Tax Free Bitcoins, Digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

Tax Free Bitcoins, Digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

everybody matrix portfolio I have with me John J singleton with ace of coins comm and we wanted to talk to you today about some of the involvements with things he's associated with with his business and what can be done in regards to cryptocurrency maybe being tax free if that's the possibility which just seems to be the biggest that we've ran into I'd like to thank you for coming on the show and if you would please give us a little idea about what people are getting into on this little show were putting together well thanks Ben I appreciate that I think the people asked me over the years I've been doing this about 25 years and how I started was just putting out problems for people putting out fires as I say with debt situations and it turned into helping people with windfalls so it works kind of both ways and so over the years I've worked with people on different structures for windfalls from sales of real estate or something a business transaction things like that and now that Kryptos are noticeable people are now paying attention oh yeah I didn't they didn't care in 2012 but uh now there's I'm getting all kinds of calls with people saying I'm gonna be a millionaire and I just want to know how to avoid the tax on the original principle and that's pretty much what I've been doing for 20 years you know I've been doing for 25 but I didn't really figure it out until about my fifth year you know so I just put together a basic structures for people and then people ask a little bit more like okay so this is nice I see I can do this sort of thing how about if I want to like get private or have some anonymity and that's really what I specialize in it's privacy so yeah so the company is the first step mmm-hmm he's just the basic corporation and then after that can more be added to it or well it's um an understanding of I just gave you a tool so it's not what that we have to add more to it it can be used for other things like I can I can set up an account at a crypto exchange with a company a limited liability company and I can also use it to manage cash flow I can run a business with it also mm-hmm some might sometimes I don't recommend exactly that but you could do do those things you can manage several different cash flows and there's different ways of using the LLC that's why people have me set these up because you can go to the state and register one it's not it's not a magical thing you know but people want to call me in six months and say look I want to I get a bunch of money now and I want to buy a car and I want to buy a house and how do I do that without getting taxed on my initial situation or I'm getting sued and I don't want to deal with the lawsuit how do I avoid the situation without having to hire an attorney and fight them I just want to avoid the liability I don't want them to take my stuff and I don't care if they win so that's why yeah that's why I said there's office to cover yeah yeah me part of your loss really is if you have to defend against a lawsuit the bigger law the big loss up front is paying an attorney running it out in court yeah if you don't have any risk then why did you have to pay somebody to represent you and why do you have to even show up and participate if you have no risk then doesn't really matter yep correct is there anything extra I've heard from a couple other places is there any involvement with trusts or is it just mainly specifically for corporation okay and what would make things go privately outside of I mean really good anonymity is that something that you would need a trust for or effort different stories on each each side whether it's a corporation or is the trust is there any real differences to them okay the trust I'm using is not really like a trust you would use for estate planning so it's not something like you see on TV or you talk to an attorney about most attorneys deal with you know statutory trusts and things like that this is not what we're doing okay so the crypto exchange is special and that the exchange owns the private key to your crypto sand as the account holder you're the beneficiary know if you if you want to describe in legal terms so if you're the beneficiary that makes the exchange the trustee mm-hm alright so what you have then is a trust relationship it's already there so it's important to declare a trust relationship and treat your money in a trust manner mm-hmm so so instead of just you just understanding that and just using your same you know your name your personal account you're not going to get the benefits of the trust relationship that already exists so instead we do separate into your correct well it's not been declared okay there has to be a declaration of trust in order for you to use it for the benefit you want it's like for example not that this is gonna happen but let's say you're at an audit and the IRS as well you traded a bunch of the lick point litecoin for Bitcoin and you've made more Bitcoin with your litecoin or vice versa or maybe it's worth more in dollars today or something like that well then that's irrelevant because I didn't go into dollars I didn't sell my Kryptos but they're gonna say well yeah it's but but it's valued more so and not only that not only did I not receive a game but because I was trading between Kryptos and I didn't go into the dollar I didn't have a gain but at the time of the transaction I was not the owner of the cryptographic currency so call it what you want I wasn't the owner you're gonna have to talk to the owner and you can believe the exchange was the owner and the exchange was the trustee here's the trust documents you have a documentation showing it and if you look at the operating agreement this is how I write it in there I write the trust into the operating agreement so it's a way that the LLC is going to