Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Ripple Binance LINK Technical Analysis Chart 7/16/2019 by

sign up today for a 7-day free trial at alert start guys calm alright so we're gonna do some Members Only impromptu live we're gonna look at the usual names that we do and then we'll see if there's anything else you want to look at trying to keep this fairly short would like to be done before […]

Litecoin & Bitcoin Technical Analysis 5 waves look complete – Downside Now – Targets inside.

alright welcome to the gym a vault racional glad you're here I'm gonna do a quick update I'm getting ready to take my family to a fair and I'm gonna give you a quick update about what I think the markets now doing if I had to guess our five waves are complete very quickly our 1 1 […]

Expert Wall Street Trader Eric Crown Shares His Bitcoin Trading & Crypto Market Perspectives

hello everyone and welcome back into kryptos news I have here a guest someone who got recommended to me by actually twice in one week once in person and one time by email by I guess a mutual follower both are both of ours and so I have here Eric crown crown script okay someone who's been trading […]

Gobierno E.E.U.U: Bitcoin y Crypto son ASUNTO DE SEGURIDAD NACIONAL | ¿Seguiran cayendo?

qué tal parceros espero que se encuentren muy bien vamos a revisar que ha pasado en el mercado de las cripto después de un par de días bastante rojos hoy estamos teniendo un rebote antes de revisar los precios tanto de bitcoin como algunas de las principales halcones que quiero revisar con ustedes quiero que nos tomemos unos […]

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