bitcoin price it’s it would be a awfully big
coincidence so we are going to get in too well that it’s not a coincidence and
the following tweets uh sum it up pretty nicely now by the way I’m gonna I’m
gonna do my regular show but I’m gonna have a I wrote a lot of stuff down and
I’m gonna read it to you in a sentence or state this is gonna be a little bit
of a different show and the next few days are gonna be a little bit of
different shows we have two shows tomorrow most likely in fact so here we
go here is the tweet from Aaron bond weird um and he’s got a great article
also linked to below and everything I talked about in this video is linked to
below pound a freaking like button so this sounds like crazy talk but if it’s
shown that a major top four coin can be taken over by brute force would that
really not affect these markets at all keep in mind like a Kenzie Kenzie and
beauty contests even the perception that this would be the case is enough to make
it so so again if someone’s talking of even if it’s just even if it’s not going
to be taken over by brute force if someone out there is bringing that
negativity and constantly repeating it and all these other people are
constantly repeating it then yeah people are going to take it seriously it’s
gonna affect that there’s like psychology and they’re not going to want
to be around crypto if there’s such negativity and they’re gonna want to be
out on all their coins not just the one that might be taken over there’s another
tweet from Aragon we’re done that shows that what’s going on here
hash eventually follows price not the other way around but if you convinced
market the market you’ll 51% attack a coin out of existing
you’ll negatively affect the price potentially starting a downward spiral
of lower hash and lower price this appears to be fake Satoshi’s play versus
ABC downward spiral because lower price suggests lower hash which makes the
attack more likely to succeed in turn negativity affecting price and so on so
the P the people who are bringing the negative vibes and talking about wars
and attacks they they know psychologically what they’re doing
they’re bringing they’re making the price go down of that number for
cryptocurrency called B cash and thus the hash rate will lower and dust
they’ll be able to take it over with less hash they know they’re making big
they’re making faking it until they make it okay who knows how much hash power
they have but with what we do know is that the price goes down that they won’t
need as much hash to take it over first of all so and that helps them so again
there are here are some links also that I linked to the era of I’m here too has
a great bet Bitcoin magazine are all about this be cash thing and then
there’s a big there’s another article that I label attack and you know what I
don’t even know if I’d link to those two tweets below but whatever look up Aaron
look on Aaron family or there’s a Twitter feed and you can find them and
maybe I’ll have them after this so when I was brought in today I thought of a
lot of what I’m about to read to you this is a day we celebrate becoming even
more of an elite group of strong hands there are a lot of people who bail today
no doubt about it there were people bailing today but if you stuck around
and you had a strong hand you’re even more elite than before
you’re a long-term thinker think of it that way because there’s always a
positive spin you know people can bring up negative aspects and you can you can
show the positive aspects of slings so people’s natural reaction is to panic
when they hear that war and attacks are planned and the attacks could eventually
be against Bitcoin not everyone can keep up with every detail and just the word
war can scare enough people off outsiders and people on the border of
crypto don’t think one person or did it think that one person can destroy a
crypto since one guy is claiming it in the most profane and boastful manner it
is freaking people out about all Kryptos even Bitcoin because again people gotten
cryptocurrencies then you get into cryptic kursi because they thought oh it
says someone can just destroy it and make all these proclamations of war this
I don’t wanna be in this anymore and you can see logically why people who
don’t understand all this people who don’t follow this closely are gonna be
freaked out by this kind of by all of this but again that’s why you have to be
calm and a long-term thinker and analyze the situation and not get freaked out
when other people get freaked out and when you see dollar reactions to this
when you see the dollar price going and you’ve got to understand that you still
have the same and a big planet you value your wealth in Bitcoin and the reason
why the dollar price is going down you got to understand it because there is a
wild amount of negativity and uncertainty in the space but again
you’ve got to be able to block that off and it’s unfortunate that such
demagoguery and negativity is being infused into the community it will pass
strong handy those who bring these negative terms and vibes understand the
psychology of people they know how to instill fear and create panic they know
about destruction do they know about productivity though there there have
been other Forks and all coins like them or hate them they produced they were not
about destruction imagine a space dominated by destruction how long would
that last demagoguery is for the impulsive is not a long-term
solution come follow me we will destroy all coins let’s be a mob you can keep on
destroying now productivity beats destruction
I want to be with productive people not people who destroy I think that is I
think that is what the modern world is based around I know how to block off
destroyers not everyone can ignore them though some