treat this particular type of property it's not like I'm gonna have a trust and there's gonna be an attorney and an EIN and have to file a 1041 or something every year it's not like that let me just throw in there that's pretty cool that's something you'd expect to learn after being into a business for you know a few years and you know you're gonna learn your own tricks of the trade sort of deal but that's really cool so this is a really hot topic I'm sure people are gonna love that last one is it possible to be a hundred percent tax free by doing what your company does or is it specific is to pulling out to Fiat and is that just u.s. dollars or is that okay you can do anything you want in these types of transactions you can go into Kryptos you can make a bunch of money or not you can come out of Kryptos you can go into cash and go into foreign currency and go into precious metals you can go into real estate you can go back into Kryptos you can do all those transactions 40 different transactions in a year with large ticket items and have and have a complete tax deferment if you just structure each transaction incorrectly so here's an example let's say I take a I get a bunch of Bitcoin in a nice windfall it's worth more in dollars so I want to sell some Bitcoin I put get some dollars and I go buy a car so the cars $50,000 I would at least have to say that that's taxable income so that should show up on my 1040 but no one says I have to do that no one says to get the car I actually have to do that mm-hmm I can actually borrow the money from my company and I can pay for the car that way and I can my company would be the lien holder and the dealer will write all this up for you so basically just basic stuff for a normal LLC would be sufficient so to get a lot of legal you can avoid there's everything that's what it's for it is designed to avoid taxes that's what a corporation does don't be scared of it you can avoid taxes it's okay and so it's a whole lot smoother than I would have thought for answers and there's no IRS sort of code or anything because it's such a new thing they haven't made any real laws on crypto they're not going to change it the code our whole infrastructure is based on the title 26 and title 26 comes out of the US Constitution article 1 section 8 there's no new framework just like when that word was added to the 1031 exchange statute right the word real property instead of property real everyone everyone thought that was a new law that made kryptos taxable how does adding one word of the tax code create a new tax liability I've heard you know changing a couple simple words even though in 1859 Declaration of Independence changing our sovereignty stealing from the people we won't get into but yeah I've heard that can change all right well okay adding one word in order to tack something there has to be a specific taxing statute so a cryptos didn't exist until 2009 so how do you how do you tax it unless you define what it is yeah you can only define what is being generated from it so if I get dollars from Kryptos okay well that's already in the tax code but how are Kryptos it themselves taxable there has to be a taxing statute there has to be a regulation from the agency defining the particular type kind or class of tax that's what I wanted to hear and that's the question I had yesterday my group is they said we want to hear exactly from the worst about a regulation or the statute I can get into the IRS code book that doesn't have any statues about quite a few things but people are still well there's a lookup table I can tell you if you want to get into it I mean you can look in title 26 and also the tax code is not just title 26 its dental 27 it's titled nah it's not one book no pics for one huge book this thick yeah but 25 of them 25 yes yeah that's in the 90s when I first looked into this I was like what's the tax code I'm gonna go in the library and look it up and I walked in there and I said can you show me the tax law I asked the librarian and she showed me and she showed me the book on the Shelf I said oh that's it and she goes no it's the whole shelf and I looked it was title 26 title 26 title 26 I was like wait a minute all these books for what so that's when it that's my shows are my shoes yeah yeah but it's not just title 26 its title 27 yeah it's both and everything's I mean it just goes on and on but so okay so title 26 has to there has to be an act from Congress it has to be codified and then reduced into writing in title 26 and has to be adopted into a revision then there has to be it takes years to do this there has to be publications in the Federal Register the Federal Register is where the IRS publishes notices saying hey we're going to have public comments on this oppose legislation that's how it starts it takes at least three years we're not we're bear leave to that point right now so for somebody that's new that we want to get into making some sort of pride a private account to avoid with we're not we're not avoiding or evading it's uh using the laws to our advantage to pay less in taxes what would be the start to getting involved well look at the idea of deferring taxes so let's assume it's taxable if I sell my Kryptos four dollars that would be taxable if I did that in my name that's taxable it's at least reportable because maybe I lost money right so maybe I get a deductions so it's at least reportable if not taxable so um tax deferment is accounting function it's an accounting function now the limited liability company that I like to use has been around for since 1898 alright but tax deferment it's been around for a long time since the Roman Empire it's an accounting function so if you can show the tax authority that proceeds from a transaction are not going to be realized as a gain and you can verify that you can get a deferment and as it turns out it makes it real easy to have a structure that's already recognized so the limited liability companies