Welcome to Crypto Jargon, in this episode, I break down the terms in relation to cryptocurrency trading Let’s start with what do we mean by “Volatility”. You’ve surely heard it many times, that cryptocurrencies are very volatile. This refers to instability in their prices. Cryptocurrencies can experience significant price variations in short periods of time. On many occasions, […]

E-Waste Recycling On The Blockchain – KleanLoop User Experience

At Klean Industries All Waste Has Value. The KleanLoop built on blockchain technology will create a secure marketplace for the buying and selling of commodities and services surrounding recycling and waste management. All KleanLoop users have access to accurate real-time industry data, smart contracts for trustless transactions and very quick and efficient payment. Meet ARNOLD the Brain behind […]

Kazakhstan Crypto Exchange License

Hello there Chris here from Empire global partners discussing the Kazakhstan cryptocurrency exchanged license. A crypto currency exchange license is a very valuable asset and enables you to be part of a rapidly expanding market. With new cryptocurrencies being introduced every day a crypto currency exchange acquires even more important as people seek to change their existing crypto […]

Security Token Insight: Expert Interview with Clifford Chance’s Steven Gatti and Jesse Overall

Adam Chapnick: Welcome to Security Token Insight brought to you by the Security Token Academy. The Security Token industry is here and will provide a key foundation for the evolving financial internet. Amy Wan: The Security Token Academy provides insights about this new era for Security Token enthusiasts, investors and issuers. The Security Token industry is here, and […]


Welcome to Crypto Jargon. In this episode, we look at the following terms All in relation to blockchain, of course This episode is sponsored by Ledger: the maker of the best hardware wallets on the market to find out more about it, Check out the description of the video where you will find the link and my tutorials […]


Welcome to another episode of Crypto Jargon with myself, OJ Jordan In today’s episode, I break down the terms: You’ve probably seen FOMO and FUD a lot lately as these acronyms made it into the mainstream and they’re not just restricted to the crypto community but they are also being used on social media by pretty much everyone. […]

STO: The Best Blockchain Finance Model? | Blockchain Central

Hey everybody, welcome to a new episode of BLOCKCHAIN CENTRAL! In today’s episode we’re going to talk about something that is called BOTH “the next big thing in blockchain”, and “the end of blockchain as we know it”. What’s that? STO’s or Security Token Offerings are on the agenda today! —INTRO— First of all, let’s see what STO’s […]

CYA, CYOA, DYOR, ELI5, IMO & YABC Explained | Crypto Jargon ep12

Welcome to another episode of Crypto Jargon. The series where we break down the complex crypto terminology Today’s episode features the following slang acronyms: These are acronyms mostly used on chat forums and Twitter and haven’t quite made it into the mainstream yet, So if you happen to spot them and not sure what they stand for, keep […]

Top Crypto Webinar You Need To See In 2019 | Facebook’s Libra Explained & Launching An IEO/STO…

but yeah so the first one will go we’ll start touching on is on Libra. The second one on launching token offerings, Initial exchange offerings, security token offerings and then the FATF announcement as well will be something interesting to touch And that is it from my end I’ll give it another few minutes let more people join […]

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