SVK Crypto Attending The World Blockchain Forum | Cryptomentary 001

Listen a network, a network is absolute bullshit unless you have the business and you are so far away from that I mean come on that’s just ridiculous even to even come to me with that okay we’re going to the World Blockchain Forum that’s happening here in London in the old Billingsgate fish market and why we […]

Die Zukunft von Blockchain? – Netzgeschichten

Ha, gewonnen! Okay, zugegeben, das mit den Hütchenspielen ist nicht immer ganz so fair, aber wenn jetzt unter jedem Hütchen der gleiche Inhalt wäre, dann sähe die Sache schon ganz anders aus. Und so ungefähr ist das bei einer Blockchain. An verschiedenen Stellen im Internet sind die digitalen Kopien einer Information hinterlegt und die können im Nachhinein auch […]

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency 101 1 Introduction to newbies

hello everyone my name is Dave partner and in this video tutorial series we will be looking through blockchain and cryptocurrencies and the reason I’m making this video is that this is a completely new technology but then the problem is solving is so important that this technology is basically what we take over the rest of our […]

What is Blockchain? Blockchain Technology Explained | Blockchain Tutorials for Beginners

Blockchain. A growing and future technology. This is what we are going to discuss about today in this session. So in this video I shall be giving you an overview of the technology called blockchain Welcome to Intellipaat guys so without wasting much of the time let’s us quickly go through the agenda of today’s video so we […]

Farming the Future: Harvesting Data on Blockchain

here we are in Salinas, California known as the salad bowl of the world about 60% of the nation’s lettuce comes from Salinas – when you’re driving around the Salinas Valley you’re seeing iceberg, romaine, to broccoli to cauliflower to celery it’s looking about millions to trillions of heads it’s a great landscape and to be able to […]

Blockchain Solutions for Business: Advantages and Challenges

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Cleveroad Studio. Today we’re going to touch upon a very important issue – Brand Naming for real estate business. Are you ready to put the first cornerstone into your business and give it a brand name? Real estate industry is definitely one of the most competitive. For better or for worse, your company […]

Blockchain Disruptive Use Cases | Blockchain Technology 101 | upGrad

We see blockchain Use cases are emerging every single industry and I’m going to talk about a few industries and their respective use cases That we have seen significant momentum including investment and the work that many of the enterprises have done for instance in Banking we see supply chain and trade finance. We see kyc a shared […]

The animated guide to blockchain (Explanimators: Episode 5)

Patch them in. So we meet again, Captain Billings. Zorg! I should have known it was you. Mining World XT3-12 is now ours. Resistance is futile. Wait. [Captain Billings confers with Chief of Staff] XTE-12? Not, uh, 13? The one with no water, 172 hour-long nights and space spiders the size of dinner plates? Yes, splendid isn’t it? […]

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