Hardware Wallet Hack: Ledger Nano S – f00dbabe

The Ledger Nano S is a Cryptocurrency hardware wallet based on a secure element for storing cryptocurrencies, embedding a screen to check and secure digital payments. And also they have these information sheets where they proudly write: “Did you notice? There is no anti-tampering sticker on this box. A cryptographic mechanism checks the integrity of your Ledger device’s […]

Cryptocurrency Wallets: Guide To Crypto Wallet Differences & How They Work | Blockchain Central

What is up everyone? I hope your day is great! My name is Blu and you are watching Blockchain Central. In today’s episode we’ll look at what a crypto wallet is. Before we start, as always, please note that this content does neither represent financial, legal, or tax advice, nor is it supposed to be understood or interpreted […]

How Bitcoin Wallets Work (Public & Private Key Explained)

In the past, I’ve made quite a few Simply Explained videos on how blockchains and cryptocurrencies work. And there are a few questions that keep coming, like: how do wallets work? You see, to use a cryptocurrency, you need a wallet to store your virtual coins. And just like a bank account, it has a unique address. It […]

Crypto & Random (2/2) | Blockchain Caffe

abbiamo parlato allora l'altra volta della complessità con cui diciamo è difficile trovare dei numeri casuali realmente di quanto questo sia importante per la crittografia soprattutto quindi per creto valute wallet quant'altro e lasciamo 4 il video sul precedente perché è fondamentale avere quel pegram di prima di affrontare subito viaggio oggi l'idea abbastanza folle però secondo me […]

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