V SYSTEMS Introduction

We are V Systems! Blockchain opens up the centralised system to a safer decentralised environment Currently we’re seeing a lack of blockchain applications in the market for businesses in leveraging blockchain and scalability Which are two of the biggest challenges making the technology difficult to utilise V Systems is created to transform the industry Sunny King the creator […]

Introduction to Cryptocurrency – Episode 1 – Learning Cryptocurrency with Energi

Everything you need to know about the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies is in this channel. So if that’s what you’re looking for, then you’ve come the right place. Welcome! Cryptocurrencies or digital currencies are probably the biggest revolution in economic history. Now, one of the reasons why they’re gathering so much attention has to do with the financial […]

ENERGI CONTEST (Outro) – Learning Cryptocurrency with Energi

All right! I hope you have fun with the program. Now, for you participants on the Most Engaged Viewer contest, here is what you need to do. Write in the comment section. If you’ve done all the actions required to participate, paste your social media link so I can verify it. 2) Paste your Energi public address where […]

What is Peercoin?

The world-changing advent of cryptocurrency is just beginning empowering users to send, receive and store value without needing a bank or payment provider. However, with so many Bitcoin copycats popping up, finding real innovation is more important than ever. Peercoin stands above the crowd as innovative and unique. Most coins use “Proof of Work” (or mining) to maintain […]

Blockchain Virtualization – Orbs Talks (Oded Wertheim)

Hi! I’m Oded Wertheim, the CTO of Orbs. And I’m here to talk today about blockchain virtualization. So what is “VIRTUALIZATION?” Virtualization is the separation of the application resources from the physical underlying ones. In our case: the infrastructure. Outside blockchain, virtualization is by no means a new concept. It’s been researched since the early 1960s. About 20 […]

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