The 1 Bitcoin Show- Monero & MoneroV thoughts, Litecoin news, Bcash problem

The 1 Bitcoin Show- Monero & MoneroV thoughts, Litecoin news, Bcash problem

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
February the 14th 2018 I’m coming to you live from lovely and not rainy right
this second Darwin Australia yeah I was out this morning I ran 15 miles by
accident yesterday yeah this place is off you can sweat a lot I’ll tell you
that anyway Adam Meister is dr. hold have conviction strong hand Bitcoin
long-term thinking alright I have a lot of random things written down here and I
have not had a lot of time to go over them first of all our friends over at
forked Rafi oh they said to me they are working on getting a tab for non Bitcoin
crypto dividends launched people have mentioned they want to see El cash and
Manero V listed and that’s a good preview for the rest of the show because
I’m going to talk about Alec a she liked point their dividend and a Manero Manero
V which is a monaro crypto dividend that are coming out quite soon remember to
follow me on the steam annette bitcoin meister and on twitter at tech vault-tec
HB alt all right what else do we have here so first of all let’s start out
with the light coin is pumping in price it has reached a recent high in terms of
bitcoin 0.022 plug to over two percent of a bitcoin and it hasn’t been that
high since like 2015 days which are basically prehistoric days for a lot of
you and so why is this going on well people are excited because and i
mentioned this before light pay is coming out on a February the 26 and L
cash otherwise known as litecoin cash a cryptic dividend fork of light coin
which I have not really looked into yet to see how friendly it is how unfriendly
it is how realistic it is that’s coming out February 18th but I think more so
people are hearing about are buying the news buying the rumor the light coin the
like the light pay rumor that it’s coming out of February it is coming out
on February 26 now when it actually comes out and it makes you easy for you
to spend your light coin our people are gonna actually use it and what will the
market’s reaction be then I don’t think people are gonna use it why do you want
to give out your your precious cryptocurrency now again it’s not
Bitcoin but it’s it’s a it’s a top-tier altcoin so we shall see what do I think
about light pay again I don’t really care that much because I don’t think you
should be spending your cryptocurrency right now if you have light coin and you
want to spend it spend it on buying Bitcoin I mean that’s that’s the golden
hold there right I mean you can but if you’re living in the Western world and
most people watching this in the United States um you can buy anything with
credit card or cash why do you need to use cryptocurrency and why I mean it
unless it’s something like again if it’s something that’s illegal that the
government died in what keeps track of or whatever then yeah but then you won’t
be using light pay anyway for that that’s somewhat like pay is for its
upper those type of purchases you don’t buy drugs or prostitutes or whatever
like pay to the best of my knowledge at least all right I have three requests
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right so the B cash problem that everyone’s been talking about that I
mentioned yesterday there’s a guy named Rudy Rudy Wertheimer who was in Israel I
think I might have met that I mean you do I think I did he’s a smart guy he
gives us so I’d link to two of his tweets that give a solution to the B
cash problem on the exchanges but rocky does not agree with them and rocky
actually wrote me rocky from California he’s gonna share of course or a lot of
you’re familiar with him and here’s what he wrote he said you said it only
affects the exchanges and not the users I believe this will not be the case the
exchanges will most likely see this as a hack when there be cash and beat and
bitcoin is gone and what do exchanges do when they get hacked they socialize the
losses with all the users on that exchange taking people as a be cash and
Bitcoin to make up for the losses I totally see the exchanges doing this if
they get hit with this issue now people like you and me don’t keep me cash or
Bitcoin on the exchanges but if if people are looking to buy or sell the
coin if people are looking to buy or sell the coins have to be on there for
some short amount of time and then there will be there were still there’s still a
lot of people who still keep their coins on the exchanges for long periods of
time okay so that that’s his issue with it the 21 million Club did a video
interview of Rakhi if you want to hear more about this I linked to 21 million
steam it below 21 million is an awesome dude down in Mexico and remember also
check out the link section if you want t-shirts like this from cryptography tea
and of course treads with Trez or ledge or nano all sorts of great things at
crypto HW wallet comm I’ll link to below meister discount codes all sorts of
stuff alright so fluffy pony actually tweeted
something out to me which is which is interesting because I’ve been talking
about this Manero the thing and he wants me to warn people and he it’s very
interesting because I you know well we’ll get into that in a second
hopefully he’ll come on the show it’s interesting he’s it’s interesting that
this manera V is a he’s paying attention to me now I’m talking about Manero V
