Bitcoin & Litecoin June 2019, Bear Market or Bull Run be cautious. BTC LTC technical analysis TA

so in this video I'm going to cover a few things first of all why I created that previous video saying that the bull run started when I do not believe that it did start I'm also going to show you my brother your bullish or your bearish if you think the bull run started it's fine if […]

🎯 BITCOIN PRICE 2019 – Market Maker and Trader Predicts 📈 Correction, Manipulation, TA, Altcoins

good morning good morning good morning they were going to interview Eric crown from crown scriptor cave now this guy has a lot of experience as a trader in the traditional markets he has been working as a market maker in traditional markets and now he's a day trader encrypter he's actually trading for a living which is […]

BTC – Bitcoin Technical Analysis. The next big move!

hello everybody hope you're doing very well welcome back to another cryptocurrency technical analysis livestream tonight's we're yeah we're gonna be going over Bitcoin obviously currently sat at the start of stream nine thousand nine hundred and fifteen we are very very close to 10k tonight and I would love to hit 10k on this stream that would […]

BItcoin & LItecoin price targets if we drop or go up! BTC & LTC technical analysis & TA – June 2019

so I just wanted to update everyone really really quick what's going on here this this yellow line right here is from a pitchfork and I can show you that here so this pitchfork it comes from the highest point before we capitulated down to the bottom up to the top and every single one of these lines […]

BTC – Bitcoin Technical Analysis. Bitcoin ranges while IEOs pump💸

hello everybody I hope you're all doing very well and welcome back to another cryptocurrency technical analysis we're in today's video I'm gonna be covering this really great Fibonacci channel here on Bitcoin and then I will go over some of the by notes ayios which have been performing very well to say the least over the last […]

You Still Don’t Get It. Bitcoin Is A GREAT Investment! HERE Is The Chart You Need To See.

all right welcome back everybody to altcoin daily where you subscribe for our daily videos keeping you informed on everything going on with Bitcoin cryptocurrency this home market this is what I want to focus on today this is a chart maybe you've seen it before but you've never seen it like this so so first of all […]

BITCOIN : ETHEREUM Jun-09 Update CryptoCurrency Technical Analysis Chart

hello everyone my car nuclear cofounder Pacioretty partners long bob i a gino sorry for no updates but nothing's been going on in the crypto space for a few days so there's no bid no major updates so again you can see we were watching the 76 41 cluster area which which has held multiple times we did […]

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