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5 Things You Can Get Only by Living in Villages

This time I will share articles about 5 things that can only be found in towns and not in cities.

Understanding the town and the city here, I guess you guys already knows everything, so I will not discuss the definition or the meaning of the word town or city here. Well, here are 5 things that can only be found in town and not in town, take a look…!

5 Things That Found in Village not in a City

1. Fresh air

Fresh air is becoming a rare element in the city. A large number of vehicles and factories produces a lot of smoke and pollutes the air. Well, if the air in the town is fresh, fresh and has a lot of oxygen that you can get every day and at all times.

This is why many city dwellers vacation in the town because the fresh air of the town can refresh the minds of city dwellers stressed by work.

2. Clean river water

Rivers with clean water are very rare in urban areas. The behavior of the industry or the factory recklessly generates waste that damages the river water and cannot be consumed. Never consumed, many chemicals exposed to the skin can sting.

Unlike the town, you can still find clean, clear and fresh river water. Therefore, many villagers, including the village girls, wash their clothes and even bathe in the river.

So don’t be surprised if the city people, if they go to town, would play on the river. Not because there is a girl from the town who bathed there, but because the river water is always clean and clear.

3. Beautiful natural green landscape

In the city, finding a fresh green space is very difficult. Not all cities have urban forests or open green spaces. Everything is less than the multi-storey construction project. Yes, in the city you will see a lot of “concrete jungle” that was once an agricultural area.

In addition to this, the expanse of rice fields and green horticultural plants is also very easy to find.

4. The atmosphere of cooperation

The atmosphere of cooperation in the village remains very dense. We can see this when a villager builds a house, then his neighbors will be happy to help him build it. Another example, if many people in a village are unemployed, then wealthy farmers certainly have power and hire in their farm business.

Very different from the city, the population lives individually or individually. Regardless of the conditions of the neighbors who are in trouble. Even at home, it’s not uncommon for your neighbor to die, he doesn’t know.

5. Peace

Currently, it seems that many wealthy people are investing in land and houses in the countryside. By the way, the price of land in the town has not broken the bag. Well, often in a month they come to visit his house in the country.

The people of this city are seeking peace. Her face was dull and depressed when she arrived, changing as she prepared to leave the village. His face is bright and happy.

In the town, the atmosphere is much calmer, away from the hustle and bustle of heavy traffic. Even in the town, the intensity is not as intense as in the city.

When night falls the atmosphere can be very calm, just the sound of frogs and crickets. But for most city dwellers, this atmosphere is very difficult to find.

This is the reason why city dwellers come to town to seek a quiet environment, both to reflect on their introspection and to free themselves from fatigue and tired thoughts. Including currently I like the atmosphere of the town, and I like to travel to rural tourism in the countryside.

Therefore, it is not surprising at this time that in the town there are many tourist towns, rest areas or cafes in rural areas that can bring tourists or backpackers to the city.

Well, Bcos Village friend up to here the discussion of 5 things that are only in the town and not in the city. I hope this can be an inspiration to you all. You also go to the post and read 6 Facts of Comfort that only obtained from Village.

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