that it serves that purpose now I can use a c-corp but a C Corp has capitalization requirements and it probably cost me a bit more money to have someone actually you know an accountant restructure the transaction and maybe I need to go to the IRS and get a letter ruling which is another function we don't need to do all that with an LLC it's already done just one yeah if as long as I use it properly so why properly I mean like this so if I put my take my asset and I sell it and I put the dollars into the title the LLC the bank account and then I spend it but I spend it on another asset let's say I buy advertising for my company which is the purpose that I was great I created for yeah okay so I went here I didn't I didn't buy a boat I didn't go grocery shopping or gambling it went right back into another function of the business yeah it's already tax deferred yeah this is a basic business expense I don't have to report it yeah I I just recently about that you can take like you had said the $50,000 to buy a new car but what a lot of people don't realize is depending on the car you pick has typically you drive off the lot immediately worth 30% less minimum and then after one year a Chrysler in specific any Chrysler vehicle within one year has less than 50% value in a lot of cases especially vans because nobody must buy a van but yeah you could order people do as I see them to do it here in Palm Beach with Ferraris and Mercedes and always all of them and they're getting a tax deduction to car around for one full year and then they sell it but they get a huge tax write-off for driving a company car and I learned you can do that and the company owns the car yeah sure sure you can do that when you're filing returns like for a c-corp that's sure that's what we want to have an accounting professional that knows how to do those things and he'll he'll tell you ahead of time make this your company policy and you'll get the most tax benefits right yeah is this can can you work with people outside of the United States or just for here it's in the States I'm putting something together for outside the states because outside in like in the UK and New Zealand there are structures you can use typically their joint stock companies in New Zealand okay these are like C corporations in New Zealand specifically I did one recently that was a call a look through company those are treated like partnerships you can use a partnership if you don't have an LLC you can use a partnership it just takes a little more effort and understanding and it's not as easy as what we have in the states in the 50 states you can use any state any LLC and it doesn't have to file C this is where accounts and attorneys freak out when you say well I don't have to file a return in the account says no no you have to file a 1065 or in 1120 or whatever and you don't there's no there's no law that requires you to file you just have to account for everything so that means if I took out a million dollars in Bitcoin in dollars in my LLC that's not reported it's just sitting there in the account let's say you bank account if I pay myself fifty thousand to that I should report it it's reportable let's say that's where it's gets reported it gets report on your 1040 anything as a personal use would be most likely reportable and anything it's a business expense you don't know that if it stays in the business yeah now you don't have to but if you do if you file a return maybe there's some purpose for that like I'll set up a company structure and maybe the client has to do a return and I'll explain that and I'll even set up I don't do the accounting I have someone else do the accounting but most of the time you can use an LLC for a flow-through it's a flow through um so no here's an example like if your account says no he's crazy this guy's nuts he's giving you the wrong advice okay so is there any condition where somebody but not have to file an LLC this would be a question you would ask your accountant and he's gonna say no usually he's gonna say no and then here's my example what if I wanted to take my mom's house out of her estate and just hold it title to real estate she's just gonna sit there I can do a quick claim deed into a company and we're done do I need to file a return do I need to pay taxes on that is that income for the company if I filed a return yeah probably but I don't need to file a return but here's the thing it's this is the funny part and I can show you some case law on this this is case law now at the appellate level the US District Court appellate level without getting without getting too technical basically it comes down to this if you file a tax return if an LLC files a tax return then it's required to file that's pretty real that's how it works now if it does file once it will need to follow every year because otherwise the IRS will pound you with penalties yeah as long as you don't file for it you're good just don't do anything foolish like um structure alone and then not pay it back how would it work I'm just kind of thinking here would the company be able to do the same sort of trading on an exchange with marginal trading with it worked the same way with his stock sort of stuff or only assets in this guy I mean how would the stock market be able to be utilized in the same scenario well the account holder has the benefits of the trading company so the stock trading firm so you would make your LLC the account holder and then whatever benefits are available through the trading house that's what you get so yeah you can use margin accounts on whatever else you want to do just like a human being could do would still be the same way with the exchange owns and even if it's for the safety Ameritrade it'd still be the well the way the banking system works now is when you deposit your money you've abandoned the funds pretty much then you're no longer the lender so by modern banking standards it's just like it's treated in the