The 1 Bitcoin Show- Altcoin gamblers pay a price for lack of prudence, future ETF FUD, Bakkt, Petro

The 1 Bitcoin Show- Altcoin gamblers pay a price for lack of prudence, future ETF FUD, Bakkt, Petro

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
August the 20th 2018 strong hand long term thinking offended by selling this
game is not rigged unconfident links below everything I talk about in this
video is linked to below think about the year 2020 people the having is coming up
be patient have long-term thinking follow me on Twitter at Tech vault-tec
HB alt get awesome shirts like this and Trez ors down below in the links section
all sorts of affiliate links down there okay I’m gonna start off with this
awesome tweet from Pierrot chard psychologically prepare yourself for a
long Bitcoin bear market into 2020 be pleasantly surprised if it’s any shorter
I think that’s a good approach again if you’re a long-term thinker you don’t
even care about until after 2020 anyway so you know after the 2020 havee which i
mentioned above you got to know with 20/20 having is people or you’re not
really in this game this is where the big boys play if you don’t know what the
20/20 having is you’re gonna get crushed so and you won’t you won’t have a strong
hand that hold on but yeah there’s nothing wrong with saying yeah we’re
gonna be in a bear Fiat market until 2020 what’s wrong with that you weren’t
gonna sell it anyway it doesn’t you’ll get to buy more that means you know
before 2020 before 2020 happy you value your wealth and bitcoin al I value my
wealth and Bitcoin I’m just trying to get more Bitcoin one Bitcoin equals one
Bitcoin for us but for the people worried about Bay our markets yeah
prepare to prepare for it to last until 2020 if it doesn’t you’re gonna be even
you’re gonna be happy I guess alright so good to good mindset to take
all right now let’s talk about steam it real quick I
am bitcoinmeister over there and D live is blowing up a bitcoinmeister there too
I’m posting stuff over there all the time before here sometimes yesterday’s
video was posted there before here remember check out this Russ disrupt
meister comm for all my archives all my old videos and yeah keep on checking out
d live as you never know when you get something there first this video is
being done live I couldn’t do a few of them recently lied because or at least
one of them recently live because I’ve been traveling but now I’m in Spokane
until the 6th and we’re gonna talk about Spokane at the end of the show so the
reason I bring up us steamin andy hoffman has a good a good post over on
steam it he always has good post and it’s about the people saying crypto is
going to 0 how that fun is ridiculous but it never seems add odd Bitcoin is
going to zero so he’s gotta some some thoughts about that FUD line and that’s
old-school flawed I’m gonna talk about some future fund that will be happening
in a few days pound that freaking light button in aspect at second now speaking
of steam it it’s time to follow UK BTC master Brian I link to his steam it
below please check him out please watch his videos he’s really trying to be in
motion he posts good videos if you know newbies his videos are especially good
for them but they’re good for everyone upvote him and steam it UK bitcoin
master he is a great guy in the UK for all you people who think crypto is going
to take over the world very soon that you know big everyone’s gonna be using
bitcoin in four years here is an article it’s actually from 2017 but it’s just
talking about this statistic that is very important to consider when you’re
thinking about that this UN majority of the world’s population lacks internet
access and again again there’s about some billion people in the world
some people say only some people say four billion people have it okay in a
lot of these three billion people don’t have
internet access and the internet has been hardcore since about 1998 or so I
mean what DSL has been available in houses in North America what since 2000
or I don’t know mm I don’t know but it’s been 20 years since the dot-com bubble
started and still most of the world or a huge chunk of the world doesn’t have the
internet so it’s gonna take a while for Bitcoin for everyone to be using Bitcoin
all these third-world countries everyone be patient
trust me if like 10% the world is using Bitcoin in the Bitcoin it is going to be
tremendous because right now it’s like it’s less than 1% it really is I don’t
all sorts of numbers have come up and hardly anyone controls their private key
I mean that’s really having Bitcoin there okay that’s really having
cryptocurrency long-term thinking people be patient don’t be impulsive if in if
next if in 2019 half the world isn’t using Bitcoin because they won’t be
