Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands – “Forever Family”

This place isn’t bad. But it’s still not as good as that shop on Stone Street. I can’t believe they went out of business. Hello? And this is why you’re single. Check this out. It’s a new security protocol. But it’s not displaying properly to my diagnostics. Try that new interface package I sent you. Aha. Run decryption. […]

VIPGAME – One of The Most FAIREST Crypto Gambling Platform | Review #1

Hello everyone and welcome to my channel. My name is Fahmi and in this video, I’m gonna introduce you about a brand new gambling or betting platform called VIPGames. So yeah let’s get started. So first thing first I’m gonna explain to you about their Feature or Main Characteristics. The first one is they have a multi-currency such […]

Daily Crypto Morning Update – Midterm Elections – BTC $6400

(digital chiming and chirping with soothing music) – Good morning, Coinfeed fan. The day is November 6th, midterm elections on the way on a beautiful Tuesday morning. Bitcoin still looking at itself at $6,400. Come on, Bitcoin. Hop, bunny, hop. I am your host, Robin, and this your girlfriend’s favorite crypto show, Crypto Morning Update with Coinfeed TV. […]

BankRoll Network Rolls out CASH to Buy and SWAP BTC, ETH, and TRX

Crypto Slo cryptocurrency news and investing CryptoSlo with more crypto gains what’s going on guys so huge huge huge announcement tonight bankroll Network announcement so if you go to bankroll dot Network you hit ctrl f5 and you do your refresh you will see a new program and it’s called cash and you’re like what is cash you […]

BitCoin Puzzles – Crypto Academy Lecture 8

CryptoSlo cryptocurrency news and investing in this lecture we’re going to talk about alternatives to bitcoins existing proof-of-work mining puzzle mining puzzles are at the very core of Bitcoin because mining puzzles determine the incentive system in Bitcoin Bitcoin miners get rewards for the puzzles that they solve we expect that miners will spend considerable effort trying to […]

HTC Exodus, World’s First “Crypto Phone”

Welcome, welcome to One Minute Crypto! I’m your host, Chronos, and today I want to talk about the first major smartphone designed specifically with cryptocurrency in mind. The Exodus 1, by HTC, calls itself “The Native Web 3.0 Blockchain Phone,” and it’s focused on protecting your data inside the device. What sets this phone apart is what they […]

Web 3.0 & Crypto Adoption (Raoul Pal w/ Mike Novogratz) | Interview | Real Vision™

why should we give a monopolistic power to something like Google– We shouldn’t have. It was the flaw of the internet. And I think people now are starting to recognize that in lots of ways. Lonnie– I can’t remember his last name. This year’s Ted, the opening talk was this guy Lonnie, whose name I can’t remember. He’s […]

NullTX – Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Rises to $6,600

hey guys this is Mark from NullTX and today we’ll be talking about Bitcoin so currently bitcoin is trading at six thousand six hundred and forty seven dollars up about three hundred dollars in the past 24 hours so we are off to a great start this week the Bulls are showing their presence and our next resistance […]

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