Introducing Sno-Caps – The People’s Cap-And-Trade (2014 MIT Award Winner)

Hello, this is James D’Angelo and welcome to the Bitcoin 101 Blackboard series. Today, we’re going to be introducing something that we’ve been working on for a number of months. It’s called Sno-caps or the People’s cap-and-trade. Really, what it is it’s pitting Bitcoin’s Public Ledger versus this enormous problem, this really tough and intractable problem called the […]

DApps on Bitcoin Blockchain? QTUM Blockchain Explained | Blockchain Central

Hey everybody and welcome to another episode of BLOCKCHAIN CENTRAL! In today’s video, we’ll take a closer look at Qtum. Qtum has two goals. First, it is a blockchain that attempts to link existing crypto currencies and make them interchangeable. Second, Qtum – is a new cryptocurrency that uses its profits to develop that blockchain Qtum’s developers call […]

Understanding Blockchain Consensus Mechanisms

Blockchain – the hype word of 2018. But do you know how a decentralized peer-to-peer system with no authoritative figure makes decisions? The answer lies in consensus mechanisms. There are various consensus mechanisms but they all serve the same purpose – to ensure records are true and honest. The difference is the way the consensus is reached. Here, […]

LTO Network. Decentralized Workflows. B2B Blockchain Adoption. Mainnet Live!!

[Music] [Music] heyyo good evening viewers of the Chico army and any new viewer who has decided to tune in for the very first time now could you kindly go to your fridge and grab a beer or spark a doobie and then relax because it’s time for crypto and of course a cold one today’s featured beer […]

Up and Running with Peercoin – 13 Proof of Stake Minting

So one of the things I like about Peercoin, is that you can actually earn coins just by holding them, and that’s called proof-of-stake minting. So to learn a bit more about that and how to set it up you can google.. Peercoin proof-of-stake setup guide.. And that should return.. the first entry is this entry here which […]

Peercoin v0.4.0 Update – 03 Proof of Stake Minting in v0.4.0

One of the advantages of the latest 0.4 version client is that you can do your Proof-of-Stake a lot easier. So, to do this you can follow this link here And there’s a little bit of a discussion but it is actually quite easy. If you open up your wallet you’ll notice, if you’ve followed one of […]

Bitcoin Q&A: Directed acyclic graphs (DAGs) and IOTA

“What is your opinion on directed acyclic graphs (DAGs)? [Do they] truly have the potential to replace… open and decentralized blockchains? Or is it vaporware?” I don’t think the question is an ‘either / or.’ I don’t think directed acyclic graphs, tangles, or other similar formulations, can replace proof-of-work or open decentralized blockchains. I think that’s because proof-of-work […]

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