Goldman Sachs: Bullish on Bitcoin | Crypto Markets

Eric, the Bitcoin price remained quite stable in the last 24 hours. Are there any specific movements that you would like to point out? Maybe what are the main support and resistance levels? And if you consider that we are still in a upward trend. So Bitcoin actually get something pretty significant last night with closing the weekly. […]

LITECOIN BITCOIN ETHEREUM Technical Analysis – BREAKOUT COMING SOON to a Chart near you!

well what's going on YouTube glad you stopped by to my channel this is the gym of all trades channel and every day we look at the crypto market in general Bitcoin litecoin and we've added a theory I'm here lately and I just want to give you a daily call on what's going on this is going […]

Litecoin Bitcoin Ethereum – Market Update 7/29/19 BULL MOVE STRONG POTENTIAL

well good morning YouTube welcome to the gym of all trades channel glad you're here we're gonna just give you a very quick update on light coin bit coin and aetherium I want to remind you that if you know if you didn't watch the livestream last night the first three charts I dealt with with some detail […]

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