⎮Geon⎮ Get Paid In Crypto for just getting off your butt :-) ⎮Blockchain⎮

what is going on crypto family so today we got peter burtowski the CTO of jian network here on this show Peters a software programmer turned blockchain programmer today we're also going to find out one of his hidden talents that even his co-workers don't know about we're gonna find out how to earn G on coins just […]

Bitcoin Cash: The World's Best Money | Roger Ver Vlog 3 – CoinGeek 2018

at the end of the day this bugger is doing a few things and starting businesses that we're competing in and competition breeds better products exactly it just means we have to out-compete them and I welcome the competition you think at this conference he'll feel a lot more of that voluntary aslim italian spirit of we're gonna […]

⎮Mike Tyson⎮Fight To Fame⎮From Crypto and Blockchain to Hollywood Film Star

[Applause] [Applause] what is going on crypto family said today we got Tim the global chairman for fight to fame so you're supposed to do this thing right yeah so it's like to get a hold the thumb in all right fingers together all right fist in and then kind of like go left all right go right […]

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