BTCRecover on Windows 10 if you are Desperate (Seed Phrase Recovery For Ledger, Trezor, Keepkey)

so those videos this gonna be a short look at how to run BTCRecover on Windows and while I’m confident that anybody can follow the step-by-step instructions I put in my previous videos to get this running in a safe environment offline and Linux I’m also aware that some folk are going to just be put off by […]

How to start Proof of Stake Mining – a cryptocurrency guide to what's needed! And the setup I use!

low everyone welcome to today's episode we're gonna have a look at what's needed for proof mistake mining we're also going to have a look at my personal proof of sex mining setup and near the end there will be a Quick Start Guide sort of tutorial to have a look at as well so stay tuned hi […]

How to Setup CGMiner to Mine Cryptocurrencys (Litecoin & Dogecoin)

what's up YouTube may you tutorials here today I'm gonna show you how to set up CG minor to start mining light coins or actually any cryptocurrency besides bitcoins such as dope coins which are actually probably gonna be a little bit profitable especially since the difficulty is down compared to light coins whatever you're gonna do the […]

Azure Blockchain Development Kit for Mobile Apps | The Xamarin Show

on this week's Amory Joe I have a good friend mark on from the Azure blockchain group showing us how to become Bitcoin billionaires by integrating the Azure blockchain development kit into our mobile apps you don't want to miss this welcome back everyone to the xamarin show I'm your host James Monson magnet and today I have […]

How To Fix: Siedler 3 Gold Windows 7 x64 InstallShield Error | Deutsch + Windows 8 + 8.1 + 10

willkommen zu einem tutorial ich zeige euch heute wieder ordentlich siedler auf windows 7 64 bit installiert ich wollte dass nämlich auch gerade installieren hatte meinen pc neu aufgesetzt vorher hat es auch gut funktioniert und weiß schon verwundert als ich dann eine fehlermeldung bekommen hat wenn ihr hier auf installation geht bekommt die meldung dann habe ich […]

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