China’s Slowdown | The Big Conversation | Refinitiv

ROGER HIRST: Last week, when Donald Trump signed the bipartisan bill requiring an annual review of trade between the US and Hong Kong, it was seen as just another escalation in the ongoing trade tensions between the US and China. But in many ways, those trade tensions are detracting from some very real changes which are taking place […]

Are CLOs the New Mortgage-Backed Securities? (w/ Danielle DiMartino Booth & Peter Boockvar)

DANIELLE DIMARTINO BOOTH: Hello. Joining us today is Peter Boockvar, Chief Investment Officer of Bleakley Advisory Group. I’ll introduce him by saying he is as close to on Wall Street as being a brother from a different mother. For me. We’ve gotten to know each other very well over the years. The work that we started to do […]

Declining Interest Rates as Central Banks Scramble to Prop Up the Stock Market (w/ David Rosenberg)

ED HARRISON: David Rosenberg, we’re here in your town, Toronto, talking to you about what’s happening, about the calls that you made before. But I want to talk also a little bit about Canada and, looking forward, whether or not it’s the same view. Last time we were talking, I think you were talking about defensives on the […]

When the Central Banks and Their Monetary Policy Aren’t Enough (w/ Christophe Ollari)

CHRISTOPHE OLLARI: I’m Christophe Ollari and I designed a few years ago a global macro, multi-currency, multi-asset research, and this after roughly 20 years of trading in banks and hedge fund. I think that just even before I’m looking at the details of the ECB package, I think what is very important, it’s a year ago, the ECB […]

The Central Banks’ Monetary Policy Is Backfiring (w/ Simon White)

SIMON WHITE: My name is Simon White. I’m co-founder of Variant Perception which is a macro-economic research company. Our aim is to look for leading economic relationships so that we can find actionable trading ideas. Really what we’re trying to get away from is a Guru approach to economic research so we’re very data driven, and we’re agnostic. […]

How 2019’s Market Top Parallels to the Time Right Before the 2008 Financial Crisis (w/ Sven Henrich)

SVEN HENRICH: Sven Henrich, been running Northman Trader for about six years. Originally, private investors, way background was corporate management actually in corporate strategy internationally, always been looking at companies and opportunities. Hence, the background and analyzing stock markets comes natural to me. Our business model is really looking at identifying the big moves. We’re not day traders […]

Inside The Minds Of Central Bankers (w/ James Aitken) | Jim Grant Series | Real Vision™

one of the many mistakes I’ve made over the years is by projecting myself upon central bankers from saying oh, they must, they should, surely, which from an analytical perspective was a mistake. No. You have been very good. I must say as a reader of your stuff, you’ve been very good at doing what we at Grant’s […]

Daniel Lacalle’s Spot-On Predications of the Return of QE in 2019

ROGER HIRST: Welcome back to Real Vision. DANIEL LACALLE: Thank you. ROGER HIRST: And we’re going to be playing Connect Four for this episode of “Skin in the Game.” Have you ever played Connect Four before? DANIEL LACALLE: I have with my kids. ROGER HIRST: Good. That’s where I’ve been playing it. And I’m not particularly good. So […]

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