it’s very interesting because I I mentioned this to all of you in the past
I’ve gotten Amanda on the show before I’ve got a lot of people in the show
before and it’s very hard to get in touch with him so it would be great to
have him on the show and clearly he’s paying attention to me so maybe he does
know that I’ve been trying to get in touch with him trying to get him on the
show around here so I’m I’m I’m gonna mention something about who’s a Manero
holder right now first of all there are a lot of people with the minute that are
commenting about manera view that says it’s it’s gonna hurt the privacy of
Manero holders who is a Manero holder now who is an altcoin holder now let’s
think about this most of the people that are holding these altcoins top tier off
points they don’t care about privacy they don’t really just hear that there’s
a certain niche that it covers and that someone who’s pumping it and that
someone told them to buy it and they’re holding their freaking altcoin whether
it be Manero whether it be – for the b ripple they’re holding in an exchange i
bet that most Manero people involve manera or just people newbie type of
people that are holding an exchange they don’t care about privacy very much okay
alright so that they’re uh they don’t care about their ideas these being
revealed that there are manera holders they’ve already you know admitted
they’re using their real identities all these exchanges where they bought it
from they send them an arrow to their my mineiro wallet and they’re known okay
they don’t I know it’s a privacy point and people are supposed to care about it
but most of the people that are buying it now are doing it for speculation or
not doing for privacy and want to know about if they’re already holding it ways
to get this Manero be way to profit off of their Manero okay so they’re not when
you’re when when they’re sending out cryptic warnings
your privacy will be compromised if you do Manero V who cares
I mean it’s again if you’re if you’re doing something with your minute
supposedly people are using it on the dark market okay then if there are
privacy issues that involve you know getting your Manero be that don’t do it
but again most of the people that rush in my videos they’re rushing any videos
out there are going to these reddit’s and everything they don’t care about
privacy they really really don’t think they’re they’re put their flippers of
this stuff and all the all point holders out there you know there comes a point
II have to admit they you won’t have the highest standards in the world about
what your cryptocurrency Stanford stands for or what its gonna do how it’s gonna
change the world but most of people dealing with it I just want to make
money and they don’t care and they they care about who your spokesperson is in
and the way you’re spoke and the way the spokesperson acts and if the
spokesperson abuses the word scam a lot all right
so March 14th I am going to be in South Africa and that is that I’m not going to
be in South Africa anymore that is the day that is the day of the Monaro
the fork and of the crypto dividend when it will be created so the Monaro be
people also now have a Bitcoin talk announcement out there and I’ll link to
it below we’re gonna we’re gonna talk a little bit more about this Manero
situation and so the guys over a man era have an official statement that they put
out now clearly in response to that this that there’s a fork that’s going to
happen so they’re taking this they’re paying attention to this Manero beeping
and in in the tweak that fluffy notified me that he wanted me to warn the world
about Minero be he calls it a scam okay he calls it a scam coin I mean I link to
that below and everything that I’ve talked to you I talked about it is
linked to below and and it just reminded me yeah a lot of people abused that term
so is he saying that it’s just like bit can
well let’s get rid of the word stand I mean obviously it applies something
pretty darn bad so he’s calling it a stand
he is calling up pretty bad a darn bad thing is it
so people are gonna think it’s like bit connect dude you know it’s not like bit
connect you know you’re the dude who cries wolf with this stuff and I go and
I link to a year ago a video I made okay and this is far the reason people are
frustrated with Manero because the guy you know he it’s he’s free to treat it
as a joke he’s free that you in any way he wants to the way he goes about things
and he has to admit that I mean that he is the base of the coin right now
they’re obviously people aren’t pleased at the way he presents himself at the
way he calls everything a scam at the met the threat and and I’m not saying
he’s gonna do this but let’s remember what happened with litecoin all of a
sudden you have all these people that are really disappointed in Charlie Lee
for something that he did monaro is so people are gonna be a are gonna be
disappointing something that he does one day that fluffy does one day okay
there’s no doubt about it so you fork it off you don’t have that
worry anymore you have a bunch of no-name people that are doing their own
version of an arrow and you don’t have to worry about some mega star one day
selling it all off or saying something but again a few what was it a few months
ago he had a joke about some announcement he was gonna make about
mineiro and a price flew up and then they announced it was just a joke and
then the price yeah I people were angry people don’t want to deal with that