in a personal account the difference is because it's a company you have you have the ability to spend the money before it's taxed so worst case scenario if I'm in the UK for example I'm using a joint stock company I still have two tax benefits I can still defer get deferment but I have to do something with the money that's legitimate before the end of the tax period with an LLC I don't I can I could don't have to be so rigid with it yeah yes I see don't have a whole lot else to ask in regards to the what to do with it what's the normal what could people be looking at price-wise or a guesstimate because I'm sure it's not always the same yeah a guesstimate to get started with helping to have this set up so they could get out of okay I'll give you two things on that one is anywhere from $500 to $1500 in the States alright and then the other thing I recommend you think about like this as much as people want to talk about taxes and how to avoid them and it's a good idea and in tax planning is a good idea I think your most important concern should really be about wealth planning or managing your cash flow in the future and if you don't have an asset list or a schedule or poor profile at least of what types of assets you want to put in an in at your put in your portfolio mm-hmm that is more important than figuring out how not to pay taxes on a game in fact you're better off just paying the taxes and then and having an asset plan I think you're gonna do better in the future if you want to avoid taxes that's easy that's like the last concern but doing it legally and it does happen it is it's a big question we have three groups and there's a ton of people it's the very first thing they ask just what I put in the title of a video the other day I really got chewed out on that so I said no I'm pretty sure you know I have a pretty good idea but I want to make sure hear from the horse's mouth you're the expert I'm just well ask your ask your account ask your attorney which law requires an LLC to file a tax return under any circumstances show me one statute I haven't I haven't found one I I've heard if there is one it would be under Title 26 and 27 but one of those there would be a statute then there would be a regulation then there would be tax treatment there would be a tack there would be a regulation that defines a type kind or class of tax and exactly yeah so just just ask your accountant that what law requires it I guess you would start there I mean we're trying to think I've done this over the years for about I started 25 years ago but for 20 years I've been using these structures I like the LLC the best I've done I've done them with trusts organizations it's just easier to work with LLC's they're more acceptable you can even let the Charter expire and the courts will uphold them it's really stable doesn't he people ask me what it was a deferment period that's a really good question what's the deferment period well technically it's December 31st there's a fiscal year yeah fiscal year right fiscal means tax by the way so the fiscal year December 31st unless you elect something different if you keep property that is a gain let's say to the LLC if you keep it in there beyond December 31st nobody cares the IRS doesn't care nobody cares nobody cares until a return or report is filed and I'm not talking about a 1099 you can get those all day long yeah the 10th we have the 1099 doesn't matter it's when you file a return that every all the rules come in to come into play so really the moral story is don't use dollars that is true yeah and and also if like I know Wyoming just adopted some new legislation it looks like to allow you to pay taxes and Bitcoin or some cryptos here yeah all right and so I'm I'm thinking this is the state's move to try and actually create a taxable system for cryptos which we don't have one now they're actually trying to do it you will very shortly we've been I finished the paper part of my report last night do a monthly report this one will be one of the most important reports that I ever released and we have stuff happening it started a couple weeks ago and it's gonna affect every single live living person on the planet by the end of this year I expect 40% of most of the world's population to be into blockchain by the end of this year no and that's a huge jump from looking at where we currently are because currently there's only about 9% and the elite don't want anybody to find out about well that's about to change and it's gonna change very quickly but there's a some cyber security issues coming up that can't be avoided but should be able to help and with what you're doing is a kind of it's just a game changer especially for people that haven't heard about it before if you haven't heard about it then you know you're kind of just hey they really watching the video thank you here's the thing we set up you're not you don't have any privacy here really I mean you do in the background but not with the banking system or any institution like coinbase so everything is done where it can be all discovered through subpoenas and I've been doing this for a long time I've gone through audits I used to go to people's houses I would fly to their house and stay there for two or three days and get him out of a really bad audit situation so I know what the IRA says I have I have their manual I know what the rules are I know what they do so and I never want to be a CPA or something like that because those guys I'll just be a target then so I've been doing it like this for a long time in in Florida so I could just send it over to you we wouldn't have to fly you sure yeah we could do that sure yeah yeah do you have any ideas do you think it'll stay specific crypto currencies or maybe they'll try and end up enforcing taxes on certain crypto currencies or I've heard a suggestion and I would have to agree with it that I think it might be wise for the IRS to end up coming up with a some sort of an