Blockchain: Complex challenges on the path to fintech transformation | World Finance

World Finance: It’s the innovation at the centre of the bitcoin phenomenon. Blockchain: the technology that can foster trust between completely anonymous transactors; is coming out of the lab and into the mainstream. Paul Stratford and Sarah Clarricoats from EY join me now. Sarah. Blockchain of course most famous because of bitcoin, but aside from that, what other […]

An Open Source History: from Linux to Bitcoin’s Blockchain | Rusty Russell | TEDxAdelaide

Translator: Viviane P. Reviewer: Peter van de Ven I work on the infrastructure, the low-level computer code, that other code uses to do useful things. I give away all of the code that I write, and I’ve been paid to do that for almost 20 years now. It started back at university. A friend and I downloaded this […]

What is Cryptography – Introduction to Cryptography | What are the components of Cryptography

hello friends welcome to this lecture in this lecture we are going to learn about what is cryptography and what are its components right so the answer to the question what is cryptography so if we divide that word in two parts that is crypto and graphi so according to greek crypto means hidden or secret and graphy […]

Fermat's Primality Testing |With Solved Example | Cryptography And Network Security

hello friends welcome to lecture number 10 in this lecture we are going to test firmance theorem and that testing method is called as primal et testing okay so in primary testing we all know that firmance theorem is a raise to P minus 1 congruent to 1 mod p which I have taught you in lecture number […]

Blockchain Disruption: How Bitcoin Technology Creates a Sharing Economy | Thomas Ramge | TEDxHamburg

do you remember the moment when he entered the World Wide Web for the very first time for me it was in 1994 I was an exchange student in the u.s. working on my master thesis and Habib you were finishing your doctorate degree two years ago and you're 25 now so do you don't know how it […]