because half the world hardly uses the Internet has internet access right now
so Internet has change the whole freaking world in such an incredibly
amazing fashion like no other thing has ever changed this world yet still a huge
shock the world does not have regular access to it so consider that here is a
Twitter thread about bots that new financial instruments that might you
know that a Caitlyn long wrote about that might create some paper Bitcoin
Bitcoin they still haven’t given they have a new post out there Caitlyn has a
long thread about it which I will summarize in a second there were no
there’s no word about what they’re gonna do with Forks yet if Bitcoin Forks when
all of it they’re holding all this Bitcoin for all these P institutions so
here’s our comment one interesting response from bots today for Bitcoin
this is good news and bad news it’s like her poster always like this good news
and bad news I which is good I guess first the good Bakht disclosed it’s not
using margin or Brij explicitly that’s positive but then
the bad it was silent about hidden leverage which is subtle and then she
goes on I link to it below I went to the actual post by Bach and then I get mad a
girl sums it up differently though CEO of Bach says exactly what we want to
hear a critical element to price discovery is physical delivery
specifically with our solutions the buying and selling of Bitcoin is fully
collateralized or pre-funded okay we’ll see we’ll see they out in Venezuela they
devalue the Bulevar by ninety five percent again I mean this is not a shock
at all and they’re saying it’s gonna be pegged to the petrol they’re playing all
these games with the petrol it seems to just be marketing matter Adele has a
tweet about this and he brings of a good point if Maduro were serious about oil
backed currency he would just switch the Bitcoin or at least publish provide up
provable Bitcoin reserves by signing with the government’s private Keys
Bitcoin is backed by energy while minimizing trust his government already
has major mining operations I have a better summary if you are in Venezuela
just get Bitcoin don’t play around with the petrol don’t play around with the UH
with the Bulevar just just get Bitcoin a lot of the guys down there have get in
touch with Gabriel and Maximo and check out the July 4th show in my archives
where I had that we only talked about Venezuela will continue to monitor the
situation I don’t usually look in the chat during the show but something just
caught my eyes so great Shane Ulrich is in there what’s up brother there’s a guy
I really know for one life for real life Shane I wish you a happy birthday a few
weeks ago did you get that and hear from him at all so Shane we met each other
many years ago or yesterday on the 19th was there I just you you know why when
we met back in that awesome there’s awesome day
those days of valuing our wealth and all sorts of wild stuff all right so let’s
let’s go back to the shout out here but it’s always good to see friends in uh
and Shane I mean I’m in Spokane and the smoke is insane here you should company
should come out here visit or something like that man anyway but yeah I’ll talk
to you soon so here here is a very interesting interesting post here and I
don’t agree with all these numbers but it is an interesting article and it’s
very bullish ninety nine million people in Western economies alone are estimated
to be seeking exposure to crypto currencies if these consumers were to be
put or to put a hundred pounds pound that like button this is obviously a
British man pounds into Bitcoin the current at the current prices that
equates to a demand for 1.9 million bitcoins more than 10 percent of minted
supply these demand numbers indicate that almost half of the remaining non
minted Bitcoin support supply is spoken for so he’s saying there’s about four
million Bitcoin left to be mined less than that and so many people wanted that
half of it’s already claimed that’s an interesting way of looking at things I
don’t know I think maybe some of his his numbers could be a little bit more
conservative I would say he might be blowing some things out of proportion
here but there are a lot of people who want Bitcoin now and will buy some of
that future Bitcoin that has yet to be mine so it’s an interesting article it
is linked to below it’s a medium post from coin shares he calls himself
alright you know I’ve been hearing the term
project a lot and then what do you think about this project some people ask me
that in Philadelphia I on the internet sometimes when people are like using the
term project it’s totally a buzzword runaway Bitcoin is the only
cryptocurrency that matters prot I don’t want to hear about your project I mean
your your your what well good – based on whatever the your
