Tech World: Russian ads on Facebook, bitcoin’s price rise and more

Welcome to Tech World, your quick roundup of some of the top technology news stories from across the globe. This month, we bring you the latest on the Russian-purchased ads on Facebook, bitcoin’s price rise and more. For this episode’s Hot Topic interview, we spoke to Adrian Baschnonga at EY about 5G and its implications for future tech. […]

ECOMI ICO Fintech & Wallet Review – Free Crypto Analysis & Best Cryptocurrency News

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SVK Crypto speaking at the Global Fintech & Blockchain Conference

I’m here at Imperial College London the heart of the education institute – we’re here to talk about blockchain technology to around 750 students here tonight so we’re feel honored and privileged to be invited down as it is London town that it’s our home turf advantage. My name is Charles Storry, I’m head of strategic partnerships at […]

Set up your own cryptocurrency exchange in 1 hour by Instant BTC BCH ETH crypto-exchange

Hey guys! this is Karolis! I am a software engineer at For those who are not familiar with us, we are a fairly new (we’ve launched on September 2017) cryptocurrency exchange. we hold zero balance and we have really strong values of transparency and openness. As a result, as you might already know, we decided to make […]

Dragons blown away by “toughest negotiation in the Den” | Dragons’ Den

Next up are Brian Smiley and Euan McCreith Two Scottish techies with a plan to revolutionize the mobile app For our fantastic products it’s you know, innovative disruptive and you know, yeah, it’s very exciting Whenever we pitched, we’ve had a 100% hit rate in terms of them pitched classes investment, so I’m very confident Narrator: No shortage […]

SVK Crypto is a community-driven investment firm based in London

SVK Crypto is a team of highly motivated passionate individuals and we are here in London pioneering a community driven venture capital model. We focus on early-stage blockchain technology and digital assets globally with a long-term view Our key differentiator lies in our team of top hedge fund and management consulting professionals, our partnership with Block.One and our […]

11.19 The Next Recession 🆘 Bitcoin Price 5700 USD Crypto Market Stock Trump News BTC Current Events

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