Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS: Is the Future of Finance Decentralized? | Crypto DeFiance 2019

Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS: these are not simply cryptocurrencies. They are the foundation of decentralized finance. DeFi aims to revolutionize the traditional financial system by empowering the individual and bypassing centralized intermediaries. Although these are still the early days of DeFi, innovation is happening fast. What can we take that’s centralized, make it decentralized and see some kind of […]

Invention: an improvement to providing the provenance of a file using a blockchain

Hi it’s Keir Finlow-Bates here and today I thought I would start a new series on “stuff that I have invented in the blockchain space”. However, whereas in the past when I’ve talked about my various blockchain inventions, I’ve described the functionality of them. This time I’m going to approach it from the problem that it’s actually solving. […]

Lagarde wants to review the ECB’s monetary policy strategy

The ECB has last conducted its strategy review in 2003. That’s 16 years ago. And in those 16 years many things have happened. New challenges are taking place, from demographic changes, ageing of societies predominantly in the advanced economies, but also massive technological changes and breakthroughs, especially when they’re compounded. And climate change has finally reached the mainstream […]

Swell 2018: Crypto Assets & Fintech Regulation (XRP)

to give you an overview of the global regulatory landscape because as all of you who follow the space know of course last year there was all this excitement in the world about digital assets and then immediately after came the concern from regulators so you saw China ban crypto trading South Korea and Japan raised concerns Germany […]

Blockchain is about ownership of something by someone

Hi it’s Keir Finlow-Bates here, and today just a short post to reiterate something that I’ve said on several occasions: the whole point of blockchain is to give control and ownership back to the individual and take it away from a central authority, so that you can avoid censorship, or arbitrary deletion, or exclusion from the system, and […]

The State of Blockchain in LATAM – Alberto Guerrero – EOS Community Conference 2019

okay so hello, my name is Alberto Guerrero Montilla sorry I cannot say that with an English modulation accent. I’m the CEO and founder of EOS Venezuela and today I want to talk: how our vision of the technology of blockchain & crypto works in our country. So you might have heard about what is going on in […]

Will the Blockchain replace Accountants?

What’s up party people. Chris DeRose here, Community Director for the Counter-party Foundation, and in this video I’m going to answer a question that was asked to me by one of our subscribers, Vici Victo. Vici Victo, the question that you asked was, “Bro, will the Blockchain technology replace accountants?” Thanks for your question, Vici Victo. So, there’s […]

🔥$2,500.00 in 1 WEEK with INSTANT CASH SOLUTION (ICS)

hey guys how you doing it’s Dan Froelke again with instant cash solution and I want to share with you some results today I also want to show you some brand new technology that we’re using called press one technology and it’s how we are getting leads in sales for for instant cash solution business and it’s it’s […]

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