Crypto News Update: SatoWallet Set to End Sales of its Shares Token and More!

hello and welcome to a crypto news updates I am Tony obiagu and here are the headline saturon etc ncf it says total one good job till now acceptable time SATA relat immediate multi assets walnuts on exchange platform has announced that it has five days left to the crews of its cells token according to the platform […]

What is Blockchain and WHY was it Developed? (A Simple Explanation)

this video explains what blockchain is why it was developed how does being used now and how could be used in the future so let's start off with the first question what is blockchain the word block is meant to represent a list of Records while the word chain is meant to describe the linked relationship between these […]

What is a Blockchain?

everybody jeremy here from blockchain WTF you might have heard that term blotchy and being thrown around a lot lately and today I'm here to tell you what is a blockchain in order to do that we have to go back talking way back to the beginning of recorded history you know what stuff then keeping records keeping […]

Marrying the traditional payments infrastructure with cryptocurrency networks

thanks so much for being here we're getting live questions right now so for those of you just tuning in welcome for those of you who have been hanging out with me for a while welcome back I hope maybe you've got up you've put some Purell on your hands again for our friends back in New York […]

Top Reasons To Learn Blockchain | Why Blockchain | Blockchain 101 | upGrad

what internet for information we expect blockchain to do that for things of value we expect the spend to be about 2.3 billion dollars by 2021 we already have seen over 20 plus percent of financial institutions worldwide have some sort of blockchain projects or initiatives underway there's a World Economic Forum report on that ten percent of […]

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