app that's specifically designated to a set specific trusted crypto currency per the United States I mean that's what I'm that's what I would do if I was a Fed nayara that's but I can't imagine they won't end up doing that what's your take on okay this isn't this is inevitable there's no way they can't not do it right they they have to tax the kryptos they can't right now but they can possibly I think if they get people to accept paying taxes and cryptos then they can make it as taxable species a species or whatever you want to call it yeah all right so here's what here's what you have to consider we have the most incredible tool in human history for associating with other people which is money money is a means or medium to associate with other people right we really need to understand and use encryption and privacy just get over it you need privacy don't tell me you're not doing anything wrong and you don't need privacy you're a liar because I know you have a lock in your front door and I know you were close so everybody needs privacy and you need it for your Monday afternoon door we just moved here yeah exactly so so here's the thing if I sell my gold coin in my neighbor and I take 1200 bucks he's not gonna send me a 1099 I just know he's not right right and that's that's how we want to deal with our money we don't want to be in a situation where someone's gonna tell on us so it's up to you to deliberately avoid that situation so if we can't in the future if we can't do it with structuring we're gonna have to do with privacy and if you don't you're a sucker and you should know to do it then that would be considered evading no if you can't see it you can't tax it hey am I get it am I gonna give my babysitter tonight am I gonna give my mic who's gonna babysit for me if I give them a w-2 do I want to do that yeah so that's that's your lifestyle then you have to figure out what kind of lifestyle you want to have but for me you we really need to have privacy with how we associate with other people and money is one way to do it I have a I have an opinion that it might be possible in the future that a little little app will be in fact created as we move a little further out and everybody will have to have it on their black blockchain cellphones which is what we will go to if they don't have it then they don't get to buy sell or trade we have a company called stellar surely you know stellar lumens is partnered with IBM bar their partner with a whole bunch of people but the main to the ring a bell for me is Barclays and Citibank those guys are out for blood they're they're not going they're not going anywhere they're gonna want a piece everybody wants a piece of the pie but what a what happens when they decide to place a ban on Zee cash and – and there's no doubt I don't think a lot of people get worried that they're gonna end up disappearing I don't think they're gonna disappear I think that Mexico and other places are gonna pick up these kind of coins but what happens when they end up going back and like Bitcoin is an older operating system I believe it started on sha-256 which is setting the basic encryption system and then the network getting ready to move to 512 for other things and then I 924 and that's kind of up there but it happens when the encryption process of breaking it gets so good that the IRS ends up going back in tracing every single transaction kind of like when there's a robbery with between cryptocurrency exchanges and they go back and actually track where those transactions had gone – what happens if they go back and you know you're using a private coin and they catch that you know use this while there's a ban or Trump with his executive order is signed with xpd the petro down in Venezuela cut off ties between Cuban Nicaraguan United States if I was caught buying XPD and supporting the cause down there and they found out you know that's uh that's well it's it's unlikely that the IRS would do that and it has the resources but yeah software could do that but then so what you have three years statute of limitations unless there's a fraud issue right if you don't file then yeah then so what if you don't file and what what does the IRS gonna do say you owe money okay fine send you a bill I mean unless you're famous they're not gonna what are they gonna do prosecute you a whole lot yeah I mean if you're famous they care because they want to make an example but for the most part I don't see that but even even so all the more reason to use privacy when you're using your money mm-hmm all the more reason I'm not saying break the law I'm just saying it's none it's no one's business what you're doing with money it really is not I don't care about trying to find terrorists and stop terrorism that's a lie so well that's the problem the reactions part of it yeah well I'd like to ask you I want to keep you on here all day and we were able to answer a bulk of the question this les chef something else but I would do want to ask you one very important question what are your favorite crypto currencies and why okay I like populous because of what what it's going to do for net 30 factoring small business financing populous I like dent because I like the idea of trading bandwidth I think is what it really is bandwidth probably is what what you're doing knows that let stated is that also yeah of course I stick with Bitcoin I don't get into the derivatives the the versions of Bitcoin I just I just like Bitcoin yeah I mean I just keep that I mean I sometimes I buy things with it but for the most part I like to accumulate it not like etherium for what it you know what it was designed for like the smart contract idea let's see litecoin of course for its utility it's easy to use it's faster I think yeah there's some other ones too like let's see I got to go off memory here I've got about I like 12 or 15 of them and you'll find him on coin marketplace you know likes the top the top 20 are pretty much