đź”´ Will a Currency Crisis Bring Down China? (w/ Kyle Bass & Raoul Pal)

RAOUL PAL: Kyle, fantastic to have you back again. It’s been a while. End of last year, you created quite a sensation with a series of interviews. started with Grant interviewing you about your views on China and some other views. That led us into a series of interviews that were sensational, I think, to say the least. […]

Interview with Jon COO of ShapeShift.io – Dash Digital Cash Brazil – LaBitConf 2017 Bogotá Colombia

[Music] hi everybody welcome to – deitrick – brazil I’m here today with John he’s the CEO of shape-shift John welcome to the program thank you for having me well I want to start first of all with a huge compliment to the shape-shift websites when I first started using crypto I made a mistake and I ended […]

Crypto-School – Ep 2 – 2-Factor-Authentication at KaratBit.com

Hello friends. This is Ovidiu Toma again. In today’s crypto school’s episode, I’m going to teach you how to properly use your KaratBit.com interface. So, you’ve created a new account. Confirm the email. Right now, you just have to go to login, type your email address, type your password and click login. Of course we have to proove, […]

Set up your own cryptocurrency exchange in 1 hour by n.exchange. Instant BTC BCH ETH crypto-exchange

Hey guys! this is Karolis! I am a software engineer at n.exchange For those who are not familiar with us, we are a fairly new (we’ve launched on September 2017) cryptocurrency exchange. we hold zero balance and we have really strong values of transparency and openness. As a result, as you might already know, we decided to make […]


Bonjour à tous et bienvenue dans cette nouvelle vidéo d’ analyse technique sur les crypto monnaie alors cette vidéo je vais la consacrer uniquement au bitcoin vous allez voir pourquoi le 8 connaît actuellement dans une situation extrêmement intéressante et la semaine prochaine je vous ferai une émission spéciale alcoy n’hésitez pas à me proposer dans l’espace commentaires […]