Blockchain and crypto? Yes, but decentralised plz

Hey! I’m Alessandro and this is my new channel I want to talk about blockchain, Decentralized Data, Decentralization Decentralized AI These boring stuff without boring you ­čśë Let’s start with the most important thing, the Decentralization and the Trustless… During the ICO’s bubble of 2017, a lot of people misunderstood What this technology is? decentralized digital currency exchanged […]

Up and Running with Peercoin – 13 Proof of Stake Minting

So one of the things I like about Peercoin, is that you can actually earn coins just by holding them, and that’s called proof-of-stake minting. So to learn a bit more about that and how to set it up you can google.. Peercoin proof-of-stake setup guide.. And that should return.. the first entry is this entry here which […]

Como desativar o teclado e rato do port├ítil (Windows) – F├ícil e r├ípido

Your laptop keyboard is full of problems and you want to disable it even because you have an external USB keyboard? You’ not in the mood for opening the computer and remove the power strip? Do this. Go to Control Panel and open Device Manager. Search for Keyboards and select your internal keyboard. With the right mouse button, […]

Crear Software administrativo desde 0 con Visual studio y mysql – (3 de 4)

Hola que tal como están queridos suscriptores hoy vengo con el tercer video del tutorial recuerden que todo lo que van a ver en este video está más detallado en el blog que dejare abajo en la descripción dejare la dirección del blog ay podrán ver detalladamente todo lo que hago en el video para los que no […]

Guadagnare criptomonete su Coinpot + RITIRO E PROVA DI PAGAMENTO

Hello everybody, welcome on my YouTube channel Today i wanna show you this wallet It is simply fantastic It gives you easy money but I like to consider that a temporary wallet because here we can’t Change cryptocurrency in Dollars So we have to gain cryptocurrency here To move them on an other wallet like Coinbase So, how […]

Basic Windows Reversing and Attacking Weak Crypto – FLARE-On 2018

Flareon is a series of reverse engineering challenges by fire I because they want to find and hire smart individuals interested in reverse engineering So if you need a job just contact me and I sell you the solutions. Just kidding I don’t know yet how far I will get as reverse engineering can be quite time-consuming And […]

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