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Comfort You Get When You Live in a Village, It’s Not Bad

City life is a destination for most people. Because city life offers a wide variety of amenities. From employment, education, entertainment venues, etc. But city life is not always comfortable. Some issues like traffic jams, crowds, and pollution you will encounter while living in the city.

Different from village life. In fact, many people consider village life to be very boring. In fact, life in the village is not as bad as people think. You will get a comfort that you will not get from living in the city. So what comfort will you get by living in the village?

1. Low cost of living

Low cost of Living in a Village

When you live in a town, you should not be afraid to think about the cost of living. Because the cost of living in the town is cheaper than in the city. Commodities like rice, vegetables, fruits, and garnishes come almost entirely from the villages. Therefore, the price of basic products is very cheap. Even during the harvest season, you can do your shopping for free.

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2. Friendly villagers

The village community is known as a very friendly community. Furthermore, the solidarity of the community of the people is very high. As a result, villagers often organize mutual cooperation activities.

This activity aims to strengthen the relationship between the inhabitants so that the entire village community can be close to each other. You won’t get this comfort in the city because, in general, city dwellers tend to be more ignorant.

3. Beautiful natural landscapes

This convenience is a convenience you won’t get in the city. In the town you will be served with beautiful natural landscapes. From the lush green expanse of rice fields, mountain views, sunsets, you can enter the town.

You could say that this beautiful view is a free visit. Because you don’t have to be far away as a city dweller to enjoy the magnificent landscapes of the town.

4. Have a better quality of life

Rural communities generally have a better quality of life than urban communities. Because the air quality in the town is very clean. In addition to this, villagers also use food directly from nature. This healthy lifestyle allows many rural people to live long lives. Although old, villagers are rarely affected by dangerous diseases.

5. The mind is much calmer

Mental Fitness in a village Atmosphare

Congestion, crowds, and chaotic city life make the mind vulnerable to stress. Unlike rural life, which is much more peaceful. Along with beautiful views over the town and fresh air that makes the mind much calmer.

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A life like this makes the minds of villagers much healthier. In fact, many city dwellers come to town just to relieve stress and fatigue.

Now do you know what comfort you will get if you live in town? How, isn’t that as bad as you think? Life in the village has many advantages and also a value in life. It is this comfort that makes life in town better than in the city.