anymore and that’s their right and he’s he should be cool with that and maybe he
is cool with that okay I don’t know um but I link to a video of mine from a
year ago that’s aged pretty well I gotta tell you and in it I’m talking about how
he has a crypto scam with tone days that I think is a really bad idea where he
calls – a Stan over and over and over again okay where he’s he’s the face of
Manero and he’s ripping on – and I just thought it was not it wasn’t the way the
way to go about things and you know what for every action there’s a reaction and
here’s your delayed reaction dude you go and call everything a scam over and over
and over again people aren’t going to like the way
go about things people aren’t gonna like your attitude and that’s their right and
that’s and that’s why they’re doing this Manero be think it’s competition so keep
calling it a scam and you’re gonna keep reinforcing the reason people are doing
it in the first place okay because you’re you’re calling – something like
big I mean you’re calling – a bad thing you’re calling my never be a bad thing
you’re basically saying you’re you taking them to a big connect type of
level and you know that’s not the case you know that’s not it’s I mean you have
to understand they’re not the same things but you’re implying they’re the
same things okay and that’s what people are want to go their own way and you
should encourage in the good your own way but you’re calling it a and again in
my video in that video from a few from a year ago exactly it’s funny Bitcoin was
$1,040 back and I said something like you know I said Doug Casey will never be
talking about Bitcoin I mean wow wow has the world changed since then I was not
correct I could never guess the progress of cryptocurrency ever a year ago so you
should watch the whole video but I talk I think I start talking about the fluffy
pony situation back then around the 3 min and 30 a second mark it is linked to
below and again here is what he this is where the fluffy said to me in the
recent week I I’d hope Adam took the time to read through our post on T reuse
and see the massive danger that the scam forks represent that that scam Forks
represent ok alright so he said he’s alluding to the because I’m they were
associating me with the manera B thing I had talked about it so he’s yeah he’s
calling it a scam fork and I linked to Mineiro B’s official you know you can go
to manera v dot org and see their side of the story – I mean they’re taking
hybrid they’re not calling Minero evil or anything or scammer or anything like
these are two different approaches to choose your own path choose your own
path but again I linked to his a change and key Reis reuse issue and here it is
and people have questioned me about this if you if you use the my my narrow
wallet okay if you use the my monaro wallet um you know you have your manera
there the four captains on the fourteenth right use your you move all
your monaro to another wallet to another private on from that private key it’s
gone then you give them your old private key that has nothing on it anymore and
you get your Mineiro v what’s the problem there what what I mean I would
not say that’s uh what’s the word that you a massive danger it’s not a massive
danger and I’ve been saying to do that the whole time I mean the whole line
monaro wallet is somewhat I want to use the word dangerous but I mean you to log
in you have to give your pride or you know recovery see your private key
whatever then if someone else has it they conduct they could steal everything
from you so you you put that in there every time so it’s not that big of a
danger to move everything from there and they give that the empty one to the
Monaro V people to get your ten manera V for every monaro that you had I don’t I
see this I’m wondering why you’re blowing this all out of proportion and
why some women era people are I mean I they don’t like this they don’t like
that there’s a fork of it but I mean can you see mineiro fans why people would
want to do a fork what you know when there’s a figurehead involved in what
you currently have and the figurehead says things that’s really controversial
people get angry at the figurehead and I mean anybody and people have lost money
because of the figurehead why they’d want to go their own way and because
they still feel that the Monaro technology is the best uh it’s the most
anonymous thing out and apparently it might be I don’t know I’m not an expert
in the technology side of things obviously but I mean here’s my story and
it’s big enough they connect I link to a Bloomberg story that just came out about
they connect below and I think some people would like to hear more of it
alright so uh I’m living a lifestyle here it’s decentralized I don’t have a
home I still own a house in Baltimore but I’m
only in Baltimore four times a year I won’t be back until Passover I love
Passover violate like one of my favorite holidays but it’s a I lived a
decentralized lifestyle I live the Bitcoin lifestyle bitcoin is
decentralized and Adam my sister’s lifestyle is decentralized you can live
it to just you know be someone frugal would be if they and long-term thinker
have some Bitcoin and staying by a hole all right can that like button i’m adam
meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister murder-suicides channel isis are
your shooters where you check out with no section below by I’ll say hi to ewing
the chats