in fact will fall into line behind them productivity always outlast destruction
though I have always said this I’ve always said this is not a you know
there’s no wars people always like to talk about wars occur if those that
there are no wars encrypted yet now we have people in the space wanting wars
this is very short-sighted if you destroy everything then what is left and
if you attempt destruction and fail you won’t have too many people willing to be
productive with you in the future but most likely you’re not a very productive
person anyway and you’re not much of a long-term thinker either dream killers
are not productive I encourage people to read people’s dreams you all know that I
know people can create achievement is something to strive for
this space is constantly innovating creating it is filled with dreamers is
where the big boys play so destroyers can enter and try to
create havoc but it is not sustainable if you say Forks dilute and destroy
Bitcoin then you don’t get Bitcoin bitcoin is the next Bitcoin the rest are
complements especially the straight-up friendly for crypto evidence there is a
positive side to additions and I stress the word additions to this world so that
rations can be good at times but they are often bad destruction for the
district the sake of destruction it is sociopathic I think let’s remember a for
kur ok red crane he got a lot of flash he did not try to destroy anything
he kept producing and experimenting if you know you are the best out there
gonna bring on the competition and that’s what we say in Bitcoin
we’re the best bring on the competition if you want to destroy the competition
so you can be the best then what does that say about the confidence in your
product the confidence you have in your product
and you have to go destroying other products okay
if you have confidence in your product you see bring on the competition bring
it on because we’re the best we welcome the competition if you’re not
too confident you try to sabotage the competition you try to kill the
competition you people want to destroy ABC and tether there are two examples in
the modern the last student month or so some people want to destroy beat at ABC
some people want to destroy tether why seriously
why what good does it do if you don’t like them then ignore them build a
better alternative does McDonald’s trying to burn down all the Burger Kings
do they doesn’t does ronal mcdonald do walking around trying to burn down every
single board Birkin ok intermission from the rant again Thursday they’re gonna be
choose differently two shows that we won at 9 p.m. Eastern and at 3 p.m. eastern
Pacific they’re going to be some special guests on them tomorrow that’s Thursday
Friday this weekend frequenting is at 11 a.m.
okay and like I said yes tomorrow one of my guests will be Zak Bowl and on on
Fridays 11:00 a.m. this weekend big Home Show I mean and these will be after you
know who knows what’ll be going on a beat cast up it’s a while the chem go
from Zimbabwe will be on maneet rigs will be on and a guy that
this is Friday a – person that some of you might know will be on not Amanda
another guy anyway so let’s go back to what I was saying found that like button
if you’re liking this so far so consumers to buy the best product if you
don’t have the best product and destroy some other products and you still aren’t
the best product are consumers going to suddenly warm up to you especially when
your CEO is acting like a maniac remember it coin is neutral is what you
is what you’re seeing out there very neutral right now it seems pretty
extreme to me it seems like it’s very alienating to me to the consumers of
cryptocurrency that however this all that you know consumers did they have
memories are they gonna be with something that’s that polarizing and
alienating and it’s it wants Wars and but doesn’t want wars anymore I think I
don’t want to be with that but everybody wants be with something that’s neutral
but I have sent many kinds I am going down with a Bitcoin chef and it’s not
going down it’s not sinking but theoretically I’m taking personal
responsibility because you’re why would you sell your points out like no no no
that’s I know I am a holder of last freaking resort town that freakin like
button and maybe on tomorrow’s show they’ll be a big holder of last resort
coming on to foreshadow town that freaking like fun but I’m taking
personal responsibility okay I’m taking personal responsibility I’m going down
with the Bitcoin ship I this is I know this is the future I’ve got the
conviction but I’m not I’m not going out and I’m not going to try to hurt others
getting other people’s faces whatever they want to do they can take personal
responsibility can do whatever they want to do but then so I’m going down with my
ship okay I’m working on my ship I’m improving my ship I’m making sure it’s I
say yeah I’m pumping my ship okay I’m taking care of my ship personal
responsibility but then you have people who want to torpedo all the other ships
so their ship can win they are blamers instead of improving their own ship
instead of blaming their own ship they blame other ships and they think that if
they destroy the other ships they will be successful
clean your freaking room dude clean your freaking room dude look take some
personal responsibility dude all right okay stop blaming the other point stop
blaming okay you fix your own fix your own : fix your own okay that that’s what
we that’s personal responsibility that’s the new counterculture but again we got
people out there that you know they think they’re alternative or whether
they’re on earth they’re on an altcoin or whatever but they’re blaming off
they’re blaming all the other cuz we got to destroy all the other cool ones we
