Build trust with data security & blockchain | Global Trust Expert Rachel Botsman

(gentle music) – I think one of the biggest trust challenges for most businesses is data. Data, privacy, security. That increasingly customers are clicking on terms and conditions, but they’re saying what happens with that data? Where is it stored? How are you using it? Who owns it? Who could hack into it? So, there is a very […]

Take your blockchain innovation further

– [Narrator] Blockchain technology is transforming how the world does business, but how can you take your blockchain innovation further? How can you move ahead with innovation, transparency, agility, flexibility, and performance? When you combine IBM Blockchain Platform with IBM LinuxONE, you get the synergy of two powerful systems working together. You get scale, strength, and security. The […]

Sundook – blockchain for academic records

millions of graduate passing out each year Authority seems to be compromised for the security credentials for student data due to the lack of effective anti-forge mechanism, events that cause forged records often get noticed and it is getting easier day by day public and private education institutes are struggling to maintain the immune ability of Records Student […]

ATM Cash Trapping – Safety Scouts Advice – Episode 30 [HD,4K]

Safety Scouts Advice: ATM Cash Trapping Scenario: A thief attaches a device on the ATM money dispenser, in order to retain your cash when it is distributed by the machine. Once you realize the machine is broken and you leave, the thief retrieves the device and your cash. Advice: Inspect the ATM cash slot before using it. If […]

Giulia Fanti: Algorithmic Foundations of Blockchains

I work on the algorithmic foundations of blockchains, so trying to design blockchains that are faster and more scalable for global applications. Typically, data is stored in centralized databases. So there’s a server sitting somewhere in the world that stores all of your data, and it’s maintained by this one party. The problem with this is that if […]

How Can a Blockchain Be a Monetary System? | DASH School #3

Hello, and welcome back to Dash School, Padawan, I am your teacher, Amanda B Johnson and as a quick recap, what we’ve discussed thus far is in our hypothetical digital ledger of e-Money or hey, our blockchain, the “who” gets to make updates to it are the “miners”. You know, those people with the funny fancy math problem […]

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