ICO project your masternode that’s what I want to hear about your masternode
project-based coin I don’t know I don’t think money what do you think about this
you support that project Adam no don’t use this damn darn buzzword with me all
right pound that like button so last night I
got to use lift for the first time here in Spokane the driver picks me up then
we were just really talking too much at first and I just said have you been
doing this for a while he says you work for a bank during the day and I had a
jacket on so I was covering my Bigpoint shirt so I said way to say you work for
a bank have you heard about Bitcoin said oh yeah man and then he’s like I went
down since I’m a crypto conference in San Francisco as oh so you have any
Bitcoin and she starts talking to me about ripple and Tron and great ripple
and this is so funny right when I said ripple and Tron mention me towel
thank you better be thought sent five dollars in the super chat and as a joke
he said what do you think about XRP Adam what do you think about ripple well
vention you know what I think about that centralized provide only think it’s
really a cryptocurrency all these centralized things Tron had
like an office is freaking San Francisco I mean how centralized can you get there
I mean so but this kid this is a young a real young guy I mean he might have just
been right out of college from working for a bank made 22 years 23 years old or
something like that he’s telling me about Tron and how he lost money on Tron
and ripple but he started in October and may I say him straight I said you check
out these videos this Bitcoin he no he really hadn’t even heard he said now he
has some Bitcoin he’s thinking some long term about it but so many people are
just born all coin gamblers into this thing they think they had to diversify
for the sake of diversification I’m meeting more and more of them every day
and all of them have been burnt that’s the funny thing that so many of them
still want to play in that in that field and they need people to tell them like
did it ripple and and we’ll try do not it’s no the no comparison the Bitcoin no
they can be sued it’s so but again something any people get into it just to
make money so it’s funny so in mostly hands us I talked to a guy who worked at
the TSA and here in Spokane I talked to a guy who worked for a bank and for lyft
he’s getting paid so well by the bank he worked for lyft also I for all you
people who think bankers get paid a lot of money so it’s all sorts of people
have and these are guides I guess they’re naturally they’re young and guys
they won that they think it’s about gambling
they are impulsive on a certain level and you just have to break it down the
people you got to have long-term thinking here now even Shane Ulrich he
was betting on sixty rock points to I gotta call you out a little bit there
Shane but no he’s he’s still got big point to but though he was gambling on
some sixty or all points I mean he could tell you when I saw Shane in person he
showed me the sixty or all coins that that he was I’ve been by I mean I almost
like oh it’s like almost had a seizure right there I mean he can tell you right
now I’m in a Chad he’s into the chat right now Oh God so I but I’ve been
going back to lift lift had a hard time with my credit cards at first and one of
my credit cards had a hard time its lift because I had yeah I had bought some
train ticket in Philadelphia a subway or whatever you know they’re their big
commuter train to Philadelphia and I had bought in LAX I had to pay for my
luggage and I bought all these little things in different cities very close
together in very in short time periods so one of my credit card shot down they
just said we don’t think it’s used so we’re shutting your credit card down and
my point in bringing this up is that with crypto this doesn’t this doesn’t
happen with Bitcoin if if they if I was if I set a fight at this point in my
life if I sold my Bitcoin which I am offended by selling I do not use it for
anything but let’s say accepted Bitcoin they won’t have to
worry about this kind of thing at all they wouldn’t have to worry about taking
credit cards credit cards closing credit cards not allow you know with temporary
closes all this madness that can happen there are no there no revert charges
can’t be reversed with Bitcoin there are no chargebacks no chargebacks help all
of us they help all of us Adam buddies Adam had high blood pressure for five
minutes after he saw my portfolio so much for intervention that’s a funny
joke is again I just finished everyone I just finished a five day fast a few
hours ago and my blood pressure is quite low as
and when I go to the doctor and everything like that but maybe for those
