Bitcoin Broke Out to $11,200! Why is That Important for BTC? Crypto Technical Analysis

Hey traitors be able to get Saturday it's getting really stormy here so the lose power or your lightning or not here lightening your thunder don't be scared man it's okay so Bitcoin earlier today actually hit eleven thousand two hundred forty four dollars like on the dot which I'll point out to you in a second why […]

Bitcoin & Litecoin June 2019, Bear Market or Bull Run be cautious. BTC LTC technical analysis TA

so in this video I'm going to cover a few things first of all why I created that previous video saying that the bull run started when I do not believe that it did start I'm also going to show you my brother your bullish or your bearish if you think the bull run started it's fine if […]

Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Ripple Binance Technical Analysis Chart 6/12/2019 by

sign up today for a 7-day free trial at alert start guys calm everyone checking in on the cryptocurrency space we'll start it off with the account that I was meaning to mention in the last video and it's Caitlyn long worth a follow she put out good information so the information that she put out which enlightened […]

Litecoin Technical Analysis (LTC/USD) : Got an Alt on your Alts..? [06.17.2018]

[Applause] okay guys we'll finish up here with litecoin that was our last contender here on the day now this try and keep this relatively brief might thinking here is I want to walk us through an alternate now now we've been operating on the assumption that we would that with the low end down here at with […]

BTC – Bitcoin Technical Analysis. The next big move!

hello everybody hope you're doing very well welcome back to another cryptocurrency technical analysis livestream tonight's we're yeah we're gonna be going over Bitcoin obviously currently sat at the start of stream nine thousand nine hundred and fifteen we are very very close to 10k tonight and I would love to hit 10k on this stream that would […]

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