15 thoughts on “The 1 Bitcoin Show- Monero & MoneroV thoughts, Litecoin news, Bcash problem”

  • Pisces Traits- 373 Blockchain says:

    Adam I am Sad because 1933 Sequence didn't come as yet 😬I'll hang in there since 3063 and 3030 came tonight

  • b cash is partying now in mexico over the valentine day weekend… watch b cash pump n dump… hodl ur btc and if u have litecoin hold it also as the charts say 1000+ this year and u can always swap ur ltc back anytime to bitcoin for the halfing of 2020
    …for those in the know, litecoin halfing is next year (2019)

  • Adam i just realised today how little you know about the mechanics of cryptocurrency. Youre position on MoneroV is either disingenous or badly misinformed.

  • Coffee With Crypto says:

    Adam, you said absolutely right! ppl are not understanding the privacy feature instead they just want to earn the money. Don't know why Monero community doing this but one thing is quite clear that MoneroV has officially announced everything they are committing. FluffyPony wouldn't like them for now but I think they are releasing their legit code soon.
    MoneroV Official AAN thread –
    Join the T chat –
    See the roadmap –

  • I don't get this Adam… If you're gonna fork a privacy-coin, and you want to be professional about it, and you want your project to have technical merrit, then why would you do it in a way that is possibly privacy-harmful for both coins. Even if a person, as a long term xmr-hodler, decides not to participate in the airdrop, his/her privacy might be harmed by others participating, as explained here:

    So you really have to explain me this: how is it, that if moneroV wants to be professional, and wants to make an actual contribution to the privacy-space (and thus not wants to be a simple moneygrab) that they would fork in a way that possibly harms privacy…

    Does this sound professional to you? Is this technical innovation? Do you call this competition…

    It's a moneygrab (scam) in my book…

    I'll ask you again to reconsider your support for this project…

  • There are a lot of people in the Monero community that actually care about privacy. MoneroV is another pain in the ass altfork. If people are holding monero for profit they should stop.

  • I agree that your goal is to get more Bitcoin but to claim that you shouldn't spend your Bitcoin is baffling to someone who's earning in Bitcoin. Unless you are earning in fiat, where you don't have to spend your crypto. I've not earned in fiat for a year now, so Litepay is definitely a must-have in my opinion.

  • The "key reuse" issue has nothing to do with moving your Monero from one wallet to another to avoid revealing your private key.
    It's about being able to trace all transactions on the blockchain (not just your own) by compromising RingCT.
    THIS is why MoneroV is dangerous. You're spreading wrong information.

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