few seconds and my pulse is really low because I’m not a runner and I had no
I’m not run in the hazardous air quality of Spokane and it just got a little
better we’re gonna talk about that in a second okay you want to hear about the
future Fudd the future fied it’s going to happen on Thursday that’s gonna
confuse a certain ETF with the van act the van and whatever is called the the
the X the bad with the ETF that we’re supposed to care about that it’s gonna
get approved anyway one day but here we go
and the price will drop Bitcoin price will probably drop on this news this fun
when it comes up proShares big point etf etf save to have their FCC decision this
Thursday they will most likely be denied and people are gonna get them confused
with a van at ETF and we’ve been through this before with a couple of was a week
ago with the Winklevoss ETF when that was rejected everyone panicked and it
went the price went down so expect that but in the future it’s nothing but fun
on Thursday okay it’s not the van eck one the van f1 in the year 2019 maybe
before that and ETF is going to be approved that’s all you have to knew no
have a strong hand you only care about 2020 and beyond afterwards and you know
some of these young guys that I’m talking about if they’re 22 year
they should I mean there at their hands should be instead of buying freaking
ripple and Tron their hands should be as strong until the year 2028 having oh my
god they’ll be in great shape if they can keep their hands strong till the
2028 having my lord but I mean they start off wanting to know the latest
trading course the guy at the the guy at the at the airport whatever is called
the TSA though you know has to grab you when is I don’t go through the naked
body scanner I make them frisk me I make them do their darn job again I talked
about this what on yesterday’s video or Saturday’s video I don’t even know check
out the links below and pound the freaking like that button and yes so the
five-day fast is over I’m fine I mean literally just ended about three hours
ago or something like that it’s a good experience I really don’t feel that much
of a difference during or after it I mean maybe about the third or fourth
day I kind of thought I thought about it some actually when I did my video I I
mean I mention it in my video from Philadelphia didn’t Eaton built my whole
time to Philadelphia I didn’t have one thing to eat it’s a busy last time I ate
was in Los Angeles until today so no it’s good it regenerates your
immune system apparently I feel fine I as some people have you’ve got to ease
it the eating brain afterwards nope I just ate usually what I one big meal
afterwards I feel fine so July 27th historians from but it’s an amazing
story coming up it’s you know considering ten years ago a story like
this would be just impossible and it just shows how things can change in ten
years and how bright the future is for Bitcoin just how bright it is this is a
Bloomberg story Bitcoin sparks PE fund to back wind farm Manhattan sized plot
Brookstone partners is planning to is planning 900 900 megawatts wind farm in
southern Morocco the a data center and Bitcoin mining
operation unbelievable like a wind farm for up to power a Bitcoin mining
operation this is how people want to get in the Bitcoin so badly they’re doing
wild things like this just unimaginable things so yeah I’m check out that
article I mean and who doesn’t need to happen but they put the money down there
just what is going on is amazing so Spokane yet when I landed you could
smell the smoke there but forest fires in California in Washington all over
that are just pouring into this city and there they they considered the hazardous
air level a 300 level I was even familiar with air level air quality
Lovelace but it got over 300 last night and today and I mean you saw people
walking around with mass then today it was it was 150 and I walked outside and
there were kids playing um I put a shirt over my face I mean it’s it’s wacky it
is a beautiful place Spokane and I really hope that the air quality gets
better soon because they do freak you out about these uh I mean when you hear
the air quality level is over three hundred and it’s at a hazardous to your
health level where they recommend people go outside and it’s a yeah I’m a health
guy so I didn’t you know you think about the Pacific Northwest you think about so
many healthy line you can tell around here it is beautiful in green but
apparently they have some thinking have bad air quality when their forest fires
so I just wanted to mention that but I’m here and I hope to meet up with my buddy
here who’s he’s gonna have a kid soon but who know if they’re and he’s a big
pointer but if there are any other big pointers I’d love to do something but I