the ones I like since things have been created to standard it would be wise if you didn't know a whole lot like veritasium for sure I like what Reggie Middleton has done he's a genius and he's really done great with getting around the SEC properly and they don't play fair so yeah so you know that just tells you I mean what he's created is awesome and they don't play fair so that's the only way they can they can mess with them is by just intimidating them so I have my theory based off what I do that stellar got the notion based off of her a zoom and so stellar I think in the future you're gonna see and I think it's currently happening I started doing it with smart lens which is a real estate company for tokenizing real estate contracts behind the scenes you know what I I don't even know if that's been announced yet but they the whole stock market each thing is gonna be token tokenize – yeah yeah and they're gonna be behind it yeah yeah I think it just makes my heart go crazy yeah well I think we're heading into a point now where it's gonna be mass adoption I don't know about 40% I hope so yeah and pillars another one too but you know pillar is is another creature because that is really about privacy it makes total sense I mean I would love to go in to see my doctor and he just I just use a number to access my records or he doesn't get to have my records I just give him access when I go see him I think forties wishful thinking but I think a definite 20% by the end of this year but after the first quarter what I'm talking about it's in this report will be 40% after the first quarter of 2020 and then because I was getting around 60% by the end of 2020 sometime around November and that would be that's a good majority at least the United States that's gonna be on board but they're not gonna be on board willingly they won't have a choice I'll send you I can't get away but there's yeah it's probably could be yeah that could be hey just keep this in mind I mean if they try to impose certain devices and things you have to do they being the banking system or the government you know I have an SSN doesn't mean I have to use it I can also structure I can structure my income so I have almost nothing just because I make a million dollars doesn't mean I actually make a million dollars you know so I think you have to think it through it's always well they're actually valued a little more than a lot of the silver eagles I think that will change silver should be silver one else should be worth one ounce but between China and United States they are not valued the same so that reminds me look at look what China do because China realized its government realized there's something going on with these exchanges let's let's prohibit them and let's make our own and monopolize it well they are do you think the Chinese just sat back and there to waiting now for the government to come in with an exchange they can use do you think they're actually doing that no right now they have three main exchanges they're developing for the entire southeast Pacific not just China okay but those are the ones we know about I'm talking about a guy a bunch of people just sitting there right in their own code saying here's how we're gonna do it because I watched the guy the other day he wrote an entire blockchain in 30 minutes I watched him type out all the code from scratch who's not doing that in China all the people that are serious about this stuff they're writing their own exchanges we don't need these big brand names and we don't care what the government that's the governor will end up with its own and then so what the people that really want privacy are gonna have it and if if they were smart they would yeah Wells Fargo was one that was uh I was actually opinion ago a couple months ago but they nationwide had outages all across the United States what happens if there happen to be bank runs there happened to be or you don't have access to debit or credit card obviously at that point the exchanges were closed down where some of your crypto is and you can't access the internet maybe there was a an EMP or something that took place for a short amount of time and controlled right uh that you know all the big guys can go in and buy up everything they wanted while we have no ability to buy sell or trade and then all sudden everything came back online here in the future out of nowhere two months later and all the cryptocurrencies have gone up to thousands each like ones that are like ten cents right all right yeah thousands of dollars each and then all of a sudden nobody can afford it everybody's lost all the money a bank account when they go back to it because it's a zero and then the bank's decide the government the bank's Fed Reserve say hey and they launched their own cryptocurrencies but their value that roughly two cents to a nickel each well the other cryptocurrency is because they're too much but you can still get a whole coin of JP Morgan or Wells Fargo and so hmm yeah it's possible right yeah yeah the people that don't know are gonna be looking at that they'll have no choice and they won't understand so the vanish we have now is we can learn and you got you got to keep learning yep learn follow your heart pray that's all I got for today yeah there's anything else you'd like to add but I definitely want to thank you for coming on and giving me your time and everybody else and there's a lot of people would appreciate that if there's something you don't think I covered please thrown out there well I hope that helps a lot of people I hope I answered questions for people don't be scared of taxes it's something that's manageable just like anything else that's it's just like fire if I can you know I can use fire to cook my dinner but it can burn my house down but we don't have those problems too much so we know we do to do with it so yeah yeah it's pretty good thank you much


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