got a destroyer let’s have a shark pool destroy not sustainable always be
positive in life people always be positively you will be
happy oh no I’m sorry I forgot one thing so in conclusion don’t blame others for
what is going on in Bitcoin okay you whatever self there was some Fiat Price
insanity they don’t blame others understand the situation but don’t blame
them you still got the same amount of Bitcoin know that the destroyers are
gonna talk their talk but in the end it is just talk have a strong hand and use
it to produce the producers always outlasted the destroyers especially in
the realm of the big coin big boys strong freaking hand Jews so always be
positive in life you will be happy and in motion those who are always negative
and destroy may be smart and they may be rich and they may be
able to buy a lot of women and a lot of fancy cars but they are always searching
for happiness and will always be stuck in that unsatisfying loop of negativity
always blaming others for their unhappiness always looking for the
scapegoat to destroy pound that frickin like bun okay some real quick takes
so obviously tomorrow is November 15th us day of that fork again expect more
turbulence in in big and in all of cryptocurrency because there’s a lot of
negativity out there you’ve got to be able to wall it off you’ve got to be
able to think long term how this is just a blip on the frickin radar okay it’s
just a blip on the frickin radar but there gonna be some other November 17th
they have some stress tests also that they’re gonna they’re gonna be attacking
beat at and who knows what you’re not gonna if you have because you’re not
gonna be able to use be cash for one that also is gonna they’re gonna be
articles about how can a crypto current a major cryptocurrency not be used
they’re gonna be you got to expect the worst from the mainstream media on this
you and it will be and you’re gonna Sybil it’s be cash but no again remember
what I said the beginning this show people in the periphery on the outside
who don’t clearly understand we’re just going on they’re just gonna blame it all
on Bitcoin they’re gonna it’s not this is not nor
activity when just stop a cryptic that’s not what people
expected cryptocurrency to be okay that it could be turned off and stopped and
attacked and ward and you get Bitcoin can’t be okay big coin camera and we’ll
have guests that discuss that and they’re big paying people all over the
space explaining that but again be cash might be number four on the coin market
cap but it’s got some major issues being number four don’t mean any doesn’t mean
anything really it’s only number one and I think people are learning the hard way
that again that there’s the cream of the crop and then you might have these
top-tier offerings but even these top tier off points got major major issues
were freakish things can it can happen but a lot of people are going to
interpret them these freakish things can happen in Bitcoin also and that is not
the case it is the difference it is different it is the world reserve
cryptocurrency and because of that these loud negative talkers out there will be
talking bad about Bitcoin also and trying to destroy I will try to destroy
Bitcoin also but again and then the reoccurring theme is that the producers
the productive always outlast two destroyers they are that is
unsustainable destruction war is unsustainable
okay so again if this SV thing totally fails and implodes then we I mean there
might be a fertile market like those flying back up again people might be
like oh that was just a blip for the radar that was just a freak she’s gone
yeah we’re free of the Freak maybe not but that she stuff something to think
about but another thing to think about is that most likely he’s not going that
that you know this this loud talk or the fake Satoshi the one who has brought so
much negativity and talk of destruction into this space he is going to claim
victory no matter what no matter what happens he’s gonna move those goalposts
so understand what’s going on and when he tries to move those goalposts and
when he tries to claim victory you stay productive and usually focused on
Bitcoin and you’re like great dude you’re all coin you did well if you’re
all coin one big pointing equals one Bitcoin you know keep your keep your
negativity and your your destruction in your little corner over there go play
with your buddies and hey but you know you move the goalposts by the way so
anyway i’m adam meister and sip but again don’t be freaked out when he does
claim i mean this is this is a message to all my people out there that love
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency it’s there are people that will always move the
goalposts that will always try to say stare you in a day one that you’re gonna
lose that your work that you’re gonna get beaten just rub it off understand
it’s moving of the goalposts its lies and its destruction and that you are a
positive individual you don’t want to be around that negativity and you’re gonna
keep it up because in the end you will be happy and you will be a long-term
thinker and you will have and you’ll know that you know today might not seem
that great but I’m a positive person and next thing will be better than next week
will be better the next week the next year will be better the 2020 havoc will
be better found that frickin like button on adam meister the bitcoinmeister the
disrupt meister remember subscribe this channel like this view share this video
check out the notes section below i will probably be back at 3 p.m. eastern time
tomorrow and definitely be back at 7 p.m. eastern time tomorrow so that those
that I might have said 9 I hope I didn’t say 9 earlier anyway I’ll say hi to you
guys in the chat see ya


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