🔴 Facebook’s New Business Model – Libra (w/Jalak Jobanputra)

So talking about tokenization taking hold What are your thoughts on? Facebook’s new Crypto point I don’t even know if it’s fair to call it a crypto coin because it isn’t completely decentralized in many ways There’s still a lot of details to be determined here on What? What is decentralized what’s centralized what we do know as […]

MobieX Overview (Crypto and Trading App)

Mobie X is a game-changing all-in-one platform that lets users spend, send, trade Transact and exchange their local digital or cryptocurrency simply by using their mobile phone Anchored to Stellar Mobie X is designed for reliable high speed low-cost transactions Transact and exchange in just two to five seconds with zero transaction or exchange fees Mobie X’s unique […]

I Just Sold My Altcoins. Facebook Changed The Game. Here Is Why! [What Is Libra Coin?]

all right welcome back everybody to altcoin daily my name is Aaron I just sold a lot of my alt coins for a couple different reasons and I'm gonna tell you which alt coins I sold in this video I make sure you watch the whole video today so you can fully understand my thought process and also […]

Bitcoin, blockchain and the dream of new money – Founders Valley (3/5) | DW Documentary

[Applause] we're just are a small amount so how does it if the dollar and now adjourn how to make money they monitor people who are showing interests to invest so at first they will offer minimum of 250 US dollars as a start of the investment they will see their money growing from day to day that […]

Top 3 Undervalued Altcoins! THAT NO ONE TALKS ABOUT!!! [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Investment]

all right welcome back everybody to alt coin daily here at alt coins a li you subscribe for our daily videos on everything going on in the cryptocurrency space today I want to talk to you about three alt coins that I think have the potential to go on and see great success but if you're new to […]