leave here September six I go back to Baltimore for the High Holidays Rosh
Hashanah Yom Kippur we were sure worship great times with my family so the New
York Times has an article out here I linked to it and I link to a tweet about
it and this again is about impulsive people getting into altcoin gambling and
before you know at the end of last year kim wonjun a 45 year old teacher and
mother of one who lives on the outskirts of seoul said she put about a hun
million won or $90,000 in two cryptocurrencies last fall she drew on
savings on insurance policy and a $25,000 loan her investments are now
down about 90% now first of all notice how they say cryptocurrency investments
ain’t seen Bitcoin this woman and a lot of people in Korea because I was in
South Korea then and I heard about housewives who like to use they used to
day trade there’s a whole gambling gambling mentality in Korea let them do
what they’re gonna do okay but they were women forty-five-year-old
housewives who used to do the stock market and they went all-in on like
things like iodine i mean people they were asking me about all the flavours of
the month okay so this is personal responsibility here I mean I would I’ve
been talking Bitcoin on this channel for a very very long time other people had
to people want to hear about flashy things flashy flavor the months they
would hear about projects the iota Pro what do you think research if you didn’t
report yet on your channel and someone paid you to do a report on that I CEO on
your channel yet heck no no there are no reports on that kind of nonsense on this
channel but a lot of other places a lot of other publications whether I mean
CNBC or all these ridiculous things out there we’re pumping this stuff and now
people have lost 90 percent and they’re not gonna get it back because
everything’s cyclical but these 60 rock coins are all going to pump again big
point is the rob big point learn about the having okay people there’s so so
what else did I want to say about this yeah one big point equals one big point
that people don’t want to hear that’s the big point is the world reserve
cryptocurrency you want the world reserve from the particular again when I
travel to foreign countries in Argentina they don’t want to pay so they want the
dollar they want me to pay them for a bus ride there oh yeah we’ll take four
thirteen dollars of course so it’s lunacy I’ll take an iota over a Bitcoin
that’s just like saying I’ll take a South African brand over a dollar you’re
wacky if you hit here if you’d be willing to do something like that
in Zimbabwe they accept all sorts currencies including the ran they take
that dollar is king you should think of it that way pretend you’re in Zimbabwe
and somebody offers you a Rand or a dollar in payment what are you gonna
take go take an iota are you gonna take a Bitcoin that’s the real thing here so
again personal responsibility is the new counterculture if you get if you get
jammed if you get hit with a 90% loss because you were a gambler and you were
into all coin flashiness then move on don’t don’t try a scapegoat don’t try to
come up with excuses just move on to Bitcoin put it in the past the future is
bright just move on take personal responsibility it is your fault it is
your fault that you bought Yoda all right I’m Adam I should a big promotion
disrupt nice to remember to subscribe this channel accessory or share this
video check out the notes section below pound that well I look like fun I’m
gonna say hi to Shane invention everybody in the chat right now see you


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  • Constantine Hoffman says:

    “Offended by selling!” That is Great, Mr. Adam Meister!

    Tim Draper said: “I will not sell future to the past!”

    You are great guys! I am not compering myself to you. What I thought that for those long term thinkers who will be holding their fractions of bitcoin till the end of fiat, they will be rewarded for additional 30% by not paying taxes. It will not be any necessity to convert bitcoin to fiat back and pay taxes in terms of fiat, since pretty much all of world’s trade will be circulating in Satoshis.

    Long term thinkers will deserve it!

  • Yep! Bitcoin Mining reward 'halving' 2020! Several people have asked me what is in on various website comment sections!

    (Litecoin 'halving' 2019 should give people a 'heads up' several months before)

  • "Project" is not a buzz word. You seem to have forgotten that all crypto currencies, "tokens", blockchains or whatever you call them are ALL just software. They are all software projects. Many of them, FOSS projects. Free Open Source Software built by a team of collaborating programmers and other contributors. Project is not a buzz word.

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