DigixDAO (DGD) and DGX – Best Hedge Against Crypto Bear Markets

hello crypto lovers and welcome to this look at the digits Dao token from coin crunch the channel where we talk about emerging market trends in blockchain technology and how we can all better invest our time and money in this emerging asset class so before we begin I just want to say that this YouTube episode is […]

BREAKING: Facebook’s Cryptocurrency could Kill Credit Cards & Real Estate

what's up you guys it's meet Kevin so a client of mine introduced me to the fact that Facebook might be introducing a cryptocurrency called of a Libra and I thought well why not make a video about it and at the same time have the disclosure that Facebook please don't sue me bro now from the hours […]

Ripple XRP: Fnality Is NOT An “XRP Killer” They Are Adding Redundancy To An Inferior System

hey guys and welcome to the working money Channel so I gotta say before I start with this topic because I know it's been all the buzz in the space the modern investor has done a really great video about this he released it just this morning the XRP killer and so it's about this big banks announced […]

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