Why You Need To Own Bitcoin Cash Now & What You Need To Do!

hi everyone this is Cameron from crypto cam hope everybody’s having a wonderful day today now it looks like we are in for a little bit of turbulence in the crypto world with Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin there’s going to be now a user activated our fork which will actually create a new version of Bitcoin called Bitcoin […]

Bitcoin Surges Past $3000 and Bitcoin Cash Crashes! Future Price Predictions!

cameron from CryptoCam up everybody’s having a wonderful day it is Sunday and the price of Bitcoin has broken above 3000 dollars and it is stayed there the past couple of days just as predicted we brought that level just a couple of days ago and it is stay in there well above 3000 dollars right now where […]

Bitcoin Cash vs Bitcoin…The End of BTC? – Price Prediction & News

How’s it going everyone? It’s Austin with the Crypto Playhouse here and I’m coming with you as kind of a emergency broadcast if you will. After Bitcoin’s epic run for the past year or so. It’s been on the rise, we got real close to that $8,000 limit. All of the sudden, we’re seeing some of the biggest […]

What is Bitcoin Cash? HOW EXACTLY is it different to BTC?

Welcome to the daily exchange guys we’re talking about what is Bitcoin cash and everything to do with it. Bitcoin cash is a cryptocurrency based on but different to the world’s first cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Bitcoin cash was created due to a disagreement in the Bitcoin community which caused a factional split, leading to the creation of Bitcoin cash. […]