Early American session on 26.11.2018: BITCOIN, USDX, EUR/USD

Last week the cryptocurrency market plunged by 34%. However, the key support level has been successfully held. Traders are focusing on further dynamics of Bitcoin. The quotes have pulled back. The most popular digital c urrency came off the low at 3,500 dollars per coin and approached the level of 3,900 dollars. On Saturday Bitcoin plummeted by almost […]

3 Things You NEED to Know About Bitcoin – Learn Liberty

Bitcoin is the world’s first completely decentralized digital currency. The way to think about Bitcoin is like electronic cash, not money, but cash. If you think about cash, you’ve got a hundred dollar bill, and when you give it to somebody, now they have it and now you don’t. You can verify this by looking at your hands, […]

Basics of Current Economics – Episode 2 – Learning Cryptocurrency with Energi

Do you know what this is? Disclaimer number one. What I say may come as a surprise to you. And so I need to assure you that everything I say is completely fact-based. I’m going to put a little pop-up down at the bottom that can take you to all the sources. And disclaimer number two; this is […]

­čö┤ Facebook’s New Business Model – Libra (w/Jalak Jobanputra)

So talking about tokenization taking hold What are your thoughts on? Facebook’s new Crypto point I don’t even know if it’s fair to call it a crypto coin because it isn’t completely decentralized in many ways There’s still a lot of details to be determined here on What? What is decentralized what’s centralized what we do know as […]

Bill Tai || Cryptocurrencies & ICOs Will Fuel The 4th Industrial Revolution

You know, so I know it seems very new to people this whole wave of cryptocurrencies and I actually have a theory that it’s nothing new it’s actually a kind of a visit to the past and if you think about human history humans have been civilized for maybe a hundred thousand years you know they’ve been around […]

Das n├Ąchste Geldsystem ist digital – das Ende des US-Dollars? Vorteile von Bitcoin

[Musik] welche rolle k├Ânnte der bitkom auch in den kommenden jahren f├╝r anleger spielen dar├╝ber spricht frank meyer in frankfurt jetzt mit dem experten marc friedrich danke sch├Ân wenn man die b├Ârsenpsychologie sich anschaut bei 3000 dollar pro bitcoin war das v├Âllig uninteressant aber gro├če machen nachrichten bei 8000 kommt er langsam wieder ins gerede ja es leider […]

BITCOIN und LITECOIN mit Divergenzen

guten morgen mein leben zuschauer zum heutigen gfb devise aber am sonnigen mittwoch hier im s├╝den der republik ich hoffe er ist gro├č daher fest gut ├╝berstehen k├Ânnen schr├Ągstrich vielmehr ├╝berstanden und auch reichlich sonne getankt und wir wollen gleich wieder uns dem markt hier zu wenden und heute zum auftakt eher gold habe ich so ein st├╝ck […]